Friday, June 5, 2015


I saw her just last Saturday night at the Abbey. My friend Jamie and I like to go there sometimes to just hang and look at girls, though it's easier if you are with some girls. The place has a lot of lesbians.

The bitch was slow dancing with another girl, surrounded by a hundred other people jerking and thrashing about to some pop song by a preternaturally pretty pop-star barely 18 years old. The contrast between her slow, sensual undulations and the frantic seizures of those surrounding her drew my eye. What held it there was her look.

She was about 25, perhaps 5'9" or 5'10", with long lean legs that were accentuated by the tight denim jeans wrapped around them. Her ass was tight and round, and hips narrow though they moved with a detached freedom from the rest of her body as only a woman's could, rocking back and forth, side to side, and occasionally moving forward to rub her groin against her dance partner. A loose fitting pullover top hinted at a thin waist and small but well formed breasts.

You can tell by my description of her that my eyes were roaming her body, moving up and watching every sinuous movement as she danced. When it finally arrived at her face my breath caught in my throat for a moment. The mix of moving lights from above revealed alternate images of her face. At one moment it was soft, almost that of a teenage girl, the next it was a hard beauty, austere and proud. Her oval face had dark eyes, perfect lips, light skin, all framed by long dark hair.

"Jamie, look at that girl!" I nudged my friend sitting next to me at the bar.

"Which... the blond with the tattoo? She's a fox, but too overweight." It was really hard to hear over the loud music that thudded through our bodies.

"No, no! The tall one, the dark haired, dancing with the other girl!"

Jamie looked and shook his head. "She's a lez. You can tell just looking at her, plus she's dancing with a girl!"

"I don't care, you know Sheila dances with girls all the time and she sure isn't lez. Or... at least she fucks guys all the time. I don't think it means anything."

Jamie swallowed the rest of his gin and tonic, shook his head and said, "I dunno, Marc, she looks like bad news to me. She's a bitch, you can tell."

He was right. You could tell, the way she moved, the way she looked. She was a bitch. And I wanted that bitch. My cock was straining against my pants right then, ready to go. Thank goodness the night club was dark. I have a rather large cock and when it gets hard it is rather obvious.

The tall dark haired bitch left the dance floor and sat down with her girlfriend at a table with about 5 other people. There were maybe five girls and two guys there. I watched for a while, feeling my heart and cock both throbbing together, pounding. I had to meet her. I can still feel the nervousness I felt at that moment.

I panicked when she got up, grabbed a small handbag and looked like she was leaving.

"I gotta go talk to her! She's leaving." I swallowed the rest of my beer and left Jamie shaking his head at the bar. I walked up to the girl I had just fallen for and stood stupidly for a moment. Her friend looked at me, and that in turn prompted her to turn and cast her gaze on me.

She was tall, taller than I realized, my height or even a tiny bit taller. Her dark hair was actually a dark blue, a strikingly beautiful color on her. Her eyes took me in in a moment and the tiniest smirk appeared on her lips.

"I... I... uh," I stuttered, suddenly faced with this beautiful, strong woman standing and actually looking at me. Her attention turned toward me was almost more than I could handle and I was melting.

"What have we here?" Her voice was smooth and low, not a true alto but quiet and confident and yet forceful so that it gave the impression of being low. Her smirk stayed on her face as she stared at me.

"My name is Marc. I, well... I wanted to ask if we could dance. Or if I could buy you a drink. Or something."

"You want to buy me a drink? Or something. What kind of something did you have in mind? Fucking? Most guys want to fuck too, and you gotta know you are way too much of a pathetic wimp for me to fuck." Her voice wasn't mean, or angry. Just matter of fact.

Instead of turning me off, her rebuff seemed to intensify my desire for her.

"No, really. I just, well, you are just incredibly beautiful, exactly my style and I thought we might get to know one another..." I sounded incredibly lame, but up close this girl was sexier, more sensual, than I had realized. There was something else about her, a sort of domineering self confidence that turned me on and made me want her even more.

"Well, as I said you aren't really my type. I don't really want to dance with you, don't really want to drink with you, and certainly don't want to fuck you." She turned to go, linking arms with the beautiful girl she had been dancing with, heading for the door.

"Please, what's your name? Can I call you some time? Don't just walk out on me!" Wow, did I sound pathetic. Practically begging, but this goddess was about to walk out and I would never see her again.

She turned and looked at me with a curious expression that I could not interpret, maybe somewhere between amusement and pity. "Isabel. My name's Isabel. Come back Saturday, I might be in the mood. Might not. Who knows."

I stood in the club, lights flashing, watching Isabel's lean body walk out of the door, long silky hair swaying slightly, hips rolling, her wiry arms reaching around the girl next to her to pull her close. As the door closed behind her I felt a tiny bit of wetness on my leg. My cock was seeping, not cum but precum. Just being close to Isabel had done this to me.

This all happened a couple of nights ago, and I can't get her out of my head.

That night I lay in bed replaying the horrible debacle, my utter failure to show my usual suave confident self dancing before my eyes. But when it came to the memory of Isabel up close, seeing the shape of her body, the dark eyes, silky hair, and smooth voice as she taunted me, my cock grew hard and my heart beat fast. I reached down to my hardened member, and in just a few strokes spurted and soiled my stomach.

I'm going to the club again next Saturday, for sure. Early, so I can get in without any problem. It worries me a little though, I haven't been this nervous about some girl since I was in high school. Maybe not even then.


  1. This is amazing. I love hearing about the inner struggle, the heart wrenching, agonizing turmoil of one's decisions concerning a woman and getting into something over our heads, but not able or willing to quit, but having to see where it takes us.

  2. This is amazing. I love hearing about the inner struggle, the heart wrenching, agonizing turmoil of one's decisions concerning a woman and getting into something over our heads, but not able or willing to quit, but having to see where it takes us.