Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Eating Shit

I am so upset tonight. Mistress has said that she will castrate me very soon.

I just can't imagine myself without my balls. My testicles. A part of my body.

What will happen to my scrotum? Will I still be able to ejaculate? Will I have any sex drive at all, or become a total sissy? Will it hurt?

After requesting permission to speak, I cried before her, real tears, sobbing. I begged for her not to do it.

I asked her why. Why she would remove my testicles?

She explained that I don't need them any more. That testicles produce sperm, and she doesn't think I need sperm. The testicles are simply a distraction, that men are much better slaves and fulfill their duties much better if castrated. It changes the hormone balance so they become more compliant. It's a time honored operation performed on slave men and animals, well recognized as useful.

It assures the neutered males become more compliant.

I thought I was compliant. I think of her every need and do exactly what she tells me at all times.

The other day, she told me to eat her shit. She squatted down and put some of her shit on a plate for me, and told me to eat it. She was angry at me because I had walked around the house instead of crawling, and she also said I wasn't keeping myself clean and smelled.

My punishment was to eat her shit.

I did it, without question, even though my stomach revolted at the very thought. She handed me the plate and I leaned down and took a big bite, mushed it in my mouth (it was very soft), and swallowed. I did that three times, and then the shit was gone. It tasted terrible, the worst thing I have ever eaten, and almost threw up afterward.

So I don't understand why Mistress says I am not compliant. Why will she remove my balls?

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