Friday, November 13, 2015

Being Photographed

It feels great to be free. I must have masturbated 8 times last night. I don't actually know how many times it was, but it was more or less continuous since I got home at 2am.

Was it worth the hell she put me through last night? Yeah. Probably.

Isabel had not called me for three days and I was getting so frustrated I swore I was going to go over there and have it out with her. Something stopped me though. I don't know exactly what. Fear, maybe. Fear of what she would do. Or maybe fear I would lose her.

It's also possible it was desire. The desire to keep her. The fact that I love what she does to me, even the bad stuff. I find myself craving her abuse, I want her to hurt me.

I never thought I would say that, it is so strange. But fuck, think about what I am doing? She is my girlfriend, as least as much as she can be; and we have the kinkiest relationship I could possibly imagine. She hurts me, physically, and I don't like it but yet I come back for more all the time.

I used to think I was just trying to get her to take off the cock-lock, but I've realized it isn't just that. She has released something weird inside me. I think about her dominating me and hurting me all the time now, and can't wait until I am in her presence again.

Tuesday she calls me and tells me to get over to her place at 8pm. After dinner.

I put on good clothes and made sure I was fresh for her. I had convinced myself that I was going to demand to be let free, though in my heart I knew I didn't make demands of Isabel; she makes demands of me.

When I arrived at her place in Beachwood Canyon there was another car out front; a nice Lexus RC, a couple of years old but obviously very expensive. I didn't know whose it was.

I rang the doorbell and stood waiting for a couple of minutes. Now, who should answer but Isabel's friend Jen. Jen is sort of a friend to me, as well. She's been nice to me before, and I like her, but she is obviously closer to Isabel, and I suspect the two of them sleep together. Jen is gorgeous, but in a boyish androgynous way.

"Come in, Marc. Good to see you. My, you are looking good. Isabel! Marc's here!" She yelled this over her shoulder. Isabel appeared as I stepped inside. Normally I would take my pants off so she could inspect my chastity, as she usually does, but Jen was there so I refrained.

Isabel came over and kissed me lightly. "Come on in Marc. We've finished dinner and I invited Jen over tonight for my little ceremony."

I walked in, feeling a little weird wearing my pants in her house. Since when do I get weird about actually wearing pants? Since Isabel locked my cock away and wouldn't let it out, I guess.

We gathered in the living room, the one with the huge glass windows overlooking the canyon with the city lights below. I sat on the couch next to Isabel, Jen sat facing us in a comfy chair.

"So, what kind of ceremony, Bel?" I asked, curious as fuck.

"Your unlocking. You've been in chastity for what, five weeks now? I think it might be time to take it off and see how you do."

A flood of excitement waved over me like a kid at Disneyland. "Do you mean it Isabel? I mean, I promise, promise to be good. Honestly."

Jen was smiling through this all and it suddenly hit me. "Wait, are you going to do this in front of Jen? I mean... Jen knows...?"

Yeah, the conversation we were having pretty much assured that Jen knew Isabel had my cock locked up. A flush of embarrassment hit me. I thought no one knew.

"Of course Jen knows. So does Christina. They all know you are my house boy. I don't hide things from them! Now, let's take a look."

Isabel motioned me to stand, and I did. At her signal I undid my belt, dropped my pants and stepped out of them. The device bulged under my underpants.

"Take those panties off, and let's look." Isabel ordered.

It was weird stripping in front of Jen. I was used to it with Isabel, but in front of the two of them felt like I was on display, an object to be observed. I was getting embarrassed, especially given my state of enforced chastity.

"I really like that, it looks good on him. Five weeks, you say, and he hasn't removed it?" Jen came close and actually picked up my genitals and handled them, examining the device and its fit.

"It's on very tightly, you can see. It won't come off easily without a hacksaw, and that is an injury risk. I know guys can get out of them, but it isn't easy, and you can't get it back on. I would know."

Jen dropped my balls suddenly and exclaimed, "I want some pictures! We need some pictures for posterity, don't you think?"

"Fantastic idea!" Isabel was all for it.

"Uh, Isabel, I would rather not..." I said, but was ignored as if I wasn't there.

Isabel pulled out a her phone and took a few shots of me standing with knees spread outward to expose my chastity device, and then told me to lay back on the couch and spread my legs, exposing my locked genitals. For the next half hour the two women moved me around one way or another, taking pictures of me standing, on all fours, laying back, and so on. I was humiliated, so embarrassed I wanted to just run or sink into the cracks of the couch and hide.

Still, the fact I was doing to get the stupid thing removed kept me going.

At one point Isabel pulled out a pair of her panties. Some of the sexiest, sheerest panties she has, the kind that beg me, speak to my soul, telling me to eat her out through them then remove them with my teeth and take her deep.

"I want to see what you look like in these, Marc, put them on," Isabel was giggling and Jen was laughing and I was nearly crying with embarrassment. I took the pink see through panties and put one foot in, then the next, and slid them up. They fit better than I thought, considering I am larger than Isabel, though she is almost as tall. But, women have wider hips so it sort of actually fit. You could see through the panties and observe the device underneath.

The two women made me parade around in front of them, taking photos the entire time. Isabel got out another pair of panties, smaller and sexier than the first, very lacy. These were tighter on me, difficult to get on. Jen pulled these panties aside so my trapped cock and balls were clearly visible, and there were more photos.

Finally, I took the panties off and stood naked, waiting for the lock to be undone.

As Isabel took the key from a gold chain from where it dangled between her breasts, Jen asked, "do you think he will get an erection immediately? Or will he stay limp a while?"

"Oh, he will spring up hard right away."

"I dunno. If he's been trapped in that for five weeks, I sort of wonder. I think it will take a couple of minutes. Plus... he's pretty humiliated right now."

They loved talking like I couldn't hear them. Or maybe, like it didn't matter. I didn't matter.

The lock clicked, the cock sheath slid off, the ring around the base of my scrotum released, and I was free.

My cock was hard and sticking straight out and a little upward in 5 seconds. Isabel won that bet.

"Well, Marc, I hope you can be trusted now. I happen to know you dumped Val as soon as this device went on, and I don't want you thinking that cock of yours can just roam anyplace it wants now it's free. It's mine, as we agreed."

I hung my head and responded, "Yes, Isabel. Of course."

My cock belongs to Isabel. My heart belongs to her, as well.

Isabel let me put my clothes back on. In a way it was a relief, not to be paraded around in front of our friend, though in another way I felt a little sadness. I don't know why. It was almost as if I wanted the humiliation, the embarrassment.

My cock remained hard the rest of the evening, rubbing against the cloth of my underpants and jeans (my cock sticks down one pants leg when it is hard like that, my underwear can't contain it).

On the way home, I parked in a dark spot at the end of her street, pulled my cock out of my pants and stroked myself. It took about two minutes to cum, and I got a huge load of semen all over my pants, which was fine with me. I didn't care. I was free.

I went straight home, and masturbated again. Strangely I thought of Isabel and Jen laughing at me in panties while I did it. My mind is cracking, the things that I hate are the things I crave.

I masturbated in the shower. And then in bed again. The fourth time I just leaked a little cum and I was getting sore, but couldn't stop. I remember waking up with a hardon in the middle of the night, jacking again, and again.

Before going to work I got down on all fours and jacked off onto the kitchen floor, thinking about Isabel hurting me the entire time.

I saw Val this morning, and my cock got hard instantly, just seeing her body in those tight jeans and top. She knows how to dress to melt any guy. I chatted her up, feeling for the first time in weeks as if I was a complete man and could actually interact with her. It was nice, she was kind to me though I know I really fucked her over when I broke up with her.

I wish I could get in her pants again, but she wouldn't let me, and if Isabel found out she would castrate me. Why am I even thinking of that again? Maybe I do need to be in chastity...

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