Thursday, October 22, 2015

Relinquishing Control

The chastity device has been on a day now, and it is miserable.

I keep getting erections just from the idea that the device is on me, it is incredibly arousing to be under Isabel's control even when she isn't here. I had no idea how arousing it would be to have her control and restrict me 24/7. The device is a constant reminder of her, it feels like she is constantly there, holding and squeezing me.

The feel of the tightness of the ring around the base of the balls is a little painful, it is so tight it makes my balls ache, but just a little. Isabel was right, as long as I don't mess with it, it is doable, but just barely. What really sucks is the erections. The feel of being caged like this is causing constant erections.

It's weird that this device is actually causing the arousal it is supposed to prevent.

I was sitting in a meeting today with the department heads, and felt the cage around my genitals. It made me feel exposed and sexual, right in the middle of the meeting, distracting me. I began to get an erection, which smashed against the tight sheath, which in turn began to hurt. I had to excuse myself, go to the washroom and run cold water over my cock. I was terrified the whole time someone would come in.

It was humiliating, sitting in the meeting, feeling like Isabel was there holding and squeezing my genitals, unable to control myself and having to leave. I thought everyone knew what was going on, that they were secretly laughing at me. They weren't of course, the device increases my bulge just a little, but not too noticeably.

It took a little practice on the peeing, not to make a mess, but I think it will be OK.

Originally I thought I could tell Val I had a disease or something that meant we couldn't have sex, but realized that she would panic and end up getting a test, think she had AIDS or something, or would turn around and expect that it meant we could just wait a week until antibiotics kicked in. Wouldn't work.

So, instead I took Val out for lunch and told her we needed to cool it for a while. She didn't understand, was hurt terribly, cried in the the middle of lunch at Chili's. She slapped me, but I don't blame her. I was in pain the entire time because of an erection that was trying to happen and the whole situation was just awful.

Thing was, I actually began to regret the decision with Valerie. I want her. She is such a good fuck, and frankly the only fuck I have had in the last few months, and so pretty and so nice. I was looking at her and seriously thinking I shouldn't be doing this. But the damned chastity device was clamped, locked on my cock and balls. I sat looking at her, wanting her, and knowing that even if I didn't go through with the breakup there was absolutely nothing I could do. I was trapped, literally.

Tonight, at 6:00 pm exactly, I arrived at Isabel's door as instructed. She answer the door, kissed me like I was a boyfriend coming home and brought me inside.

"How was your day today, Marc?"

"It was OK, Isabel. You are looking fantastic tonight." She was, too. She always looks amazing. My cock was trying to get hard again.

"How is the device feeling?"

"Uh... it is sort of uncomfortable, Bel. It hurts, actually. I keep trying to get an erection and it hurts and I have to dunk in cold water, but that isn't always possible and only works for a while. How long do I need to wear this?"

I fixed drinks for us both, making hers the way she likes it. She sipped and looked at me appraisingly.

"Yep, your body is having to learn the new rules. Eventually, you won't get an erection any more, except when I remove it. If you have serious problems there is another device we can use that will be a little stricter in training, but it hurts more and I wanted to try this first."

She had a device that hurt more??? That she was considering putting on me???

"I... no, I am sure it will be OK. How long do I have to wear this?"

"Let's take a look at it. Remove your pants and underwear."

I did as I was told, and took the bottom half of my clothes off. Isabel inspected the device closely, fondling my balls, yanking on the lock, testing how secure it was. It was a sort of humiliating experience, having my girlfriend clinically examining my locked away genitals, but she was apparently satisfied.

"It's looking OK. Why don't you fix us some dinner. I have some chicken and vegies you can mix with the garlic sauce in the fridge. It will bake in about 45 minutes."

Dinner it was. I fixed it, naked from the waist down, my genitals sort of feeling heavy from the extra weight and flopping around as I cooked. When dinner was done we sat down and ate. I served the dinner, poured the wine, and cleaned up afterward.

Isabel touched me several times while I was cooking, and during dinner. Each time my cock grew and smashed and hurt, pushed on the based scrotal ring, made me ache. I didn't know if she knew that she caused me discomfort every time she ran her fingers over my lips, or kissed me, or touched my bare balls.

Who am I fooling. Of course she knew it hurt me. She got off on it.

When everything was cleaned up she kissed me, and whispered in my ear she wanted to cum.

"Can we take the thing off now?" I asked.

She led me to the bedroom, stripped. Her body is amazing, I am taken aback every time I see it. My cock grew again as she leaned back in bed and said, "make me cum, Marc."

I kissed her body, worshiping every inch of it as I moved from her lips to her neck, across her breasts, down her flat stomach, to her pussy. There I licked and suckled and probed and licked and probed and licked, servicing my girlfriend until she had three orgasms in rapid succession. I've begun to really love her taste, that unique taste of Isabel's cunt when she is wet and ready.

When she was done, she got up and I asked once again, "Isabel, can we take it off? I broke up with Val today, I will be good. You know I will! Please?"

She finally answered the question. "Not now. When it pleases me."

Tonight I discovered something worse than the fact I keep getting erections. I can't masturbate. Sitting at home tonight I slammed my fist against the wall, over and over, putting a dent in the drywall. I am so damn frustrated. I thought of bolt cutters, but then realized I would be taking bolt cutters to my relationship with Isabel, felt faint, and decided quickly not to do that.

I've realized something today. I love Isabel, and will pay any price to be with her. When she put this device on my genitals it was like a real commitment, a true giving myself to her. I was never really certain what was going on with her before, whether she would call me, whether she wanted me or if we were together. With this sheath on my cock, it is almost like a ring or some other symbol. I am with Isabel.

This is hard, though. Very hard. Unlike my cock.

I can feel my life changing all around me, in drastic ways. Something is changing inside me.

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  1. This is a fantastic account of descent into slavery.
    Thank you.