Thursday, September 3, 2015

Getting some perspective

I hadn't heard from Isabel since dinner with her and the sex at her place the other night.

Weird, the way I say "the sex at her place," as if we actually had sex. She had sex, and two orgasms, and I got nada, as I recall. Getting her naked and going down on her was actually pretty amazing, and I am still totally lost as to how it happened. Still, it was weird. Plus her kicking me in the balls the night before, that totally mystifies me how she can be hurting me bad one day and undressed with her legs spread the next.

What's most puzzling is that her kicking me in my balls and and her getting naked seem equally arousing to me. I get a hardon whenever I think about either one.

So I went out with Valerie last night. She'd been such a bitch at the office to me, for several days, and I finally talked to her. Got her to talk to me. Turns out she saw me and Isabel at the Abbey. Just from a distance because she was in a different room, but enough to know I was there with a girl. I did some fancy talking, explained that I had gotten the girl as a match for my cousin, and we had gone out there. She was suspicious but I think she figured I wouldn't have been stupid enough to ditch her for another woman then take the other woman to the same club I knew she'd be at.

Yeah. Stupid. That's me when it comes to Isabel, I guess.

So we were at Yamashiro's in Hollywood (me making up with her), and I see Jenn across the dining room. Jenn, Isabel's friend from the Abbey the other night. I ignore her, hoping nothing will happen and she won't come bouncing up and babble like she was the other night. She doesn't, and I didn't think she saw me at all.

Until I was coming back from the restroom and I bump into her; except it's obvious she was planning it, to be discreet, I guess.

"Hey, Jenn, fancy seeing you here!"

"Yeah, hey there Marc. I saw you over by the window, but didn't want to interrupt, yanno? She's cute!"

I blush, "Yeah. I been dating her for a few weeks. Her name's Valerie. She's real nice."

"Yeah," Jenn says, and then sort of looks weird and leans over and says sort of quiet and private, "Isabel collared you the other night, you know."

"I know. That was so weird. I mean, it is Isabel, and I had a good time, but... "

"Marc, she doesn't just collar anyone. That means something, you know?"

I was confused. I actually had no idea what the damn collar meant other than it made me uncomfortable but also somewhat horny.

"What do you mean?"

"It means she's accepted you in a relationship. She has accepted you as a pet, sorta. You know? Hers? Like a boyfriend. I would not let anyone see you out with some other girl if Isabel has put claim on you, yanno?"

OK, so I was stunned.

"That pet thing... I thought that was someone just kidding about the collar."

Jenn shakes her head, "Nope, and you are damn special for her to have collared you so fast. So just a little friendly advice, keep your little Valerie out there out of sight. Unless you don't want to be with Isabel."

"Oh. No, no... I like Isabel. I just didn't realize, like, she ... I mean it is a little confusing."

Jenn smiled and kissed my cheek. "Yep, that's Isabel. She's a little different. Just a word to the wise, that's all. I gotta get back. See ya later!"

And she was gone. She made a lot more sense when she wasn't drunk.

I rushed dinner, no desert, and got out of there. I was suddenly scared. Anyway, we went to Val's place, not as nice as mine, but for what we were doing who cares? We went at it until 3:00 AM. I went down on her, and she had this massive orgasm, shuddering and screaming like I hadn't heard her do before. I guess I had learned a bit from Isabel. She tasted good.

I came three times, too, and afterward we collapsed and held each other and slept. Sex with Val is incredible, really. She's so feminine, so soft, so ... wet. And she really gets into it with loud orgasms that wake the neighbors.

It was hard going to work this morning, and I noticed Val seemed sore when she walked by to her cube in the back.

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