Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ruined Frustration

Once again I find myself in a situation where I am trying to maintain two separate and very different relationships.

Kim is wonderful and fun. She's around 20 years old and insatiable sexually. She also loves to get out and just do silly little things. I love her tight little ass and love going out with her.

Isabel is just... serious. Like, gorgeous, elegant, sophisticated, rich, dominant, controlling, complicated, demanding, has these incredibly eclectic weird tastes, loves variety and kinky stuff far beyond anything I had ever imagined getting involved with. But I sometimes think I am more of a tool in her perverted arsenal than her actual boyfriend.

I've thought and written before about how Isabel seems to treat me and my sexual existence as something mechanical, a sort of curiosity. Like a toy for her to play with, rather than an activity for her to engage in. She doesn't see me as needing sexual satisfaction, or maybe just doesn't care about it. When we fuck, it is for her pleasure. When she allows me to cum, to actually reach a climax, it is as an amusement for her, or maybe just a byproduct of what she wants and needs.

Sometimes she just plays with my body, just to observe its reactions. Like, how much semen I produce. How close she can get me to orgasm without actually letting it happen. Whether my right testicle hurts more than the left one to the same pressure. Things like that.

We had a threesome the Tuesday night. Isabel, me, and her friend Christina. Any guy's dream, right? Christina is really gorgeous, and you would think going to bed with two gorgeous women was the ultimate horny guy's dream. I was hoping it would make up for that awful experience where I basically just sat and watched her fuck that guy Jase. That was humiliating.

The threesome was fun, but trying to have sex with two lesbians can be frustrating, and that's pretty much what it was. Yes, I was involved, but Isabel just had to tie me up, so she ended up deciding whether I got any attention or not. Half the time my arms were tied behind my back, and at one point she had me off to the side and blindfolded, unable to move. She'd jack me off a bit when she felt like it, but mostly I just heard moans and grunts and wet lapping as the two girls went at it.

Probably the best part of it was when I was fucking Isabel and Christina was tonguing Isabel's clit, which meant she was also sucking and tonguing my cock because it was only a quarter inch away. It was really, really amazing to feel two girls on my cock, Christina is really good, and had Isabel moaning and grinding on my cock and Christina's tongue and lips kept sliding over the bottom side of my cock, and I swear I was going to spurt a huge load but Isabel decided to change positions and slid me out of her.

The next best thing was the very brief time I had actually inside Christina. Man, that girl is smooth. To actually be fucking a girl while Isabel is there and watching and allowing it, was just amazing. Christina was between Isabel's legs, getting her off like a freight train and it's possible Isabel didn't even realize I was pumping away inside of Christina. It only lasted a minute though before Christina rolled over, forcing me to pull out. She isn't really into cock.

The worst part of the evening? Well, because the two women kept moving around and wanting to intertwine and rub their bodies together in every position imaginable, I didn't actually get to stay inside one of them very long, and neither really took me in their mouth for long, either. One of them would take me in and suck for a few seconds and then move off somewhere else. It made me last longer, that's for sure, but was frustrating because I really wanted to cum.

Anyway, basically, I didn't cum. I could have just masturbated while they were going at it, but that felt too much like the humiliating session with Jase where I just watched Isabel fuck another guy and stroked my cock helplessly.

Isabel tied me up toward the end, just because she likes doing that, and then started playing with me. It wasn't much different from before, where one of the girls would do me for a bit and then move on, except by now both women had climaxed at least twice each and were not really so much fucking each other any more.

I hoped that Isabel or Christina would actually have pity on me and make me spurt a load, but instead they just played. Like, stroked me, stimulated me, edged me, and then let go. I kept getting close, so close, but just when I thought I would spurt, they would let go and watch my cock just bounce and listen to me groan in frustration.

It became a game to them. See how close you can get Marc to cumming, but don't let him actually do it. I was tied up so I couldn't do anything about it so I lay there and let them stroke me and laugh at my frustrated reactions.

Finally, Isabel got me so close I started contracting, sperm started jerking out and the orgasm was on its way.

Then she let go again.

God, right in the middle of a cum, she just let go, and here my cock is trying hard to spurt out its load but without the stimulation it just sort of died on the vine. Ruined. Totally. The sperm came out, but the orgasm just fell flat. Dammit. Just... Dammit.

Of course after that they kept playing with me; except I had cum already and my cock was super sensitive. Oh my god that made me squirm. Those two women just kept playing with my body, laughing at my reactions, because I was hyper sensitive, especially the head of my cock. Isabel would play with my balls, squeezing them so they hurt and I begged her to stop.

She'd stop and Christina would start jerking my cock really hard and that was painful because of how sensitive I was and I begged her to stop, and then Isabel would start playing with my balls again, trying to find the one little spot where it hurt the most with the least pressure.

Finally my cock got a little more ready for some action and Isabel was pressing right on the edge of one of my testicles making it really hurt while Christina was jacking away on my cock and I started to cum again and of course, Christina just let go and watch my cock bounce by itself again, a few drops of semen oozing out but nothing worth an orgasm.

I never did really have a decent, good, solid orgasm that whole night.

Not once. Two women, a threesome, and I had these wimpy little aborted cums.


This isn't the first time, either. Isabel seems to be teasing me more and more, making me cum but stopping just before I really orgasm, so it just sort of goes nowhere. She really gets off on frustrating me.

Still, it was one of the hottest experiences I have ever had. I gotta confess, be honest, I was hard and aroused and ready to cum for sooooo long. Like two hours of just laying there, edging.

So Wednesday night, the night after, I got together with Kim, and slept over at her place. We fucked for three hours and I think I had three orgasms. The last one was pretty dry, but oh babe it felt good. I needed the relief. A true fuck, a true cum. I even came inside her, no condom or anything, creampie deluxe.

Kim is so damn slutty, in a really good way.

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