Friday, October 9, 2015


The stress is getting to me. The stress of seeing two women at once, especially being as active as I am with both of them.

Don't get me wrong, I have seen two women before. But not this long, and not this intensely.

This is what has happened this last week.

Sunday night with Isabel, fixed her dinner at her place, we had drinks and watched a movie together while I massaged her feet. This meant I had to sit on the floor at her feet while watching the movie, which I guess was OK. We didn't have sex, though she was really nice and kissed me several times.

Monday I took Valerie out for drinks and I was scared I would see one of Isabel's friends the entire time, so I convinced her to go back to her place where we fucked for two hours. I was exhausted and slept over at her place. Valerie feels so good under me.

Tuesday Val and I had lunch together in the cafeteria. Afterward, Val did something very unexpected. She took me to a sort of multimedia storage room behind the large conference room and proceeded to give me a fantastic blow job. There are benefits to working with your girlfriend, I guess.

That evening Valerie and I went to a friend of hers all the way out in Riverside (far away from Isabel) and they played some sort of team guessing game. I'm not very good, and we lost. Afterward, we stayed in a hotel, it was late and I was too drunk to drive all the way back to Hollywood.

But, we had anal! God, it was good to get inside that tight little ass of hers, and she was moaning and crying the entire time like it hurt bad, though I know she was loving it the way she had her ass up and pushed back against me. We didn't have lube so I had to just shove it in, she was sooo tight but it had to have hurt her some.

Wednesday I was late to work, but left work early to meet Isabel for drinks at some dive she knew that catered toward people that wear chains and have hair in spikes. I felt completely out of place, but she seemed at home. Going places with her is a completely different experience. I got way too drunk and actually said something about Val. I don't think I said anything too damning but Isabel wouldn't kiss me or anything most of the night. At least she didn't slap me or kick me in the balls.

Thursday I got to stay home, thank god. I needed the down time. Masturbated thinking about Isabel several times.

Friday Isabel called and told me we were going out, and I had to break another date with Val. I went to Isabel's and she put a collar on me again, the same one I bought before. She leashed me and we drove down to some fetish club in Santa Monica. She was wearing the sexiest piece of leather I have ever seen and people turned to stare at us from all over the club when we walked in.

It felt really good to be seen all collared and leashed with her. But, halfway through the evening she left to go to the restroom and when she came back I was talking to some girlfriend of hers that we had been sitting with, and when Isabel sat down she grabs my nuts through my pants and twists them hard. I yelped and bent over in pain, and Bel just goes on talking as if nothing had happened.

Two hours later, she takes me outside and ties my leash to a post and tells me "stay". People are coming and going, some ignore me and others are laughing. One guys says "I hope she's worth it, dude!"

I was there almost 30 minutes when she comes back around, unties me and says "good boy". I have no idea what she was doing during that time, and was afraid to ask.

Saturday I took Val to Chateau Marmont to make up for breaking our date on Friday. That helped a lot, she was impressed. I slept over at her place, and we discovered some interesting new positions. Valerie is really flexible and skinny. Fucking her is... fantastic. And it doesn't hurt like it does with Isabel.

So, in the past week I saw Val and Isabel each three times, fucked Val each time, never once got under Isabel's clothes.

And the money! Fuck, trying to keep Val happy so she doesn't dump me for canceling all the time, places like Chateau Marmont are going to break me. And Isabel makes me pay for everything. I mean everything. So I must have easily spent over $1,500 this week.

I can't keep doing this. One of them is going to find out about the other, and if they don't I will end up going broke.

But I can't give up fucking Val. She's the only tail I get. And Isabel... well, I am scared to break up with Isabel to be honest, and also... I don't want to. I love the feeling being with her.

And you know what? I like it when she treats me like shit. I actually like when she hurts me. OK, I don't actually like the pain, but there is something really satisfying about having her abuse me. Cause that's what she does. Abuse me.

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