Monday, January 11, 2016

Fucked by Isabel

I'm going to have to cancel a date with Kim this evening.

I had to stay home from work today.

Why? I am too sore to sit down, or to walk normally. I am still bleeding some too, and if I get naked with Kim (which is guaranteed), she will be like, whoa... why you bleeding?  I don't want to have to explain.

My boss is getting on my case because of "poor performance", all of which has been because of Isabel and her demands. Leaving work early, having to come in late, missing days, like today.

Why am I bleeding? Because Isabel fucked me.

I did not fuck Isabel. She fucked me.

We had gone out last night to a party, a good one in Malibu at a house belonging to some producer. A bunch of powerful movie people were there, along with a ton of hangers-on and bimbos. I guess I was a hanger-on, as I was attached to Isabel.

At one point I lost track of her and when I found her she was on the balcony really close and intimate like with this other girl I had never met, but I seriously think was an actress. She looked familiar. Isabel looked like she had just finished kissing this girl. I was cool about it, just came up and was like, "Oh, hey Isabel, was wondering where you got to."

She didn't act guilty at all, in fact she sort of played with this other girl's fingers while she talked to me and was really close to her the whole time.

We got back to her place really late. She drove her BMW, the hot one. She would never be seen in my crappy Toyota at one of her Hollywood parties.

Anyway, we got back around 1AM. So I asked.

"So, Bel, maybe I could spend the night, tonight? It's awfully late."

I was crossing my fingers, hoping Bel was in a good mood and maybe a little horny and we could fuck. We don't fuck much, considering she is my girlfriend.

"Sure Marc, come on in."

She led me into the bedroom, and motioned to the bed. "Make yourself comfy, let me take off my face and I will be right there, baby."

Isabel does not need makeup, and usually doesn't wear much at all. She is naturally gorgeous. But it was good to hear she was in a good mood.

I stripped and crawled into bed while Isabel was getting undressed and doing her nightly skin care thing, and brushing her hair. She has this incredibly soft, silky, long black hair I just love. In fact I love everything about her.

When she came to bed she was naked, and looked fantastic. She crawled in beside me and we immediately began to make out. Making love to Isabel is amazing, every inch of her skin is smooth, muscular, and sensuous and she knows just how to rub against me with her entire body.

Then she stopped and said "You know I didn't like the way you interrupted me and Chyler this evening."

My body was going and I couldn't stop. My adrenaline and hormones were demanding that I get inside Bel and fuck.

"I'm sorry, babe, let's forget about it, and just make love. I want to fuck you, you are so hot..."

That was sort of the wrong thing to say.

Isabel got out of bed and left me dangling there.

"Really Marc? You get in the way between me and Chyler tonight, and just stick your ugly face into something I had going there, and now you just want to fuck? OK, let's fuck. Let me fuck you, shall I?"

She went over to the dresser and pulled open the drawer where she keeps some of her toys. Out came a dildo, a large one, which she inserted into a thing with straps. She slipped the straps over her legs and buckled it securely around her waist and thighs and she stood there, the perfect, amazing female form with a huge dick sticking out from her groin.

"Turn over, on your stomach," Isabel barked.

My eyes must have been as big as saucers, and I didn't move.

"Come on, you wimp. Turn over." Isabel grabbed one arm and expertly twisted it, forcing me to start turning on my side.

"Hey, Bel, I'm sorry, don't get rough..." I started to protest but she kept applying pressure and put one knee at the small of my back.

"Ah! AH! OW OW OW!" It really hurt and she was twisting me around and before I knew it I was on my stomach.

"Ass up in the air, bitch!"

I stuck my ass up.

"Higher! Lemme see your asshole!"

I moved my ass higher, spread my legs a bit and grabbed my cheeks, spreading them wide.

Then I felt the pressure. The pressure of the dildo against my sphincter. It pushed, harder and harder, but didn't want to go in. My body instinctively tightened against it.

"You need a bit of lube, don't you, babe?" Isabel stepped off the bed and smeared the artificial cock with some liquid lube she kept by her bed.

The cock jammed in hard, slipping past my contracting anus this time. I grunted.

"Oh. OH! Oh my god! Fuck..."

"Yes, Marc. Fuck. I am going to fuck you, like you want to fuck me. See how you like it."

With that she gave one massive push and jammed the dildo all the way in. It felt like my asshole was being ripped wide open, tearing the flesh. The length of the dildo sank up deep inside my intestine, filling my lower abdomen.

It hurt. Cramps set in, my ass felt like someone had split it with a knife.

Then she started pumping. Pushing the strapon in deep, and then sliding almost all the way out.

Then in deep again. Shoving.

Each time she shoved it in I felt like I was having a huge, cramping constipated bowel movement in reverse. She pulled it out and it felt sort of good, like a relief flooding my insides, but that was always followed by another shove.

I grunted. I didn't mean to, but the filling pressure of the dildo expanded my insides and pressed against my diaphragm, which pushed air out of my lungs, which made me grunt. The grunts became grunts and moans of pain, because it hurt.

In one way it was horrible, the pain of that huge dildo spreading my ass and plunging deep, harder and faster as she went along was terrible.

In another way it was really a bizarre, kinky pleasure. Having my girlfriend fuck my ass... who would have thought? I actually reached down and fondled my hardened cock as she pushed. It hurt, really hurt, but I was getting off on it.

Each push made my body bounce, sort of like I have made women's bodies bounce under me with my own thrusts.

Each thrust made me grunt and cry out, rather like I have made women cry out as I fucked them, hard.

Isabel had her hands around my hips, holding me tight and in place as she fucked me. The dildo had some fake balls hanging down beneath the shaft, and those banged against my own balls.

After a while Isabel pulled out, and I sort of sunk down, letting my hips drop as I panted and moaned.

"Turn over. I want to fuck you missionary style."

I obeyed, rolling over and spreading my legs. Isabel grabbed my ankles and pushed them up, way up so that my ass actually rotated up. The artificial cock found its place against my lubed anus, and she shoved again. My cock and balls lay on my stomach as she began shoving in and out again.

It really was like being a girl, with a guy on top of me fucking me hard. My head bounced up and down, and I put my hands above my head to keep from hitting the headboard. Isabel held my ankles up and out, forcing my legs apart for her cock. She shoved repeatedly, banging me hard.

It hurt worse on my back for some reason, and I cried a little, I think. Isabel's face looking at me was one of fierce happiness, it was clear she was enjoying this bit of role reversal and domination.

I don't know how long this went on. It seemed like an hour. Maybe it was. She shifted positions several times, making sure she reamed my ass every way she could.

She finally stopped though, and took the strapon off, went into the bathroom and washed it off.

"Gross," I heard her say.

I was bleeding. When she came back in she lost her temper.

"Dammit Marc, you are bleeding all over my fucking sheets! Get out of bed right now, and go take a shower. Do not get back in until you have completely cleaned up! What the fuck, you idiot! Now I am going to have to change the sheets and throw these away!"

I took a shower like she said. When I came back to bed she had changed the sheets. She let me get back in, kissed me sweetly, then rolled over and went to sleep.

The next morning she got mad again because I had bled some more during the night, and threatened to cane me again. I begged, and she relented, telling me to go home and come back this weekend.

I wanted to see a doc, the bleeding worried me, but I didn't want to explain what had happened. How humiliating. And I can't see Kim tonight, because she will wonder why I am sore and bleeding.

Then again, maybe I can hide it. The blood is almost gone. It would be really nice to be on top of Kim, pounding her instead of being underneath Isabel, being pounded. It would make me feel more like a man, instead of Isabel's bitch.

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  1. Sooner or later she's gonna make him quit his job and move in with her; sleeping in a cage in the basement and actually -being- a slave. Btw, why isn't this blog linked to your profile like the others?