Monday, April 11, 2016


I've lost track of the day of week. The month, even. I mean, I know it's spring, because I see outside sometimes, though it is really hard to tell. Southern California weather isn't that different during the different seasons.

I think it is spring, at least.

The cycle of work, service, and punishment continues. Isabel is punishing me more and more these days. It's one reason I've lost track of the days.

She calls my scrotum my Pain Sack. That's what it is, really. It has one basic purpose. My testicles have one basic purpose. For her to cause me pain.

My pain sack is used in a variety of ways. For a while Isabel would put me over her lap, face up, wrists cuffed behind my back. She'd tie the base of my scrotum with a thin cord so my balls bulged out, and then beat them. She beat them with anything she liked; a hammer, her fist, whatever. It hurts. She can hurt me really bad. Sometimes the pain gets so bad I can't think of anything else and I fight it, try to get away.

That's when she started really tying me up, cuffing me so that I could struggle all I wanted and there was nothing I could do. Just endure the pain, the punishment.

She punishes me for any reason. Because I didn't polish the floor well enough. Because I masturbated when I wasn't allowed. Because I spilled food on the ground while eating from my dog dish. Because my pee smells funny.

She also likes the ball crusher. Two bars are positioned so that my balls are trapped and pressed outward; a flat clear panel goes over the top and is screwed down, pressing against my balls, smashing them against the two bars. The amount of pressure is variable, depending on how far down she screws the top panel. The more she screws it down, the more pressure, the flatter my balls go and the more pain.

Yesterday she went to work and left the ball crusher on me when she left. She called me at 10:00.

"Hi, Marc."

"Hello, Mistress."

"Are you in pain, Marc?"

"Yes, Mistress. The ball crusher is still on and it hurts."

"Good, good. Turn the screws four more rotations."

"Yes, ma'am."

"How does it feel now?"

(In a strained voice from pain) "It hurts worse, Mistress."

"Good. Talk to you later."

She hung up.

I went about my daily chores, doing laundry. The ball crusher makes it hard to walk, and the pain is distracting though it dulls after a while. The ache spreads across my stomach and hips.

At noon she called again.

"Hey, Marc, I am just heading to El Torito Grill for lunch. Are you in pain?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"That's good. I like the idea of you being in pain while I eat lunch. I'm going to have a taco salad. What are you having?"

"Leftover lasagna from last week, Mistress."

"Ah yes. That's kind of dried out but would be perfect for you. Before you eat, tighten the crusher another four turns of the screw. Do it now."

(A grunt of pain and moan as I tighten the screws on my crusher). "Yes... Mistress."

"Thank you Marc. You may masturbate at 1:00. I will enjoy my lunch more knowing that you are suffering."

"Yes... Mistress."

It really hurt. The pain was distracting, it made it hard to do my chores around the house. At 1:00 I masturbated, making sure to neatly collect the semen for her, as she wishes.

At 4:00 the phone rang.

"Isabel Ferrier's residence."

"Hi, Marc. How are you doing?"

"In pain, Mistress. May I loosen the screws, please?"

"Oh, that's good, Marc. I had a good lunch, thank you. No, you may not loosen the screws. Turn them four more times. I will be home around 7."

"Yes, ma'am."

I tightened the screws. My poor balls were flattened like pancakes and the pain made it hard to think.

"Good boy, Marc. Talk to you later."

When she came home that evening, at 8:30, I was curled in the corner. She spread me out, checked the ball crusher, and nodded approval.

She then loosened and removed the crusher. When she loosens the crusher after a long period like that, the pain actually gets worse for a while. I screamed, and she smiled happily.

"Good, Marc. You've really made my day. Does that make you happy?"

"Yes... mistress... I am glad... you are... happy..." I was panting.

She inspected the laundry. I had forgotten to use bleach on her whites, but she forgave me. I had already been punished, she said.

Later that evening she and her girlfriend Christina pegged me. She's been using progressively larger strapon dildos, and my ass has been getting used to it, the muscles loosening and widening. It still hurts and between the two of them they raped my ass for maybe 45 minutes. My bowels, inside deep, seem to get bruised during a good ass reaming as well; that can ache for a couple of days after.

They made me cum while they were pegging me. The pegging is actually a very arousing experience for me, especially when two of them are doing it. My cock was hard the entire time, and all it took was one of them touching it a little while the other was thrusting, and bammo... I spurted.

Unfortunately I spurted onto the sheets, and made a mess. Isabel says she will punish me later today for that.

There is always something to be punished for.

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