Thursday, October 1, 2015

Inside Isabel

I swear I am in love.

Not with Val, who would be a perfect girlfriend, maybe even wife, but with Isabel. The queen bitch.

We fucked last night. Actually. Fucked. Like, my cock was inside her cunt. Finally, after something like six weeks together, going out, seeing each other naked, my giving her orgasms eating her out, sharing some sort of relationship, we finally did it. It wasn't at all like what I thought it would be.

It all started when she called about 4 PM and told me she was having a hard day at work and wanted to go out to dinner and relax. So I canceled the date I had with Val, and booked some reservations at a place on Hollywood Blvd that I know she likes. Not too fancy, but nice.

Me: Babe, how are things back there?
Val: OK, Marc, it's been busy but I'm looking forward to tonight. I've got some new--
Me: About that, Val, I--
Val: You're shitting me.
Me: --have to go pick up a friend of mine whose car has died. I don't think I will make it back in time.
Val: You're shitting me. Again?
Me: I'm really sorry babe, I've been thinking about you all day and really want to be with you.
Val: It sure doesn't seem like it.
Me: How about we do it tomorrow night. For sure. Someplace super special, we'll dress up and everything. You know there is no one better than you out there, you are all I think about.
Val: You can't keep doing this, Marc. Yes, we can try tomorrow, but you better be serious. Patrick asked me out yesterday and I said no but I am beginning to wonder...

Conversations like those are just so fucked. It doesn't matter, I can't help it. Isabel doesn't take no for an answer.

So at 5:00 I get a call from Isabel, and she is at the BMW dealer. Her car broke down. The $100,000+ BMW that I would kill for, belly up in a mechanics bay. She wanted me to come pick her up, since we were going out anyway. (At least my excuse to Valerie is legit now).

I picked Isabel up at 5:30 at the dealer and she was in a fucking foul mood.

"Took you fucking long enough, Marc."

"I got here as fast as I could, Bel. It takes half an hour at this time of day. It's OK though, we can head to the restaurant and get a drink."

"Fuck that. I've had a sucky day. Take me home, we can get a drink there."

So... off to her place. Once there, she fixed us both straight vodka rocks. I sat and rubbed her feet while she drank hers and bitched about her day, how Warner Brothers was trying to cheat her out of a commission, and one of the firm partners had been totally uncooperative.

After three drinks she was a lot more mellow, and I was massaging her legs, all the way up to her upper thighs and she was really liking it. I had almost made it to her pussy and was thinking the night might not be too bad when she grabbed my hand, yanked my up to her, wrapper her arms around me and started kissing me really hard. We necked for a bit on her couch and she reached down to get my jeans.

"I wanna fuck," she said. A command, not a request.

Holy crap. I've eaten her out a dozen times, even masturbated in front of her (that was weird), but fuck? Yeaaahhhh....

My cock was hard and ready and practically bursts out of my pants. We didn't bother going to the bedroom, she literally rips my shirt off and my pants are off in moments. We're naked on the couch, and my cock finds the entrance to her pussy.

"Push it in, push, fuck me, Marc." She was demanding, urgently, loudly.

So I push. I slide it in, gratified by the fact she was super wet and ready.

"Push it in, dammit!" She reached down and grabs my ass, pulling it hard. I push in harder, feeling my cock go in deep and I feel like I am going to cum right then, but I manage to hold off. I start thrusting, and Isabel is rotating her hips in rhythm with me, maximizing the motion. It's an amazing feeling, the way my cock is pressing hard against different areas of her insides as she moves. At one point I can feel my cock head pushing against her G-spot, the next it is pressing against her cervix, then sliding out and the bottom side of my cock is sliding on the bottom of her vagina I feel like my next thrust might break through the flesh into her bowels.

She's obviously expert at manipulating the motion to get maximum stimulation of her clit, and I can see her nipples are rock hard and she is grunting and moaning, urging me on with a kind of anger.

Like, she was pissed off while we were fucking.

"Fuck me, Marc, harder! Slide across my clit, are you a fucking virgin or something?"

Her fingernails, which are really solid and real, dug into my back. I don't know if it was frustration or arousal and passion, but they pierced the skin and dragged. It hurt. Like, really hurt, but I didn't dare stop fucking her, any time I slowed or didn't move right she swore at me and demanded I fuck her better.

I was groaning and panting, as much from the pain in my back as from the pleasure of fucking.

Isabel constantly moved beneath me. Her hips rotated and thrust, pushing various parts of her body against my cock, balls and hips. Her hands roamed and dug into my back and ass. She kissed me some during the fuck, deep kisses, and she bit my neck. That hurt too. Her legs were spread wide but didn't stay in one place. Some of the time they were hooked behind mine to press me in hard, some of the time they were up around my waist with the ankles locked together, and some of the time she was just spread as wide as I have ever seen any woman spread legs.

At one point she reached down between us and grabbed my balls, squeezing until I cried out in pain, and said something like, "Use the pain, use the agony, make me cum so hard it hurts you!"

That's when I came, I think. I thrust into her and my whole body shook and I virtually screamed with my orgasm. My cum started spurting out and filled her cunt, and I completely lost myself. It was like I was dying, or dead and gone to heaven.

When I came down to earth, Isabel wasn't done. I know for a fact she had had one orgasm already, but she wasn't done.

"God damn it, don't stop, you selfish bastard!" She screamed at me.

I did my best. I was still hard, I maybe went soft a little, but was still pretty hard. I kept going, following her lead the best I could until she had finished with two more orgasms.

At that point she collapsed for a moment and I sort of relaxed and collapsed on top of her. That prompted her to push me off her and onto the floor.

"Well, that was a fucking waste," she said disgustedly.

It was like a bucket of ice cold water dumped over my head. I felt humiliated. It was the fuck of a lifetime for me. I blushed, I could feel the heat in my cheeks and body, and lowered my head. My first time allowed inside Isabel, and she was disappointed. It was incredibly embarrassing.

"Get me a wet washcloth," she said in a relaxed but demanding voice.

I returned with the cloth.

"No, you asshole, use warm water. You are the most thoughtless, incompetent man I have ever met! No, no, never mind, I will use this!"

She wiped my cum off her pussy as if she were cleaning dirt from between her toes after a day at the beach.

"Thank you, Isabel. Thank you for making love to me." I said humbly.

"It wasn't love, Marc. It wasn't even sex. It was a fuck. It served it's purpose." She seemed satisfied with my gratitude and eased up a little on her attitude.

"Come here, lay next to me." She motioned me up, and I climbed up, laying naked next to her on the couch. We were quiet for a bit. I played with her breasts and nipples gently, and kissed her cheek. She didn't seem to mind.

"It's just that, well, I had a really hard day and needed a fuck. And I guess you are a little inexperienced and frankly, I think your dick is small. I couldn't feel it a lot of the time. I'm sure you did the best you could, and I feel better now."

Uh... OK, so that is the way Isabel is nice to me. Telling me my dick is so small she couldn't feel it but she thinks I tried my best. I flushed again. I'd be insulted if it was anyone else, but from her, I just felt... well, humiliated again.

Still, it was so nice just laying next to her, sharing our nakedness.

After a fuck like that I would have stayed over at any other girl's house, but Isabel kicked me out. I asked about how she would get around, her car in the shop and all.

"Oh, no problem. I'll just drive the Porsche."

Huh. She has a Porsche I didn't know about.

I went home, and when I took my shirt off it had red streaks all over the back. I stripped and checked myself. There were long angry gouges from her nails, striped criss-cross across my back, and my ass as well. I treated them the best I could. The bleeding stopped.

There's no way I can have sex with Val tonight, with my body striped like that. I would have no idea how to explain it. I'm going out with her, or she will dump me for sure, but I will have to wriggle out of sleeping at her place.

My back still hurts, and every time I get a twinge of pain, my cock gets hard and I think about fucking Isabel.

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