Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Financial Servitude

I live at Isabel's place now.

Kim is gone. I wouldn't say I broke up with her, really. She had more or less decided not to spend much time with me and was seeing other people because I wasn't willing to "commit". So, moving in with Isabel was just the final nail in that coffin.

I have committed, it's just been to Isabel, I guess.

It's been almost two weeks, and Isabel has taken control of my life like I had never imagined. She sold my car and used the proceeds to pay off the car loan and my credit cards. There was about $2,000 left over and she deposited that in her bank account.

The lease to my apartment was canceled, and she has arranged for all my furniture to be sold at auction. She says I don't need it any more if I am living with her, which I guess is true.

It's weird, I miss Kim, but not Kim really, I miss fucking Kim. Well, I guess I miss fucking. Isabel won't let me fuck her any more, she says I'm not a real man unless I can get a job and start contributing.

I have my clothes and personal items here, now, but never wear them. I'm naked all the time because Isabel doesn't allow me to wear clothes at her place (which is now my place as well), and since I have no place else to go...

It isn't that bad. She has a comfortable place. It is a really expensive house in a great neighborhood after all. So what if I can't leave it? I cook, and clean and spend a good part of each day looking for work. That's done all online, and on the phone.

The hardest part is that she brings other people over, and cages or chains me up while she is with them. And when I say "with them:," I mean sometimes just talking and having fun, but sometimes she fucks them. Three times it's been one of her girlfriends. She doesn't allow me to watch that, and chains me up in the basement.

Oh, that's something I found out after moving in. She has a basement. Concrete, bare, nasty place. It has hooks and rings and various items designed to restrain someone, and I've been learning about those.

Anyway, she fucks other people; she does allow me to watch her fuck Jase, her cock stud. It's torture watching that massive cock spread her pussy wide and hear her grunt while he pounds. She's done it twice. Fuck Jase I mean, with me watching. She won't allow me to masturbate during the act, either, just watch.

I masturbate a lot during the day, when she is gone. I wish I could lay on her bed, feel her sheets and smell her scent while I do it, but she knows instantly if I have been on her bed and freaks out. The one time I tried it, like, laying on her bed and jacking off, she saw the wrinkles and called me in and I confessed.

The punishment? She tied me up and then put an electrical cage on my cock and balls. She'd crank it up and the pain would get so bad I would scream, and beg her to stop. Of course, begging is what she likes but I couldn't help it. I thought I smelled smoke and was convinced my cock was on fire. The pain was horrible.

And yet, the whole time my cock had this raging hardon, I mean I was straight up rock hard. And at one point while she was cranking up the current and I was crying, I came. A mind blowing, shuddering orgasm. In the middle of all the pain. I don't know what that means, how could I have an orgasm while she was torturing my cock? I mean, does it mean I like pain? I don't like pain, and yet I spurt semen all over the place while she was fiddling with the pain dials.

I need to spend more time working at the job search. If I don't get a job soon, she's going to come up with more ways to just torment me. If I can get employed again, maybe she'll let me fuck her and things can get back to more normal. As it is now, I can't even afford to leave.

No car, no apartment. Not even any savings. All given to Isabel.

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