Thursday, February 18, 2016


Isabel has been gone for a week. I miss her, she's really take over my life and consciousness a lot. I would say I am in love, but I've never been in love with a girl and am not sure I want to start. Still, she occupies my thoughts and I want to please her more than any girl I've ever known.

But, while she has been gone I've been seeing Kim regularly. Several times during the week. I would say we were "friends with benefits" because things are so casual, she doesn't really put a lot of demands on me, not like Val did. I constantly got the impression that Val wanted our relationship to develop and grow and head toward permanent things. I could have seen that with Val, maybe, sometime, though that's all in the past now.

With Kim, it is more just fun times together. She's young and happy with just doing things together. She absolutely loves sex, loves fucking, and will do it almost anywhere. The other weekend we went out with some of her friends to a road house up the coast, just a fun beach drive and had lunch up there. Isabel was out of town so it was safe.

Kim and I fucked in the back seat of the car while her friends were off on the beach. It was the middle of the day and there were people walking by the car and everything, it was maybe the hottest fuck I had ever had. We were both mostly naked in the back seat, her legs up and me pounding away at her. She can be rather noisy when she fucks and I am sure people knew what was going on.

Later, that night, Kim stayed over at my place and we fucked again, slower and longer this time. She slept in my bed afterward, and it was nice waking up with her in the morning.

Two days later, last night to be exact, Isabel was back in town. She called me at work.

"Hey Marc, I'm back and would like to see you tonight."

"Hey Isabel, I've really missed you. Nothing would make me happier. What time?"

"Five; I am feeling a bit... like some fun."

Fun sounded... well, fun, though fun to Isabel is not always fun for me. "I can't leave work that early, Isabel, I'm behind on the monthly sales numbers and need to --"

"I understand Marc. I will see you at five."

"Yes, Isabel."

I should know better than to question her.

I left work at 4:00, more than an hour early so I could drop by my place and make sure I was clean and presentable. Sneaking out at a time like that isn't good, my work has been suffering and my boss is getting unhappy, but what can I do? I showed up at Isabel's right at 5:00 pm, stood out front of her door, and removed my clothes.

Yes, I remove my clothes now whenever entering her house. I am basically not allowed to wear clothes in Isabel's house any more. (fortunately Isabel's house has a secluded entryway so I won't get arrested because of neighbors).

I rang the doorbell and Isabel answered wearing tight jeans and a loose blouse that hung off her perfect breasts in a way that hinted at her fantastic shape. No bra, nipples showing. Her hair was gorgeous; long, dark, silky. It had been a week and I felt my cock get hard just being in her presence.

"Come in, Marc. I'm happy to see you."

Isabel gave me a nice, deep, girlfriend kiss. I still think of her as my girlfriend... just a rather kinky one.

I went inside and we spent some time talking about her trip back east to visit some movie producers that were starting up a production; she's in marketing for product placement arrangements and has ties to all the biggest producers and studios. She knows some of the most important people in Hollywood, the ones that actually wield the money and power.

To be honest, I got a little drunk. Both she and I had several drinks; she handles her alcohol better than I. I got drunk. I was leaning back on the couch, naked, and actually stroking my cock. She was sitting back on the couch, just watching my make a display of myself.

I like my cock. It's a good cock. It's not huge, but I've always thought it was pretty big, big enough to satisfy the likes of Val and Kim. It gets really, really hard too. Especially around Isabel. But Isabel was looking at my cock thoughtfully, and said something so typical of Isabel.

"It would sure be nice if you had a large cock."

What? Just dammit, my girlfriend is complaining about the size of my cock, and I know I have a decent sized cock.

"What, Isabel, you make comments like this and really, I am not that bad. I got a decent sized cock, it's bigger than average. You haveta know that!"

Isabel obviously had been thinking about something and made a decision.

"Hang on a second."

She got up and got her phone and made a call.

"Jase... yeah, it's Bel.... yeah, me too." She laughs at some joke. "Oh, I'd love that... no... well, I had something else in mind. Can you make it over in an hour?... that would be perfect... no, no, I just have Marc over here, and I think we need to show him yours in action... yeah. Great, babe."

She hangs up and comes back.

I'm still naked and getting horny as heck. Isabel is sexy clothes on or off, and I was wanting to get inside her, bad. She fended me off.

"Have another drink, Marc, I think you need another one. I've invited my friend Jase over and I want you to watch us. You need to understand how inadequate you are, and what a real man is like."

Isabel talks this way sometimes and it hurts, but I take it because she is my girlfriend and I understand that's just the way she is. But I didn't quite understand what she meant by watch her and this Jase guy.

"What you mean Isabel, watch you guys?" I was getting drunker.

"That's right. Jase is a bit of a fuck buddy, and he knows how to please me. I'd like you to see so you can understand. Maybe get some tips."

It was sinking in through the fog of liquor. She was going to fuck this guy and I was supposed to watch.

"Hey..." I said rather weakly. "Tha's not right. I'm your boyfrien' and you shoun't be fuckin some other guy..."

"Yes, well, Marc this is something you will need to get used to. I have sex with who I want, and you are just... well, not adequate."

Still drinking, we had moved to the kitchen and were eating some snacks and I was arguing as best I could with her about fucking this guy when the doorbell rang. It was Jase.

Jase turned out to be a 6'4" guy, totally buffed out. He could have squashed me in a fight. He took Isabel around the waist in one of his beefy arms, pulled her up and gave her a big, long, hard kiss. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back.

"Hey..." I said again, rather weakly.

"So this is your newest twerp," Jase said as he looked at me, arm still holding Isabel's waist.

"Yeah, this is Marc. Marc, this is Jase. Say hello, Marc."

I was drunk but fighting it slowly. I didn't like the way this was developing.

"Hello," I said sullenly.

Jase picked Isabel up and kissed her again, and she wrapped her legs around his hips. The guy pushed her against the wall and they began making out, digging around their clothes, undoing buttons and wriggling out of clothes, breathing hard and really getting it on.

He walked with her wrapped around him, kissing, into the bedroom. I followed and said "Hey..." again. I was too drunk. Even so this really sucked.

Isabel and Jase were on the bed, clothes coming off damn fast. When Jase's pants came off his cock was revealed.

Holy crap that guy was huge. I mean, he made me look like a roll of quarters next to a jackhammer. He was hard and thick and long and his cock was already sliding along Isabel's bare, naked pussy. He inserted several fingers into her asshole, spreading her wide as he moved down to start biting her nipples. He bit hard too, I could tell, and Isabel was moaning and reacting to his aggressive technique.

Remember, I was still naked; so I climbed into the bed to see if I could somehow get involved. I didn't really know what to do but didn't just want to watch this guy fucking my girlfriend and so I was going to try and move in. Thing was, there was no way; they were a tangle of arms and legs and a cock and pussy and boobs and bodies pressed so tight, moving and squirming around there was no way.

So I watched. Watched as his massive cock pressed against her cunt, pushed and spread the flesh tight, wide, and slowly sank in. Isabel moaned and then cried out as if in pain, and then shoved her hips up to encourage him to go deeper. I was like, two feet away, watching him slide deep inside, her pussy lips stretched tight and enveloping his massive member.

It must have hurt, and she was making noises like it hurt but liked it anyway.

I mean, there wasn't much I could do and I remember masturbating while I watched them. They went at it in different positions. They started with missionary, but then after a while she rolled over on top of him and started riding him.

The position that upset me the most was when she was on her side, him behind, her with one leg up and back over his thigh. It made it really easy to see his meat sliding in and out of her, and how her tight pussy clung to his flesh as he rammed in and out and how glistening wet his cock was with her juices.

They went at it, just fucking and sweating and straining while I lay there and watched. I didn't mean to masturbate but I did, just unconsciously.

When Jase was going to cum, Isabel stopped him and said, "No. Cum on his face."

What? What the fuck? I was still drunk but I knew what was happening. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, face up, and held me there while Jase moved over and gave himself a few finishing strokes. When he came it was like a flood of white, sticky semen dumped all over my face.

Oh, god it was awful. He grunted and cried out and his cock bounced in front of my eyes and he spurt cum all over my face, into my hair, until it dribbled down onto my neck.

When he was done Isabel let go and they both fell back onto the bed. Isabel was giggling, laughing like I seldom hear her laugh, wrapping her arms and legs around Jase and making jokes about me.

"Do you see his cock? The one he's been stroking? He thought that was big." Both she and Jase laughed.

"He makes a good cuck," Jase said. "Ask me over anytime, my pleasure."

"I will, Jase. I like you fucking me. I like it when he watches, too. He has such a pained look on his face," here they both laughed again.

Jase's cum was drying on my face.

Jase never went soft, Isabel was playing with him and he just kept on being hard as a rock.

"Go over and sit in the chair. Watch from there, cuck," Isabel instructed.

I did as I was told, slowly moving over to the chair beside the bed, watching my girlfriend in bed with this other guy.

"You can masturbate if you want," Isabel said and then began kissing Jase again. Moments later she had his cock in her mouth, and he was sucking her clit and they were moaning and making noise and going at it hard. I had never seen anyone deep throat like Isabel, taking that massive cock in. I could see her throat distending and swelling from the size of it as it went down all the way to her collar bone. She never gagged once.

I watched from the chair while Jase fucked my girlfriend two more times, once coming on her breasts, and once coming inside her.

Through all this I just sat and watched. I came once, spewing my sperm over Isabel's chair, something I will pay for later, I am sure. I was sobering up toward the end and that didn't make it any better. I felt so... useless. So empty. I wanted to hide. My cock was so hard.

After Jase left, Isabel called me over and kissed me lightly (I could taste him on her lips... ugh).

"So, now Marc you see what I mean when I say you are barely adequate, but not quite what I am used to. I may have to use Jase a bit more to satisfy me, given your... inadequacy. And of course, I'd like you to watch."

"Isabel, that was really cruel."

"Yes, yes it was. Wasn't it?" Her smile said it all. She had wanted to hurt me, and she had. It got her off. She kissed me deeply then, running her hand over my stiffened cock. The idea of humiliating me and hurting me in that way aroused and satisfied her.

She sent me home.

I curled up in bed and cried, I felt terrible.  Work today was awful. I think the boss is getting ready to fire me for poor performance. I used to be his top performer but trying to satisfy Isabel has taken me away from work so much, distracted me, I am just... losing it.

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