Thursday, July 21, 2016


Dear Reader,

Myself (right) and my lover Christina
This is Marc's Mistress, Isabel. Marc was picked up earlier today by his new owner, a woman I know and respect as an especially sadistic dominant. He's in for an ugly ride.

I had a feeling about Marc when I met him for the first time at the club. He wanted to get to know me so desperately. He's a good looking guy and might have been a good husband to Val or Kim or any of the other women whom I know had a crush on him.

Val loved him and would have been a very good wife to him, and he never realized it. Kim would have done anything for him, and he threw her away like chattel.

Well, he is now being truly used as chattel. He deserves it, like most men.

It was fun slowly tearing Marc apart, watching him descend into utter depravity. I have to say I enjoyed the times we had together when he wriggled in pain and begged for mercy, and yet came back for more.

But, all good things come to an end.

As a wise philosopher has said, it is the journey, not the arrival that matters.

Respectfully Submitted,

Isabel Ferrier


  1. Poly, regarding being submissive, many aspects of your tumblr is exactly what I wish could be done to me! I like your naughty thoughts:)

  2. I wish Poly would do some of those things to me...

  3. Hello Isabel.
    Do you have any updates on Marc? How is Scott coming along? What happened to the previous 5 men you made into slaves?