Friday, October 23, 2015


Is this my life now?

For the last four nights I've gone over to Isabel's straight from work. The boss wanted me to work late one night but I said I couldn't. He wasn't happy, but I didn't want to tell Isabel I had to be late.

All four nights she brought me in, had be take off my pants, and checked the device. It is still on me, securely. I haven't had a true erection or orgasm in well over a week. She would handle it, which of course made me start to get hard immediately. Heck she was fondling my balls after all. I think she really enjoys torturing me in that way.

Once she was assured it was in place and there were no problems, we would settle down to our evening. I fix dinner every night, except for last night when I brought dinner over. Takeout Chinese from Joss. I serve her and clean up afterward.

She is nice to me, kisses me and we even had a short session yesterday where we necked on the couch for a while but I kept getting hard inside my cock restraint, which hurt, and so I didn't really get into it too much.

We showered together that night, too, which was incredibly weird. To be that close to a woman with the perfect body, wet, soapy, washing her hair, and do nothing about it. She washed my balls. We kissed, wet soapy kisses.

Her body is perfect. We fit together so perfectly no matter where we are, in the shower, in bed, on the couch, heck even at dinner. Kissing her in the shower made me feel in heaven, except... well, until my cock got hard and my balls hurt.

No sex. She is acting sort of like my girlfriend, except I am serving her, taking care of her. She demands that I eat her out every night, and if she doesn't get off enough she turns mean, really fast. Last night was the worst.

I was on my knees, doing my best but she wasn't getting off on it. She was stressed and it wasn't my fault.

"Dammit, Marc, you are doing it too soft, and not keeping rhythm with me!" She barked.

"I'm sorry, Bel, let me--"

"No! I've had enough!" Her hand lashed out and slapped me, hard, on the face.  My cheek burned, stinging. I never realized a slap could hurt that much. For an instant I want to hit back but instead I just held my face and sat there.

"I'm sorry, Isabel..."

"Fuck that! If you aren't going to get me off that way, then I will get off another way."

She went over to her closet, rummaged around in the drawers and came out with the oddest device I had ever seen. It was a harness of some sort, but it had a dildo protruding from it, sort of like a strapon. Except it wasn't a strapon. The harness was all wrong and the dildo had an odd stubby extension on the other side.

"Hold your head still, open your mouth." Isabel commanded, and I obeyed.

She took the dildo part and put the stubby extension into my mouth, so that it was sort of like a gag. The straps went back over my face and head and she quickly buckled it in place. She spent a moment or two pulling the straps tight so that the thing was firmly in place, surrounding my head and keeping the gag firmly in my mouth.

My face flushed, the thing was an embarrassment. I now was gagged with a dildo extension coming out of my mouth. I remembered seeing one of these once, in a porn video, and thinking what a pussy the guy wearing it was. Now, I was humiliated.

It didn't stop there.

"You need to stop using your hands on me. Just the dildo. Let me help with that."  With this statement Isabel produced some handcuffs. Before I knew what had happened, she slipped my wrists behind my back and ratcheted the cuffs into place. My wrists were secured behind my back. It was clear I was not to touch her during this sex.

Can you imagine the feeling? A beautiful woman you love before you, legs spread wide, and you are restrained and can not touch her even while you are responsible for fucking her and getting her to cum? I felt like crying, but took my place kneeling between her legs.

The gag tasted funny, and I wondered if it had been worn by other guys, and whether it had been washed. I gagged on it, bile creeping up my throat for a moment.

"Now, let's try again, and see if you can do better this way." Isabel leaned back in her chair, spread her legs wide exposing her beautiful pussy. I knew what to do. I moved into place and positioned the face cock against her pussy lips. I could see them clearly before my eyes, as my face was now a good 9 inches away.

Isabel reached down and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips for me. I could see the inside of her cunt glistening with moisture. She was aroused, very wet. I positioned my face cock and slowly inserted it into her, watching as it pushed in.

Isabel moaned as the artificial cock spread her flesh wide. It was a large dildo, much larger than my own cock, and she apparently preferred it because she began telling me to move my head harder, to penetrate deeper, to move in and out faster.

I worked on fucking her for a few minutes, doing my best to match her rhythm, to slide in and out deeply and with the right angle. I was getting better when she began to thrust her hips up to meet me. My cheeks were brushing against her inner thighs, and I could smell her pussy clearly, though I was not allowed to touch. My cock and balls ached with desire, prevented from becoming erect even when I was this close to her gorgeous body.

She had not cum yet when she suddenly grabbed my head and pushed it back, making me withdraw the dildo. She then pulled me up and lay me face up on the bed and positioned herself over my face and the cock extending from it. She took control, and sank down on top. She went deep, very deep, pushing the cock all the way inside her and more as her legs pressed down against my face.

I wanted to reach down to my genitals right then, stroke my exposed balls, anything. I couldn't stand just laying there while she moved up and down slowly, deeper each time. But I couldn't. My hands were secured behind my back and all I could do was lay there and watch her ass moving in front of me. The stretched flesh of her pussy distended and clung to the dildo as if reluctant to let it out when she rose up. As she sank down, the flesh curled inward, clenching the rubber phallus.

Isabel came, loudly, grunting and moaning and crying out as my mouth cock stimulated her and I watched.

But she didn't stop. She simply changed positions slightly, in order to get better leverage, and continued fucking. Her moans continued, she panted and moved her hips faster and faster. My head bounced around on the bed from her flailing, and I simply lay still, allowing her to fuck herself, using my face to hold her dildo for her.

She came again a few minutes later. My jaw was sort from biting on the gag part of the dildo, which had been beaten and shoved around as she fucked herself at my expense. I hurt, my balls ached from desire, my wrists hurt from being secured under my back. She screamed in pleasure, sitting down hard, very hard on my face as she came. I saw her muscles contracting as she orgasmed. I could see her nipples erect and hard as they bobbled above me.

That was last night. Isabel has hit me, caused me quite a bit of pain over the last weeks when I displeased her. In spite of this (or because of this?) I have fallen deeper in love with her, and am allowing her to do as she pleases with me. But last night wasn't physical pain, it was torture. It was psychological, sexual torture.

And yet, I know in my heart that if she calls me tonight, I will go over there and do whatever she wants. I am excited by the thought, wondering what she will do next. I am beginning to crave her abuse, and it really worries me.

I am going to talk to her about letting me out of chastity next time, seriously. Seriously. It's been almost two weeks, and I haven't gone this long without an orgasm in... what... ever? Since I was 12?

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  1. Sounds like I need to look for one of those face dildos......