Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Shit Hits the Fan

I'm sitting here with tears on my cheeks, unbelieving. What has happened?

Things have taken the strangest turn, and it's awful. It's out of control. Totally out of control.

I'm sitting here in a chair, looking at myself naked in a mirror, not believing what I am seeing and yet knowing it is very real.

So this is what happened.

I had a planned date with Isabel tonight. It had been decided. She was going to be done with some big project and wanted to celebrate, and it was going to be good. Isabel in a good mood is fun to be around, and I was even hoping to get inside her a second time.

I still can't believe I've been going out with her for 10 weeks and we've only fucked once.

Anyway, so I get to her place, and she is dressed casually, which is a little surprising because I told her I would take her out to Commonwealth for Tapas. So I park on the street (her BMW is back from the shop), and walk in, knock, and she lets me in, kisses me a really deep soul kiss with her arms around me like I am the best thing in her life, and it makes me thrill. Isabel being nice to me is literally the best thing in the world.

We go inside, and she fixes drinks, and tells me about her day. She is being really loving, too, like touching me, playfully and sexy like. I do it back, and it feels for the first time we are really a normal couple.

I was on my second beer and she had a martini, and we were in her kitchen necking. I was leaned back against the counter and she had one leg up around mine, like she was going to climb me, and my cock was ready to poke right through my pants.

"Let's fuck," she says in my ear.

OK, this would be the second time, and the first was so mind blowing I think I almost jizzed in my pants right then.

Bel stripped my shirt off and undid my pants, sliding them down before stepping out of her own clothes. Once we are pretty close to naked she took my cock in her hand and led me into the bedroom. She looked fantastic, sexy, sensual, erotic.

I lay on the bed and feel her crawl up on top of me, slowly rubbing her body against mine as she makes the journey.

"I want to try something new babe, is that OK?" she said sweetly while her tits were brushing against my chest and her hand was gently stroking my cock.

"Sure, whatever you want," I said.  I'd do anything for her at this point.

"I want to tie you up," she said in a silky voice, "and have my way with you."

Just the idea of being tied up and ravaged by Isabel made my cock bounce. I wanted her so badly.

She used some cuffs, easy ones that went on fast and buckled to the frame of her bed. It had never occurred to me that her bed had some convenient brackets for bondage. It took 15 seconds and I was spread eagle and secured, stark naked on her bed. My cock stuck straight up.

Instead of fucking me though, Isabel kneels between my spread legs and sort of lightly strokes my cock. Not enough to make me cum, but enough to make me horny as hell. Then she talked to me in that silky, smooth low voice of hers that melts me.

"Marc... how long have we been together?"

"Uh... oh, god that feels good... I dunno, maybe 8 weeks?"

"8 weeks. Yeah. I mean, I think we first spent time together about 12 weeks ago, but I get that you aren't good at remembering."

"Yeah, 12 weeks. Oh god, keep on, do my cock more. Would you suck it Isabel? Please?" She was lightly stroking my flesh with her finger tips, slowly going around my glans for just a couple of seconds, driving me wild, and then down the underside of my cock.

"So, we've been together for maybe two, three months. We're a good fit, don't you think?"

God yes, I remember when my cock fit inside her and it was the best fit ever.

"Yes! We are fantastic! I love being with you Bel," I said, hoping she would stop teasing my cock and start working on it. I started straining against the cuffs that held me spread wide.

"So, what makes you think it is OK for you to cheat on me?" She said in that same, soft, silky voice.

"God, keep doing-- what?" It didn't sink in right away. but when it did, my world changed in a moment. She was looking me straight in the eyes, her hand no longer stroking my hard cock.

"What. Makes. You. Think. You. Can. Cheat. On. Me."

Panic rose up in my stomach, spreading through every part of my body.

"I don't know what you mean, Isabel." It was weak, I know.

"She's cute, I will give you that. What's her name? Ah... Valerie. Lovely girl. Is she worth what I am going to do to you?" Isabel's voice was still soft but had taken on a dangerous edge. I was still rock hard, but my mind was running. I was tied down, helpless, and this bitch of a woman had me. I was seriously At Risk.

"Honestly, Isabel, she means nothing to me. She's just a girl from the office, that's all! Besides I know you are seeing your girlfriends all the time, and god knows what you do with them!"

"We are talking about you here, not me. You choose to cheat on me with a girl that means nothing to you. As if your responsibility to me is worth nothing?" Her voice was sounding more dangerous by the second.

"No, I didn't mean that, really, just that you are-- AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

In that moment Isabel's hand had slipped down around my balls, squeezing them hard and tight so the scrotum bulged out from her hand.

Isabel took her fist, and drove it into my distended balls.

"You!" Whack!

"Bastard!" Whack!

"You!" Whack!

"Selfish!" Whack!


With each word Isabel slammed her fist into my balls.


I was screaming, the pain starting in my balls and spreading. My arms and legs jerked against the restraints, instinctively trying to protect the most sensitive part of my body. It didn't help. I was helpless, and Isabel kept hitting my balls, over and over again, hard. I kept yowling in pain.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I cried from the pain. She kept going. I don't know how long. It probably wasn't that long, but it felt like an hour. It was probably more like five minutes.

She finally stopped and left the room. I lay sobbing on the bed, the pain throbbing across the entire lower part of my body. I kept from puking, but just barely. I lay there slowly thinking through what had happened.

Isabel knew about Val. The worst had happened. I wondered what, exactly, the worst was.

After maybe 15 minutes Isabel came back in, carrying something in her hand I couldn't see.

"So, Marc. I hope you are recovered from your punishment."

I nodded, I was still in pain but could operate.

"I should really castrate you for this." Why did I have the feeling she was maybe serious? "But I won't. But you have to make a decision. Do you want to be mine? Do you want to continue with me, to commit yourself to me?"

I was scared and confused. I wanted Isabel, if it was her or Val, I picked Isabel in a flash. I didn't understand everything that was happening, but I knew I needed Isabel's attention, I needed to be with her on whatever terms she set.

"Yes... "

"You don't sound convincing. I don't believe you. This is a big step."

"Honestly, Isabel, I want you! I want to be yours, I want us to belong to each other!"

"I'm not convinced. Convince me, Marc. We've come a long way and I don't let just any guy in. Are you sure you want to be with me?"

"Please, Bel, please. I will do anything!"

Isabel was quiet for a moment, a small smile on her face. It scared me, but I wanted to be hers more than anything, even if it meant her busting my balls. In fact, in retrospect, I am thinking her banging on my balls was part of what I loved.

"OK, Marc. But right now it is clear I can't trust you. You've got a wandering cock, and that cock is mine, right?"

I nodded my head. I actually wanted my cock to be hers.

"Say it!"

"My cock is yours."

"Fine. Then I am going to make sure this cock stays under my control."

With that Isabel reached down and took hold of my cock and balls. My cock was flaccid for the first time in ages when around her, maybe because of all the ball beating, maybe because I was scared. She took my cock and balls and slipped something over them. I thought maybe it was something like the cock ring she had used the other night.

Whatever it was fit around my cock closely and then suddenly got very tight around the base of my scrotum and cock. It sort of snapped shut and there was a click and she stood up and looked at my genitals. I couldn't see them, but could feel that something was attached to them. Something tight.

"That looks good. Why don't you have a look, too." Isabel undid my ankle restraints, then my wrist restraints. I sat up and looked between my legs.

I'd seen them before, in ads and porn movies. It was a male chastity device. A sheath covered my cock, fitting tightly when it was flaccid. There was no room for it to get erect, and if it did I could only imagine the pain. I grabbed it and pulled.

Nope, the thing was attached to a metal ring that went tightly around my balls, and I mean tightly. A small padlock held that ring in place. I pulled, yanked, and just succeeded in bring back some of the pain from the ball beating.

"Isabel, please... what is this? Why are you doing this? Please take this off!"

"Marc, that isn't going to happen until you learn some self control and show you are able to be faithful and serve me. It's time you understood the true meaning of being with me, of my allowing you into my house, of being seen with me in public. That cock isn't yours. It is mine. You said it yourself."

"Where's the key?"

"I'm your key holder. It's in a safe place. I've used this device before and know it works well and is comfortable as long as you don't mess with it. It is designed to be worn 24/7. Just keep yourself clean, and you will be fine. Now, go home. Come back tomorrow after work."

We talked a bit more, I tried to convince her to take it off and she refused. My cock started growing hard from the whole situation, and the pain and pressure rapidly caused it to contract again.

Somehow, though, I never once felt like this was wrong. I didn't want the chastity device on, but if it was Isabel that put it there and wanted it there, then there is where it would stay.

So that was it.

Here I am, it's midnight and I am sitting at home, looking at my poor cock. I can't even play with it, or masturbate. My balls ache a little from the beating, but right now what really aches is my soul; I am no longer in control of my own body. I've given Isabel control over it. This thing won't come off without possible serious damage.

Who knows when she will let me out of this thing?

I just started crying again. I am going to have to break up with Val. I can't tell her the truth.

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