Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Getting Off Under the Table

It's getting really confusing, seeing two women. I've done it before, but never like this. Before it was more like, one woman was an occasional fuck, or a short time thing, and the other was more serious, longer term.

This time, it's Valerie, who is cute, amazing, sensual, sexy, and loves to fuck me. The other is Isable who is beautiful, elegant, intelligent, cruel, a bitch, has a perfect body and I have never actually fucked. I need the fucking that Val gives me, but I want to be around Isabel more. When I think of someone to masturbate, it is always Isabel.

Val suspects something is going on though. We don't go out much any more, because I am scared one of Isabel's friends will see us. She has a lot of friends.

I've seen Val twice in the last week, once at her place, and once at a diner over in Santa Monica where I knew no one would see us. She's wondering why and asked me what was going on. Both times she dressed up for me, really looking nice. She wears jeans that are so tight I wonder how she moves, and her nipples show through her top. Her hair is long and straight and silky. I want to be seen with her, but I am just scared.

I've seen Isabel twice this week. The first night we went out to dinner. It was fun, actually. She got horny halfway through and had me reach under the table, under her panties, and get her off. The restaurant was sort of fancy so no one could see underneath but even so she had her head back and was moaning, and people were looking. I didn't know whether to feel proud, lucky, or humiliated.

When Isabel was done, I wanted her to do me under the table as well, but she said no. She didn't trust me not to make a scene. Once again, Isabel got her rocks off but not me.

The other night we went out to another club, one I've never been to before because I could never get in. Isabel just walked in, the bouncers knew her. Thank god I wasn't on a fucking leash this time.

But get this.

Before we went out to the club Isabel had me put on a weird cock ring sort of thing. It consisted of two attached rings; one ring that went around the base of my scrotum, and then another one around the base of just my cock. It was really hard to get on because it was so small. I tried for a bit but only got one ball through the base ring.

"Dammit, let me do it. You are incompetent." She said, barking at me.

"Fine, but be gentle, this thing is too tight. It might not fit."

"It fits perfectly, you are just being a lazy wimp sissy."

With that she grabbed my cock and crammed it through, though it didn't really fit in the ring. I was rock hard erect and it was too tight and hurt going on. Then she grabbed my balls, and shoved one through the other ring and was trying to push the other one through when I yelped and jerked away.

"OOOowwwwwwwwww! Isabel, that really hurts! Fuck... fuck... fuck.." I was practically hopping around naked in her living room.

"Take your hands away, let me at your pathetic balls! Come over here!"

I tried, but my cock was hurting from the way she grabbed it and yanked it through, and my balls were aching badly as well. My hands naturally went to protect my genitals.

"OK, I have a solution to this." Isabel went into the other room as I sat nursing my bruised balls. When she came back she had a pair of handcuffs.

"What the fuck?" I said, staring at the shiny metal.

"Turn around. Hands behind back."

I turned around, but was really nervous. Was I really going to let her cuff me? This was going farther than she had ever gone before and I was scared. She was going to hurt me and there was nothing I could do about it if I let her.

Fuck, it was such a thrill when I felt the second cuff ratchet into place with a click. I had never been cuffed before, and it was such a helpless feeling. My cock was standing straight out with that ring wrapped tight around it's base, and there was nothing I could do to cover myself now.

Isabel went to the front of me and roughly grabbed my balls, pushing and squeezing and shoving until they both slipped through the bottom ring. When it was done I just stood there panting, bent over a bit. It was dawned on me that it was going to be hard getting this thing off, too. Oh shit.

We dressed, me wearing my double cock ring under my pants. It had the effect of assuring I was hard all the time, slowing blood flow until my erection was rock hard. My pants bulge was huge, which I was sort of proud about, though it was also uncomfortable.

The pain subsided after a while and we had fun that night. Dancing was so weird, the movement squeezed and squished my cock and balls, which were standing, bulging out because of the rings. People looked at us, partly because I was with Isabel and she always draws looks, and partly I think because my package was really obvious.

Late that night we were drunk and I was half falling over. The world seemed to not be very stable. My cock was still hard as a rock, and we were sitting with two of Isabel's friends, Kimmy and Vic.

I felt Isabel's hand between my legs, checking on my cock under my pants.

"Fuck, Bel, it's still there, it's still hard... whadda ya want..." I was not sober.

Isabel didn't say anything but started to talk with Kimmy as she continued to rub my cock under my pants. My eyes sort of clouded over and my cock pulsed as she stroked. I forgot where I was and sort of just went glassy eyed as I felt her hand on me. Her hand was stroking up and down, the skin of her hand sliding across my cock, and I sort of made a gagging moan and my head collapsed backward.

Isabel kept going, slowly, steadily, yelling at Kimmy and Vic as she stroked me and I just sort of lost it. Moments later I came in my pants.

Yeah... I spurt sperm inside my pants. Creamed myself. I dunno if I made much noise but I am sure it was pretty obvious what happened because when it was over I looked and Kimmy and Vic were smirking, almost laughing.

"Fuck, Bel... I gotta... gotta... go clean... up" I was having trouble talking I was so drunk.

"Why, Marc? Are you dirty?" Isabel said innocently. She takes alcohol better than me, I have found. I get drunk faster.

"Yeah. You made me... made... me..."

"I can't take you anywhere, can I Marc. It's late, we better go anyway."

And with that, we said goodbye to Kimmy and Vic, and headed for the door.

Isabel dropped me off at my place; I was too drunk to drive. I crashed asleep almost immediately.

When I woke the next morning my pants were stiff from dried cum and I was still wearing that fucking cock ring. I threw my pants in the wash and walked naked over to the sink and used soap to make my skin more slippery, with cold water to make my cock shrivel as much as I could. That helped get the thing off without too much pain.

So I don't know what to feel about this. It's like, Isabel got me off, the same way I got her off the other day under the table. But it wasn't the same. It was humiliating to me. Humiliating but fuck, it was hot. Maybe the humiliation was part of what made it so hot.

Even the pain of her putting the genital rings on me was hot. I wanted her to do it again. As much as I hated it, I found that I wanted her to hurt me again, in some new weird way.

That's something I've been realizing recently. I don't mind it that much when Isabel hurts me, I kind of like it in a perverse way. I'm a sick fuck.

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