Sunday, September 13, 2015

Serving Isabel, with orgasm

Holy crap. I actually had sex with Isabel again. Or at least, what goes for sex with Isabel, except this time I actually had an orgasm and came.

I need to write this down, it is just too weird and I feel my life changing and I don't know how or why and am trying to make sense of it.

Isabel called after a week. I figured she might, though waiting for her is sorta hard. But the way she left it last time was that she wanted to have some sort of relationship with me, just under her own terms. I wasn't to call her. Which is totally backward and is absolutely killing me, but... and then Jenn telling me that Isabel was accepting me for some sort of relationship and I needed to hide Val. All that made me confident Isabel would call again, I just hated waiting.

So I've been hiding Val, seeing her at her place three times this week, never going out. I bring flowers and her favorite takeout, we have fun watching movies, fuck like rabbits, sleep and act just like lovers or some married couple, then go back to our lives. So far she seems to be OK with this.

Back to Isabel. She called and told me to come over last night, and gave me a list of groceries to bring. I was to cook dinner, I gathered. I'm no chef but I do cook and I guess she knew this.  She also gave instructions on what I was to wear, which included the collar she had me buy before.

I went to the store, bought the stuff, and put the collar on in the car before getting out and going to her door. When she answered the door my eyes bugged; she was topless again. Oh my god, she has the best rack. Firm, not too large, not too small, perfectly shaped.

Isabel leaned in to me and kissed me on the lips, lightly, in greeting.

"Hey Marc, I see you got the stuff. Drop it in the kitchen. And stop looking at my boobs, OK? We've talked about this before, you get to look at my body when I give permission and right now I want you concentrating on dinner."

She was nice, but her voice has this strong quality sometimes, when you realize you don't disobey her. I dropped my eyes and headed to the kitchen.

"Make some drinks for us, will you? I want my usual."

Her usual is an apple martini, so that is what I fixed. I had a beer. She accepted the drink and swatted me on the ass as I turned back to the kitchen.

"You have a nice ass. I think I'd like to watch it for a while. Take off your clothes for me."

How could I refuse? I stripped and stood before her naked, which frankly was pretty awkward. She was naked from the waist up which helped, but still... She got me an apron for the kitchen and I began cooking. The front of the apron stuck out where my rather obvious erection protruded.

I always have an erection around Isabel. Always. It's embarrassing.

I cooked. She watched. She made comments. At one point when I was bending over to get a pan out from a cupboard, she swatted me. I took it as a love swat, but it stung like hell. She then told me to stay there, bent over, and spread my ass cheeks for her. I did. I think my anus must have been puckering, in and out. She giggled and told me to wash my hands and get back to cooking, then left for the living room where she watched reality TV.

It took about 45 minutes to finish dinner and have the table set, and I called Isabel to dinner.

"Can I get dressed now?" I asked as we approached the table. She hadn't even been around the kitchen for a while.

"No. I like you this way. I think you should always be naked." She said it in a matter of fact way that assumed there was no way she could be questioned. I didn't question. I sat down naked at the table, and we ate. She was wearing jeans, I was naked.

I don't think I have been that aroused and horny in... well, since I was in the back seat with Charlotte Perkins in High School. It was all I could do to not look at Isabel's breasts, and to look only in her eyes. Her beautiful eyes.

Eventually, Isabel had pity on me.

"I understand it is hard for you. You may look at my body."

I flushed with embarrassment. Why? I don't know. Because she had given me permission? Because I needed permission to look at my girlfriend's boobs? Was she my girlfriend, or something else? She didn't feel like my girlfriend and yet here I was sitting naked in her house eating dinner and looking at her naked breasts.

"Marc, make yourself useful. Eat me while I am eating. You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Isabel seemed to be asking, but sometimes when she asks it isn't really a question. Besides, it was going to be marvelous to get between her legs again, taste her and feel her cunt on my tongue.

"Sure, Isabel." I tried to sound nonchalant as I slipped under the table and began pulling her jeans down. Once they were off I started to lick her inner thighs. She has the most perfect thighs-- muscular but smooth. They were spread wide for me, a pleasure in itself. Isabel, spread for me. Wow.

She continued eating while I tongued and played with the folds of her pussy, finding her hard clit and lightly playing with it. She didn't react at first, but eventually finished eating and leaned back in the chair.

"Let's continue this in the den, shall we?" Isabel stood and had me follow her. My cock was sticking straight out and a little up, hard as a rock. The taste of the dinner was gone, my mouth filled with the taste of her pussy. I watched the muscles and flesh of her back and ass ripple as I shuffled behind her, until she plopped down in an overstuffed love seat, spread her legs again and leaned back.

I knelt and went to work again.

The best part of eating Isabel is when she gets close she grabs my head and shoves it in to her, hard. My entire face is smashed against her genitals, wet and working to give her pleasure. I can't breathe worth a damn, though. I gasp when I can, she doesn't seem to care. I just try to make her cum as fast as I can at that point. This time she lifted her legs up, put them over my shoulders and squeezed my head tight between them, jerking her hips up and down and moaning until she moaned loudly and almost ripped some of my hair out of my scalp, she grabbed so hard.

When it was over, I tried to slide up her body to join her on the love seat, to kiss her and maybe press naked bodies... and maybe even get inside her. I needed it. I mean, I really needed it. My cock was throbbing.

She stopped me.

"No, no Marc. No more tonight, at least not now. Just let me relax a little in the glow. You are pretty good at servicing me, you know that? It is one reason I have kept you."

I had to say it. "Isabel, really. I mean, look at this. My cock is ready to explode and you have gotten what you need, I need something too! I need satisfaction!"

She looked at me kneeling between her legs, stared at my bobbing cock a little, and then said, "Yeah. Maybe you are right. Go ahead. Give me some semen. But God, no! Don't ... see, look, you are already dripping precum on my floor. Here..."

She reached for a shot glass from a table and handed it to me.

"Come in that. Let me watch you spurt your seed into that."

I just stared at her a second and then took my cock in hand and began stroking. She leaned back and watched me as I stroked, and her gaze was the most erotic, sensual experience I have ever had. Just her looking at me pleasure myself was enough; I played with my balls a little, stroked my cock then concentrated on playing with the glans, and in no time I felt the surge coming.

I grabbed the glass, held it in position and when I came my fluid gushed out. It splattered into the glass but I had never had an orgasm so intense or produced that much semen before. I was shaking and didn't direct the spurting fluid properly. It overshot, splattered on the floor, over my hand, all over. Some made it into the glass. Most ended up on the floor.

"God Damn IT!" Isabel was angry, and grabbed my hair, jerking my face up to look at her.

"I told you to be neat, not to get it on my floor! And what do you do? You sit there distracted by looking at my wet pussy, miss the damn glass I give you and make a complete mess! Damn it! Clean that up!"

I was still shaking with the orgasm, a bit weak and didn't react right away. When I finally moved to get up she grabbed my head again and shoved my face to the floor.

"Fuck it, Marc, lick up your cum! Clean it. Tongue my floor clean!" She had hold of my hair and pushed me hard against the floor, right next to the glob of white slime.

It was weird. I was scared. Scared of her control, of having this woman grabbing and jerking me around. Scared of the violence of it, maybe, though I've never been scared of rough sex play before. Maybe it was me being scared of Isabel's anger? Like, I was afraid I had not pleased her, and I wanted her to be happy with me, not upset.

So I licked. My tongue went out and touched the white glob and licked it.

I had never tasted cum before. It tasted unnatural, salty, dirty, sharp like bleach. I gagged and tried to pull back but Isabel shoved my face down into it again. I kept licking, just wanting her to stop being angry, to let me up. I kept licking, making sure the floor was completely clean, until finally she lifted my head up and pulled me roughly to her.

She kissed me then, a slow, long, romantic kiss that made me feel all glowy and happy inside. She pulled me up next to her on the love seat and we entwined our naked legs, held each other and kissed for a bit. It felt so good to be in her arms, to be accepted by her, to have compensated for making a mess and her anger.

I got hard again, and tried to make a move on her, to get her legs spread so I could get between them and maybe inside her. Instead, she grabbed my balls and squeezed. Not super hard but enough I made an "ooof" sound and backed away.

"Well, that was fun," she said. "But I think you should go home now. I'm tired and it's late, and frankly, you are behind at work. You need to get going on that Stratham account or your boss is going to be pissed."

I didn't wonder until later how she knew about the Stratham account.

Anyway, the evening was over and I got dressed, kissed Isabel goodbye and went home.

I've been sitting here trying to understand what is happening. We are sort of having sex, and seeing each other on a regular basis. But it doesn't feel like she is my girlfriend. More like... I am her boyfriend but she is not my girlfriend, if that makes sense.

What I do know is that I masturbated twice more after I got home tonight, each time thinking about Isabel's body, and having her watch me while I did it. I didn't like lapping up my own semen but that part went through my head as well.

It wasn't actually the part about me eating my own semen, it was more about her hand grabbing my hair painfully and forcing me to do it. I hated eating my semen. I loved that she forced me to do it.

Wow, am I fucked up. I hope she calls tomorrow.

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  1. This is an awesome and riveting tale that I have stumbled upon here. Keep up the good work and I hope you continue with this.