Sunday, January 17, 2016


I've been seeing Kim off and on now for the last three weeks. She's a lot easier to manage than Val was, Val wanted my time, was demanding in a romantic way. Val wanted a real relationship and expected all the trappings; meeting her mother, being taken out to dinner, flowers, and demands on my time. It was just too much to coordinate with Isabel's demands.

Kim is much more casual. We can get together for a spontaneous evening, spend some time at the beach or see a movie, and end up fucking. No problem. Heck, we squeezed a quicky in outside her parent's house one evening. OK, that sounds like she had taken me to meet her parents, which she did, but it wasn't like a big romance thing, more of just a casual drop by because we were in the neighborhood. And a fuck in the back seat in the street afterward.

That's what I like about Kim. She's sexy as hell, wild in bed, and very casual about it. I can fit her in well when Isabel isn't yanking my chain.

Isabel doesn't occupy all my time. I've realized now it's because she has other relationships with women. She wasn't kidding when she told me she was lesbian. Still, she demands that I be over at her place at least twice a week, and usually more like three and maybe four. She likes having me around and I like being around her.

I used to remove my pants when I entered her house, back when I was in chastity. Then I was out of chastity and there was no reason to remove my pants so she could inspect me so I was back to wearing clothes.

Except then she started asking that I go naked when working around the house because she likes my body and likes the way I look when working. I mean, that's actually kind of cool, I work out and am proud of my muscular body and it is cool she appreciates it.

Now, it is automatic. I am to remove my clothes on the doorstep before entering the house. I would say it is almost as if I am not allowed to be clothed around her, except we go out a lot and of course I am clothed then. She lives in the hills and her front entrance is secluded so you can't see it easily from the street, so I undress on the front porch, fold the clothes, then go in.


Yesterday I was over at her house in the evening. Her house is in the hills near the Hollywood sign, a high end neighborhood. There are movie stars that live a couple of blocks away, I think Rachel Bilson used to live near her. She has this fantastic balcony with a view, and likes to spend time on it. Of course, I am now naked all the time in her house, so if we go out there she is clothed and I am naked. Out in the open.

Fortunately, it is hard to see up onto the balcony. Some people can, but I guess no one has complained so far. It feels very weird, a little like I am an exhibitionist. Not just because I am naked out there, but because of some of the things she makes me do.

Isabel has a huge number of friends. She has to be the most popular person I know, in addition to being the most beautiful. Actually, maybe it is because she is the most beautiful. And the richest.

So yesterday we were on the balcony, She was sitting in a chair reading, and I was sitting on the floor at her feet. The doorbell rings and she tells me to answer it. Yes, I was naked, and yet I am expected to answer the door. I did so as discreetly as possible.

"Isabel, Christina and Lisa are here."

"Lisa! Christina! So glad to see you! Come to the patio and enjoy the sunset. Let me just put Marc away and I will be there."

Yeah.. um... Put Marc away.

You know what she did?

She locked me in a cage. Did I ever mention she has a cage? No, because I didn't know she did until she locked me in it. She has a cage.

She motioned for me to get up from the patio and follow her back to her bedroom. There, in the corner, was a cage. It's like a dog cage, except with heavier bars, spaced further apart. Heavy and solid, there is no way I was going to get out of it.

Opening the door she motioned me inside.

"Isabel, did you want me inside the cage?" Stupid question, I was stalling for time.

"Yes, Marc, just until my friends leave. I don't want you running around the house."

Just to be clear, at this point in our relationship Isabel has kneed me in the balls, hung me up by my wrists, caned my ass until it had welts, paraded me nude in front of her friends, kept me in a chastity device for 5 weeks, taken me to night clubs wearing a collar and leash multiple times, and made me fuck her using a dildo strapped into my mouth. I shouldn't have been surprised by anything she might do.

Still, it was a little hard to adapt to. Getting down on all fours and crawling into the cage. I mean, really? She just keeps pushing the limits.

Look, I've accepted my role as Isabel's bitch. She dominates me. She's a mean dominatrix and I am her submissive. I've read all about it, and I am accepting it. But that cage was like... wow. It really hit me hard.

I crawled in. She closed the door and locked it with a padlock, and before I could think of anything to say to protest she was out the bedroom door.

The cage was too small to be comfortable in. I couldn't stretch out in it, I couldn't stand up in it. She put a bowl of water out for me like a dog. The floor was a hard metal, cold and uncomfortable. I ended up curling up on the floor. There was nothing to do, nothing at all. Boring. Cramped.

Isabel left me in there for an entire evening. I was locked up like an errant pet while she spent time with her friends. Both of whom, I suspect, she is sleeping with.

I take it all because I want her, need her, and I actually get off on it. I admit that now. It's never happened this way before in my life, but it is happening now. Being abused by the most gorgeous woman in Hollywood is an incredible turn on for me.

When Christina was ready to go she apparently asked where I was. Isabel brought her in to see me in my cage. It was so humiliating; I like Christina and to be trapped there, naked, with my cock sticking up while those two women looked at me and laughed...

It's one thing obeying Isabel and letting her dominate me, it's another thing having her friends get in on the act and get kicks from laughing at my predicaments.

After Christina had gone and Isabel was out in the living room with Lisa, it got rather quiet. Then there were the noises of heavy breathing and some voices, barely audible from the bedroom. Then there was laughter, some giggling, as if someone was tickling Lisa. Then the voices were quiet and replaced with the sounds of exercise, exertion, and then moaning. Isabel can be rather vocal when she has an orgasm, and she was having one. She and Lisa were doing each other in the living room while I was caged in the bedroom.

I lay in that cage and masturbated I was so turned on. I spurted getting semen all over the bottom of the cage and couldn't clean it up with anything. Later that evening when Lisa had left she came back in to let me out, saw the puddle of semen and got mad. Said I was embarrassing. Told me she didn't ever want to find me masturbating in her house again, not without her giving explicit permission.

Then she grabbed my cock and jerked me off and made me spurt cum all over again, the puddle getting a little bigger. When she jerks me off it seems more like a punishment for some reason, as if she is exerting control over my body and making me spurt fluid for her amusement.

I'm always hard around her. It used to be sort of embarrassing, but now it's just accepted. I'm used to it. She likes to play with me, make me cum, but hardly ever actually fucks me. Me cumming is more like a curiosity to her, a power trip or a fun thing to do, like shooting guns at a target or going fast on the freeway.

Let's rub Marc's body and watch him grunt until he spurts out body fluid.

God, that was a hot evening. It sounds really, really stupid but I somehow enjoyed every minute of it.

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  1. I enjoy these weekly updates and I wish you'd respond when people message you. But I recognize that's prolly not gonna happen.

    Why do I get the feeling that Marc's gonna end up living in that cage?