Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Close Call

I can't believe what happened yesterday. I am either the luckiest man or the... uh, luckiest man on earth.

Since Isabel let me out of chastity I have been horny as anything. Just, absolutely dripping. My cock needed to get inside of something, anything.

Valerie is out of the question, though I've been flirting with her, and trying to get her to understand that I'm interested. She was pretty pissed off about being dumped, so I don't know if that will ever get turned around. Plus I don't know anything about this new guy she is seeing, whether she is really serious about him or not. She won't talk about him.

But Kim... Kim is this girl that works in the telephony division. I always see her in the halls walking by and we say hi and smile. She's tall, usually wears her hair in a pony tail, skinny, and pretty. I sat down with her at lunch in the cafeteria a few days ago and actually talked to her. She was with someone else I knew so it wasn't too awkward and we actually sort of hit it off.

Kim is a bit strange, she has some obsession with astrology and wants to save the whales. Valerie is way prettier, but Kim is cute and her body really is knockout. So I asked her out for lunch on Saturday, yesterday. That evening I was supposed to take Isabel out to a party in Venice, so lunch it was.

We went to a vegan restaurant, a place called Crossroads on Melrose, and it was actually pretty good. Thing was, Kim started flirting with me right away. Like, really intense. Touching my hand, adjusting her top so it was tight across her cleavage, stuff like that. I mean, that girl was hot and I was basking in her glow.

After lunch she said she lived nearby and her place has a view, would I like to see? Well, my cock was rock hard, it had been during the whole lunch, and I was totally into seeing her view. She lives in an apartment in Westwood. I followed her there in my car. She let me into the underground gated parking, and I went up the elevator with her to her place.

We entered her apartment and she asked if I wanted a drink.

"Sure, I'd love one. Maybe just a vodka rocks." I needed something strong, but something I could cover on my breath. I didn't want Isabel wondering what I had been doing drinking during the day.

As Kim fixed the drinks, I looked around. She had a nice one bedroom place, nothing fancy, and her view appeared to be of a parking lot. Huh.

"So, here's your drink," she said, handing me my glass and rubbing her body up against mine, not too discreetly.

"Thanks. Um... you said you have a view. Is that it?" I said, pointing to the parking lot.

She laughed. "No, dear. Let me show you the view."

At that she lifted her top and stripped it off, and then undid her bra. Her breasts slipped out of their restraint and I gawked. Yeah. It was a fantastic view.

"Yeah... that's... a good view..." I said in a husky voice. I downed the vodka in one swallow, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her deep. She reached down to my pants and began undoing them as we kissed, and we sort of danced as our hands started roaming over each other's bodies, pulling and tugging at clothes, all the while kissing and licking each other's necks and biting whatever we could.

We were naked in no time, and fell into the bed in the next room. She wrapped her legs around me, and began rubbing her pussy on my cock, not inserting me, just stimulating me. I reached down and felt her cunt, slipped one finger inside, and she rode my finger for a while.

She was wild, wanted me to stick a finger up her ass while I used two fingers to fuck her. I was dry humping her leg during this, and her boobs were bouncing and brushing my chest.

After a while she turned around and straddled my face, lowering her pussy onto me, and at the same time took my cock in her mouth. God, it felt like heaven to be inside a girl after sooooo long. I did my best lapping her, but I was so distracted by her oral skills I couldn't concentrate.

I came suddenly into her mouth. I had been trying to hold off, I wanted to fuck her, but it just came. She handled it well, sucking and swallowing as I jerked my hips up and moaned.

She thought that was it, and seemed a little disappointed, but I knew I had more in me, and we cuddled a bit and before long I was rock hard and ready to go. This time we fucked with her on top, riding me like a cowgirl while I shoved up into her cunt. She held my hands to stabilize her, and let me do most of the work underneath, thrusting up into her. I loved the position because I could see her body, her breasts, stomach, hips, legs, pussy where it was stretched around my cock. She screamed when she came, and the sound and feel of her made me cum inside of her. We collapsed on the sheets, rather sweaty and exhausted. The second cum was better than the first.

"Well, Marc. You are turning out to be a good lunch date..." Kim was smiling, her naked body laying next to me, leg over mine and pressing against my semi-hard cock. It was still dribbling a little.

I apologized later for not pulling out, but she said no problem she wore a Nuvaring that worked all the time, and bc wasn't an issue for her.

OK, so maybe because it had been so long since I had been inside a woman, having been trapped in chastity but snuggling with Kim got me hard again. She played with my cock and balls, and it felt good. This girl was wild. I was horny again.

This time I started out from behind. She lay flat but spread her legs just a little, and pushed her ass up and I shoved in and before long had a nice rhythm going. After a minute of laying on top of her, she says to me, "do me in the ass, Marc. I want to feel you in the ass."

Who was I to say no? I took my cock, edged it between her ass cheeks as she spread them wide for me, and pushed against her puckering anus. She knew how to relax, she had done this before, it was obvious. I pushed slowly but with increasing force, and popped in. It was tight... omg, it was tight and good, and I slowly began to push in and out faster and deeper as she relaxed and took me in. She lay on her stomach, hand under her, masturbating her clit while I fucked her ass.

I came a third time. That's happened a few times in my life, fucking a girl and coming three times in one session, but... not often. My balls ached a little afterward. I don't know whether it was from demanding more sperm from them or because I had been smashing them against her ass as I slammed into her. We were going at it hard.

When we were done I lay on top of her a while, and then took a shower. My cock needed a cleaning after that. It was sore. I bet she was sore too.

While I was still there and naked, I got a call on my mobile phone. Isabel. I thought about not taking it for a second but then realized it wouldn't go over well and I would pay a price, so I answered.

"Marc, where are you?"

Uhoh. Think fast.

"I'm at Pep Boys, getting some stuff for an oil change. How's it going, Isabel?"

"It's fine. I want you to take me to an early dinner before the party. Can you get here by 5?"

It was 3:30, and I had to go home and change, but I could do it. "Sure. I will be there."

"Cool. It's been a hard week and I'm looking forward to some down time. Don't disappoint me."

"No problem, Bel. Tonight will be great." I hung up.

Kim was looking at me strange.

"Who was that?"

"Oh..." think fast... "my sister. We are going to a family party tonight and was reminding me."

Kim looked dubious, but shrugged it off. I dressed and kissed Kim deep before I left and told her I would call her later. She isn't as gorgeous as either Isabel or Valerie, but fuck... she's a slut and is fun in bed. No burning bridges.

I went home and changed, and got over to Isabel's. She answered the door wearing her yoga outfit she wears when she does some weird Chinese ritual exercise thing. It's weird, but holy crap it shows off her body. I don't have to take off my pants for inspection any more, now I am out of chastity.

Isabel greeted me with a kiss and immediately said, "You smell different."

It was like ice water had been dumped on me. "Uh, what do you mean?"

"A different shampoo I think. Or soap. Shampoo, probably."

"Oh. Well, yes." Think fast, again. What brand did Kim use? "I got some while I was out, I dropped by the store on the way back from Pep Boys. It's like, Biolage something..."

I couldn't remember the name!

"Really. That's a woman's shampoo. You used to use Crew or Aussie."

Fuck, I was getting caught. "Well, it was right out in front, I was in a rush to get here on time. I didn't want to disappoint you. You know men don't care what shampoo they use!"

That sounded good, and she seemed to accept it. We went in and sat down on the couch. Isabel sat very close to me, and seemed very affectionate. Usually she has me doing something around her house; fixing dinner, drinks, cleaning up, doing her nails, or whatever. This time we just sat and talked a bit and I got the impression she was flirting, or sort of being... sexual.

Which is why it didn't totally surprise me when she said, "I want to fuck, Marc. I want you inside me."

It was only a big surprise, not a total one. She then kissed me hard, and her hand went to my pants and undid them. Her hand went inside and slid over my cock. She stopped for a moment.

"Mark, you are soft. What's going on? You are always hard as a rock around me. It's embarrassing how hard you are around me. Now, I want you to fuck and you are a limp dishrag?"

"Jeeze, Isabel. Let me warm up a bit. A guy can't stay hard all the time."

"Around me they do! I don't like this. Shit." And she shoved me back on the couch, pulled my pants off and took my cock in her mouth.

I knew exactly why I was limp. I had already fucked the living daylights out of Kim just a couple of hours earlier, and it isn't easy to recover from coming three times in a row. But I had to try. Isabel sucked me, and my cock did rise to the occasion.

Isabel likes rough sex, but she likes to be the one dishing out the rough. As she was sucking me she scraped her razor sharp nails down the inside of my thighs, leaving bright red lines. Then she squeeze my balls, her favorite past time. The pain actually helped me get hard; for some reason being hurt by Isabel gets me going sexually.

When she was satisfied with how hard I was, Isabel climbed off me and got something from a side table. It slipped over my head easily. A blindfold. I couldn't see anything, just feel Isabel's body as it moved around on top of me. The blindfold increased the sense of being dominated by her; she was controlling the sex, not I. I was being used for her pleasure. She added handcuffs, clicking them into place over my wrists, behind my back. She was in charge, and would do with me as she willed. That totally gets me off.

Isabel straddled me once again, took my cock in her hand and pressed it against her wetness. She sank down on it easily, lubed and ready. I slid in and she rode me, controlling every movement I made with her hips and hands. Her hands went around my throat. They didn't choke me but her fingers expertly found my carotid and squeezed, slowing the blood flow. Wow. My head started to pound and I got dizzy. Just as I was seeing spots and thought I might pass out she let up and blood flooded back.

Isabel was approaching orgasm. As her eyes glazed over and she increased the speed of her hip motion, she reached her hand out and slapped me, hard. The side of my face burned.

"Fuck me, Marc. Use the pain and fuck me."

I did. She slapped me again, and again, and I used the hurt and my anger and focused it into my hips and cock and fucked her like I had never fucked anyone. She squeezed again, choking off my air. I felt my cock grow harder, straining as she squeezed hard, a weird sensation, combined with the loss of blood and my lungs trying to draw air.

It was as if as my neck was squeezed, air cut off, the blood pressure in my body peaked and caused my cock to grow and pulse even harder. It became super sensitive to Isabel's vaginal flesh, and the sensations flooded my mind with the panic of not breathing.

Isabel came, loudly. Isabel never does anything halfway, and she moaned and shuddered and cried out as her cunt spasmed around my cock.

I, however, did not come. Isabel let up on my neck and I gasped, breathing sweet air. I think she only choked me off for 15 or 20 seconds, but it was enough to have a profound impact on me and get me squirming and afraid.

But Isabel was still on top of me, and I was still inside her, and my cock was the hardest it had ever been. I needed to come. I needed to ejaculate inside her. I desperately wanted that. It was a primal, animal urge to spurt my seed inside my woman.

However, getting enough semen going to ejaculate was tough. So I kept going. My cock was raw and hurting from so much fucking, but I couldn't stop. I began concentrating on feeling Isabel's cunt surrounding my cock, the texture of her flesh, the strong thighs that gripped me as she responded to my thrusts. It felt good; it felt incredibly good. Isabel's body writhed on top of me. She wanted to keep going as well; so we worked together.

As Isabel approached orgasm once again her hands wrapped around my neck and squeezed, harder this time, and my eyes felt like they would bug out underneath the blindfold. The blindfold helped me concentrate on the physical sensations of my cock, Isabel's cunt, and the blood draining from my brain.

And I came. A sudden flood of pleasure took hold of me and I jerked underneath her body, pumping, pushing, contracting, ejecting my liquid inside her. I couldn't breathe but I came, pleasure / pain flooding every once of my being. As the last of my semen left my cock I lost consciousness.

It only lasted a few seconds. When I came to Isabel was slowly raising herself and letting my cock slip out of her. I lay there and panted, unable to see anything that was going on. The blindfold was removed and I saw Isabel's naked body, shining from the sweat of exertion. She had a smile on her face.

"I should strangle you during sex from now on. It really made a difference, your cock felt harder and you worked harder at fucking. As if your life depended on it. Which it did, I suppose."

I couldn't absorb what she was saying, though my heart rate was still slowing down, getting back to normal.

"Fuck... Isabel..." I managed. "I lost it there for a moment. I mean, I blacked out."

"Good for you! It was right when you came, wasn't it? We used to do that in Intermediate School, I think back when I was 13 or 14."

"What... play that game where you choked each other out on the playground? I remember that. They got really pissed at that. The teachers. Said it wasn't healthy."

"Yes, that was it, but we did it during sex, not on the playground, and the teachers never knew. I suppose it isn't healthy."

"Can I get these cuffs off?"

"I need to take a shower and get ready for dinner. I hope you made reservations."

"oh... fuck... no, I didn't realize... "

Isabel looked at me as if she had just discovered a turd on a plate in her refrigerator. "You stupid... I called you and told you we were going out! And you weren't even competent enough to make a reservation? You pathetic dog. Keep those damn cuffs on while I get ready and think about what a useless bitch you are."

She stormed off. I lay on the couch wondering how I could have been so stupid. She was right. I was a useless bitch.

We went to dinner, and I had to tip a hostess $50 to get us a decent table. The whole evening cost me over $500. The party was fun, though Isabel treated me badly during the whole thing.

Still, sitting here now, remembering the day yesterday, I can't help but think I am the luckiest guy. I got away with an incredible afternoon of sex with Kim, covered successfully from Isabel finding out, and then actually got to fuck Isabel. Her being mad at me about the reservations was deserved I suppose, though I am not a useless bitch as I thought while I was laying naked on Isabel's couch.

She's always angry at me about something. I just try to keep it down to a minimum.

And I was just thinking, did she actually say she was having sex at 13? Or did I imagine that?

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