Thursday, December 10, 2015

Stepping Across the Threshold

Something I wrote last time really has bugged me a lot, gotten under my skin and made me realize something.

Isabel has been slowly taking control of me, demanding things, and I have been yielding the control to her. It's been my decision all along. Each step of the way. Maybe she is so hot, so erotic, that my cock has led me into this. Maybe it is that I actually want and like her having control.

She established herself in control from our very first encounter. Her control over when I saw her, under what circumstances, our first date, everything was just a series of tests to see how much she could demand from me.

The first big threshold I crossed was when she kneed me in the balls, and I took it, and even cleaned up my vomit the next day. I let her get away with it, and that really showed her what she could get away with.

The second really big threshold was when I allowed her to put me in chastity. Yes, she locked it on when I was tied up, but if I had really wanted to I could have gotten it off. Bolt cutters, a hack saw, I even bet I could have used soap and squeezed my balls through. It would have hurt, but I would have been free. The point is, I didn't. I made the decision to let her control me, to dominate me and my life. She forced me to break up with Val, and I let it happen.

The third time I think I allowed her to dominate me was when she showed me off naked in front of her friends. It didn't seem like that much at the time, but she demanded that I strut around naked in front of her two girlfriends and show off my cock and let them laugh at me and treat me like a toy, a thing.  Six months ago I wouldn't have even been naked cleaning her floors, much less allow some woman to show me off to her friends like a dog.

And this last event. Taking my ex girlfriend and flaunting it in front of me, while I was tied up and helpless. Yeah, I couldn't get down from the hook I was hanging from, but I could have slapped the bitch and walked out afterward. Instead of doing what any other guy would have done I got down on my hands and knees and begged her to keep me.

It really makes me wonder what she has done to me. Whether this was something I had inside me all along, or if she has manipulated me into all of this. It feels terrible. It's impacting my life, my work. This is serious. And yet, even now, thinking about her and all she has put me through I relive it all and my penis is enlarged, pulsing, throbbing, desiring release. I don't want to be free, and I guess I have shown I am willing to be her pet boy.

Still, I need a fuck. A good one. And I know just the person. I am going to call Kim right now.

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  1. That might be a mistake to call Kim. Isabel may find out!