Monday, April 18, 2016

Settling Into a Routine

Mistress keeps me in chastity often now. She says I've been masturbating too much, and it's disgusting. She doesn't like my sperm and has decided the only time I am allowed to ejaculate is under controlled situations when she controls how the sperm comes out.

The chastity device she uses now is extremely tight and hurts, and it won't come off at all without her unlocking the padlock.

Mistress has been kind enough to allow me to relieve my sperm buildup though. She knows how to prostate milk me, which expels my sperm without the need for an orgasm.

This procedure takes place once every three days, at 8:00 PM. She has me kneel on hands and knees, with a plate or bowl beneath me, between my legs. She will check the chastity device to make sure it is tight, and then puts on some surgical gloves.

She isn't very gentle about it. I wish she would use lube, it would make it easier, but she just jams two fingers inside my ass. It hurts, and I usually grunt a little in pain until she is all the way inside and begins rubbing the bottom side of my rectal wall, deep inside me. She pushes hard,  feeling for my prostate and then rubbing back and forth, massaging it.

When she first started doing this a few weeks ago she would also stroke my constantly hard cock. With both my cock being stroked and the prostate massage going, I would usually spurt cum within a minute or two. Slowly, she continued the procedure, day after day, removing some of the penis stimulation each time.

Now, she doesn't need to touch my penis at all; the strong prostate massage is enough. After a few minutes of massaging, the white sticky fluid seeps out of my cock and onto the plate or cup beneath me. It isn't an orgasm, it feels sort of strange and maybe a little good, but it really isn't a true cum at all.

If I miss the cup beneath me, she will then cane me. I do my best, but if it is a cup instead of a plate, my semen sometimes ends up on the floor below. In that case she gets a good sturdy bamboo cane, and strikes my ass several times, hard.  The cane cuts into the flesh, and I cry out, screaming when she hits me. She likes that, she says my screams are "slave song".

Sometimes the cane will hit my balls when she canes me and that is enough pain to knock me down.

Even though I am in chastity, mistress demands that I service her sexually. This can be done in several ways. Sometimes she has me wear the mouth dildo and fuck her with that. I am never allowed to touch her when using the mouth dildo. If I touch her with any part of my body, I am severely punished.

Sometimes she puts the strapon on me, and I will fuck her that way; in that case I can't help but touch her, my hips always push into hers. Of course, I am still locked in chastity during this service and there is no pleasure for me.

If mistress is especially generous, she will allow me to suck and lick her. This is a special treat, because I get to touch her and taste her.

Mistress has cut back on the number of household items I am to do. I don't cook or clean as much. Mistress says I am incompetent to do much, and I am considered too low for human work and am treated more like an animal, or pet. Except people don't punish their pets and I am punished regularly. In fact, I am punished daily.

There is a regular, daily punishment time for me.

It's usually about 7:00 PM, after she's come home from work and had dinner. The punishment is different every day, though. Some punishments are worse than others, and I suppose what kind I get depends on how bad I have been, how disgusted she is with me that day, and how much energy she has.

One night when she didn't really feel like spending time to punish me so she just put my balls in a vice. I stood over the vice and she held the balls in place and then tightened the vice. It hurt horribly and made me cry out which made Mistress happy.

After she tightened the vice a ways, my balls squished out of the bottom so it was only my scrotum getting smashed. It still hurt horribly, especially when she just left me like that, standing there with my balls in the vice, unable to move.

She let me out before she went to bed and I thanked her very much for her kindness.

I thank Mistress for punishing me. It makes my life simpler, and I know when I am suffering that she is enjoying it and that I am fulfilling my role successfully.

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