Monday, June 20, 2016

Being Replaced

Mistress is thinking of selling me.

She told me this. She has done with me. I have served my purpose, and have no purpose for her any more. This hurts me to the bottom of my soul. I have given myself to her. I gave up my job, my friends, my family, my car, my house... everything. My entire life is now hers.

And she is going to sell me, cast me aside like a used car.

I know what is happening. For the last few weeks she has been seeing a man named Scott. Mistress locks me in the basement when he comes over, but I know what is happening. Sometimes I can even hear them.

They have sex in her bedroom, or in the living room. Or the kitchen, or balcony, in public view. He comes over and cooks for her, and takes her out where ever she wants to go. Their relationship is passionate, though I am sure she is demanding and unforgiving. She uses her money, looks, sensuality, and body to entice and control Scott.

It is just like me, when I first started seeing Isabel.

I've been there when she calls Scott, and I hear what she says to him. She schedules his time, demands his attention, directs him to take her places. She instructs him what to wear. It all sounds like she is simply a strong, opinionated woman that is dating a man, but I know. I've been there. I know what is happening.

She is grooming him, this new man. Slowly making him more and more submissive to her. Just like she did with me.

I have not seen Scott, but I have heard the two of them fucking in her bedroom. She is demanding of him, and he loves it.

It is too late for me. I have lost everything and am now nothing, have nothing. I listen to them fucking, and remember when Isabel and I first started dating. When she used to let me inside her.

There have been several women over in recent days to look at me. I don't know if they are bidding for me, or if there is a set price, but I know they are evaluating me for potential purchase.

It will kill me to leave Mistress.

The woman look me over. Mistress has a stand she uses for the examination. It is simple, it is a post that sticks up to about my waist and has a clamp at the top. She places my pain sack in this clamp and secures me there. I am forced to stand in one place while the women look at me. The stand is high enough I must stand on my tip-toes or have it pull painfully on my testicles. My legs are also locked into place at the bottom of the stand.

The last time I was put on display, I was clamped to the stand in reverse position; my balls pulled up between my legs. This position was incredibly painful; I think the woman who was there to examine me wanted to see me in pain. I hope she is not the one who buys me.

When one of the women is truly interested in me, Mistress releases me from the stand and the woman will try me out. Sometimes they will torture me to see how I react. Sometimes they make me perform household duties. One woman put me through paces where she required that I perform disgusting acts to prove my obedience. I drank piss, licked the toilet, urinated on myself, masturbated into a glass and then drank it.

The worst part-- I was instructed to nail my testicles, my pain balls, to a board to show my obedience skills. This was very hard. The nails were not large and were sharp so they went through my flesh easily. Still, it hurt horribly, and when I had finished hammering I had attached myself, nailed myself to a board.

This pleased Mistress and the buyer, but my tears from the pain pleased them most of all.

I think having me nail myself to the board was the worst part. I was instructed to hurt myself, and I did it.

Of course, removing the nails hurt as badly or worse.

This woman, the one that made me nail myself, seems interested in me. She might buy me. I am afraid. She is a good looking woman in her mid 30s, but has a very strict, uncompromising attitude. Being her slave would be difficult, even though Mistress has trained me well.

Scott is coming over tonight and I will have to listen to Isabel, my Mistress, fucking him again.

Listening to it makes me remember the time when I shared Isabel's bed; when I was inside her.

How naive he is.

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