Thursday, April 28, 2016

Half A Man

Mistress Isabel
I met someone that has gone lower than me yesterday.

Mistress had me in a new predicament bondage posture, one she was enjoying tremendously, but was causing me quite a bit of pain.

There was a noose around my neck, quite tight, tight enough to cut off circulation and make it hard to breathe if I pulled on it. I didn't have to pull on it, fortunately, so I was still alive.

The problem was, that there was a very heavy weight tied to my testicles. My pain sack, as Mistress likes to call it.

If I lowered myself enough to rest the weight on the ground, it pulled the noose tight and I literally could not breathe.

If I raised myself up so I had some slack on the noose and could get some air, the weight dangled from my testicles.

She had placed me in this position in the living room, and I had been there for about an hour. The pain in my testicles was growing, because most of the time I tried to keep up and relieve the pressure on my neck. After all, breathing was more important than ball pain. I still moved up and down on occasion, and she delighted in watching me struggle with the alternatives as I crouched before her.

The doorbell rang. It was someone Mistress was expecting. She let them in.

It was a friend of Mistress's, a woman named Victoria. She's a bit older than Mistress and rather stern. Mistress can be very cruel and serious at times, but her beautiful face is one of calm contentment. Victoria seems to always be a bit annoyed. She's beautiful, and yesterday was wearing tight jeans and a nice tight fitting knit top.

Victoria had a slave with her.

I had never seen or met another slave before. I know I am a slave, I belong to Mistress. Victoria brought her own slave over. He crawled in from outside. His hands and knees appeared to be calloused, so it was obvious Mistress Victoria always kept him crawling. (I am allowed to stand and walk much of the time).

This slave was a handsome man. Or at least, he had been a man at one time. At first I didn't believe it; I had to keep looking to make sure. It wasn't until he lifted up from all fours to simply kneeling on his knees that I saw clearly.

He had no penis.

Mistress Victoria had performed a penectomy on this slave. His name was Peter, at least that is what they called him. Peter had testicles, his pain sack. But no penis. I was shocked. Mistress Isabel has told me she is considering removing my penis, because it serves no purpose any more. Seeing Peter just made it very real, the possibility that I might become like him.

Peter didn't speak while we were there. He knelt quietly, and served his Mistress once or twice. I remained off to the side, struggling with the weight and the noose, rising up and down, trading testicle pain for choking strangulation. Back and forth.

Victoria and Mistress observed me and chatted for a while, and then Mistress said something about me to Victoria.

"He has't had an orgasm in quite some time. Does Peter service others?"

Victoria waved her slaved away, as if it was nothing. "Of course. He does whatever I wish at all times. Completely obedient. Why, do you wish to give Marc a treat?"

"I was thinking of it. It might be interesting to see them mating like dogs."

"Sure," said Victoria.

"Peter! Hands and knees, assume the acceptance position there, middle of the floor."

Peter immediately went to his hands and knees and crawled on all fours to the middle of the room. He spread his legs slightly so his scrotum dangled below, easily visible.

Mistress untied my noose. I took a long deep breath. "Thank you Mistress."

She then untied my pain sack from the weight and undid the handcuffs from behind my back. I was free and mobile, an increasingly rare thing in Mistress's household.

The two women sat on the sofa that looked out toward the glass wall with the canyon view. Mistress then instructed me.

"Mount him, and fuck him in the ass."

I was puzzled, then dismayed. So far, the only time Mistress had forced me to service a man was when she was having a threesome with myself and her stud, Jace. I had sucked him off, and taken his load in my mouth, and on the face. It was humiliating and awful, and I hated it.

Now Mistress wanted me to fuck another man? In his asshole? I am not gay, it disgusts me to even think about having sex with another man. I hesitated.

Hesitating was a mistake. Mistress grabbed me and dragged me over to a table, bent me over and whipped my ass. Oh... it hurt so bad. I thought she was shredding the flesh, it burned so badly. In no time I was sobbing, but she kept going.

You see, I had embarrassed her in front of her friend. I had hesitated and shown I was not as obedient as Victoria's slave. For this, I was to be punished severely, and it wouldn't stop with the whipping. She had continuing punishment later that night, after Victoria had left.

But for then, it was a severe ass whipping. She made sure my pain sack was exposed between my legs, and some of the strikes hit my testicles, as well. I moaned and screamed in pain as she worked on me.

Finally, she repeated the order. Mistress Victoria had enjoyed watching my punishment and was smiling as I crawled on all fours to Peter, who remained where he had been told while I was punished.

"Sniff his ass, like a dog and he is your bitch," demanded Mistress.

I pushed my nose into his ass and smelled him. He smelled like sweat and shit. My cock hung rock hard between my legs.

"Mount him like a dog," Mistress commanded.

I crawled behind Peter and moved up on top of him from behind, like I had seen dogs do.

"Enter him!"

My cock was rock hard, it always is, and I pointed it at Peter's flexing, puckering sphincter. I shuddered at the thought, but my ass was still on fire and dared not hesitate.

Putting my cock against his anus I felt it contract momentarily, sliding across the very tip of my cock and stimulating it. The next moment he relaxed, and I pushed.

In spite of the fact that Peter was actually trained at accepting cock up the ass, it was difficult for me to get in at first. I had to push hard, and all of a sudden my head made it past his sphincter. When it did, he grunted slightly, but didn't move.

I lay my body down a little, so my stomach was on his lower back. I pushed harder. His ass was soooo tight. I had ass fucked women before, so I was used to the sensation, and it felt the same. Except this was a guy. I was being forced to do a guy.

Pushing harder I got my cock further in, and then slid out a bit.

"Pump. In and out, fuck him," demanded Mistress.

I did my best. As I moved back and forth it became easier, and my cock went in deep. Very deep. Peter grunted again. Mistress struck my ass with her whip.

"Fuck the bitch, fuck it harder!" She demanded.

I did. I started moving my cock in and out, ramming it home inside of Peter, who simply knelt on all fours and took it.

It didn't take long. I hadn't had an orgasm in several weeks, and in spite of the fact that Mistress milks my prostate every few days, I was ready to shoot a load. I shuddered, moaned and cried out as my cock contracted and spurt semen inside Peter's ass.

When it was over, I sort of collapsed on Peter's back, my cock still inside.

"Stick it in his mouth, he isn't done servicing you," said Victoria. She is a truly cruel mistress.

"Do it," said Mistress.

I withdrew from Peter's ass and moved around to where his face hung, looking at the floor. I presented my cock to him. I noticed that it had some brown smears on it from shit that had been up his rectum. I knew better than to question the order, and presented my cock to him.

He took it in his mouth, making a face. I could tell he didn't like this any more than I did, and that he hated taking my cock straight from his ass.

But he sucked my cock like an expert, without hesitating. I let him do it. When it came time, and my semen started building, ready to spurt, I arched my back a little and took his head in my hands, working him, using him, fucking his mouth.

I came inside him again, on the other end. He swallowed quickly.

Mistress came over with her whip and separated us. "You disgusting dogs. Did you like your bitch, Marc? Would you like to fuck your bitch again sometime?"

I bowed my head and answered, "Yes Mistress."

"You know, I removed my slave's cock some time ago but yours still has his. It might be fun to play with it a bit," Mistress Victoria was suggesting to Mistress Isabel. I had no idea what she meant but given this was coming from a Mistress that had cut off her slaves cock... I was scared.

"Have you ever sounded your slave?" Mistress Victoria asked.

"No, I haven't. I know what it is, of course, but never thought about it."

"Shall we give it a shot?"

"Let's," said Mistress. I was ordered over to the couch where I was laid on my back, exposing my genitals, still wet from having had forced homosexual sex with Peter.

Victoria removed a small leatherette case that she unzipped. Inside were a number of instruments, some of which I recognized as being used for torture, others I did not recognize. She removed two long metal rods of different lengths and thicknesses.

I whimpered seeing them, knowing what was going to happen. I closed my eyes as Mistress took hold of my hardened cock. Victoria explained what she was doing.

"I'm going to use just a bit of lube on this. You don't actually have to use lube, the inside of the urethra is generally smooth and offers little resistance to a smooth metal surface such as these sounds. However, it can help a bit and since it is his first time being probed..."

I felt something pressing against the tip of my penis. I turned my head away. I didn't want to look. Peter was still on all fours where they had left him. Some of my cum had leaked out of his asshole and was trickling down his leg. I shut my eyes again.

A gentle pressure and the metal rod pushed inside my cock. I gasped, not so much in pain as in shock. I had never had this happen.

"If you train your slave with a sound, it can make it easier to catheterize them later," said Victoria as she began wriggling and pushing the rod deeper inside. I was whimpering.

"Do you need a gag, Marc?" asked Mistress.

"No thank you Mistress," I replied. I would want a gag if it hurt badly, but so far it was just uncomfortable and really, really strange.

Victoria kept pushing the metal rod deeper and deeper. I thought she was going to poke through into my intestines or something, and it began to hurt. I whimpered, rolled around a bit and made some noise because it was hurting. Mistress laughed, and I could understand them discussing that the probe was a long one, going deep.

It did, too. All of a sudden I felt as if it had pierced something inside me and I yelp, jerking my hips up, which was a mistake because it rammed the sound even deeper. Liquid came bubbling out of my cock, oozing out from around the sound. It was urine.

Victoria had pushed the long, thin sound all the way to my bladder, and forced it in there.

I was gasping, panting from the sensations and the discomfort.

Victoria pulled it out, slowly, carefully, and the small knob on the end dragged on the inside of my urethra, creating pain and weird sensations that made me cry out even more.

When it finally came out all the way, I sighed in relief. It was over.

Except it wasn't, of course, Mistress wanted to get into the action and she selected a shorter but much thicker sound. This she inserted without being very gentle, ramming it in and making me cry out immediately. She laughed and was enjoying herself as the thick rod distended my cock.

My cock was erect and hard of course, and when the sound was inside all the way, Mistress began fucking my cock with it. That's really the only way I can describe it; she pulled it in and out, pushing deep, pulling out, as if my urethra was a vagina and her sound was a cock.

I clenched my teeth and endured. That's really all I can do these days, endure.

Finally, it really was done. Mistress Victoria packed up her stuff, took her slave and left, and Mistress put me in the storage box in the basement, covered me over with the wood plank and carpet.

I lay in the box thinking about that night and how good Mistress is to me. I noticed that Peter did not speak once during the entire evening; my Mistress allows me to speak sometimes. Peter did not have a cock, my Mistress allows me to keep mine. I had several orgasms that evening, a treat my Mistress allows at times.

And finally, my Mistress is a goddess; she is the most beautiful woman in the world. If she wants to fuck my cock with a metal rod, nothing gives me greater pleasure.

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