Saturday, May 21, 2016

Painful Chastity

Mistress has fitted me with a new kind of chastity device.

The chastity devices she has used so far are tubes or sheaths that go over my cock and don't let it grow big; they also cover it and prevent anything from touching it to stimulate it. They are locked on with a ring around my testicles, clamped quite tightly and locked in place.

This time she presented me with something different, something much more insidious.

"Marc, I am going to put this new device on you. It doesn't prevent you from having an erection or masturbating or even ejaculating if you want," Mistress said as she took off my old device.

It always feels good when she removed my chastity cage; the fresh air flowing over my bare skin, the feeling of freedom.

Immediately she took a short hinged metal tube and closed it around my cock. Inside the tube were spikes.  Lots of them. Sharp ones, tiny sharp teeth that dug into my flesh as soon as she closed the hinge. The teeth embedded themselves in my cock immediately, even though I didn't have an erection, and hurt.

"Mistress, owwww please, no, Mistress please use the old one!" I was begging because my cock was already growing because of her handling me, and the spikes were digging into the skin of my cock.

"I think we should use this one for a while," said Mistress. "You can have your erection if you wish, it is just going to hurt. The bigger you are, the deeper it will pierce your flesh, the more it will hurt. Hopefully you will be trained that an erection causes pain, and eventually I may not even have to apply this. You just won't have erections any more."

So she was training me to never have a hard cock. This was better than cutting off my cock, which she had said she might do. Still, it was painful. I couldn't help it, my cock kept expanding and the spikes were digging in.

"Try taking it off," Mistress said.

I pulled on it slightly, but the needle like spikes were embedded in my flesh. I couldn't slide it off without shredding my cock into bloody threads.

"I... can't, Mistress! Please unlock it!"

"Nope. We will try this for a while."

Mistress tied my hands up above my head and pulled me up. She stripped down to almost nothing, showing me her gorgeous, hard, beautiful body. I closed my eyes, trying not to look, but Mistress took out a whip and began lashing me. The lashes themselves caused my cock to grow hard, as well, and I opened my eyes when I screamed, and saw her perfect flesh, bouncing slightly, and with a slight wet sheen of sweat from her exertion whipping me.

Pain and pleasure. My Mistress, just out of reach. My cock, throbbing in pain. My body tortured with the lash.

Later that evening my erection subsided, and the spikes eased out of the holes in my cock. Blood trickled down from the wounds. It was still too tight to remove.

I am learning, slowly learning to control my erections now. It is really difficult, especially when Mistress Isabel walks around me with no clothes on, and even masturbates in front of me. She rubs her clit, taking the moisture from her cunt and smearing it on her hardened nipples as I watch and my cock grows harder, the pain becoming more intense.

Eventually, she slid two fingers inside herself, rubbing her thumb on her clit, pushing in and out until she arched her back and cries out in pleasure.

I watched, my cock throbbing in pain from the sight of my Mistress's pleasure.

Later, Mistress licked me, touching my cock and making it grow, just because she wanted to hear my cry out.

This is how it should be. Mistress's pleasure, my pain.

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