Saturday, February 27, 2016

On Display

Friday night Isabel had a small party.

It was some of her friends; all women of course. Some from her work, and some from her circle of lesbian friends, maybe 10 in all.

My sister Diane was there.

I was there, caged in the bedroom, kept out of the way while she had her guests over. She is putting me in the cage more and more these days, whenever she is expecting someone. It's terrible. humiliating, cramped, and I can hear her having fun and playing around, sometimes even having sex with her girlfriends.

This time, she let me out. It was about 9PM, and she came in and unlocked the cage door. I was naked, of course.

"Come out and say hi to the group, Marc."

I stood, holding my hands over my genitals instinctively.

"Isabel, Diane is out there. She's my sister."

"So what Marc? She's seen you naked before, I am sure. Come out and say hi. Don't make me use the riding crop to encourage you."

She has a riding crop, which always seemed rather silly to me until I felt it sting on my ass. It doesn't do any damage but imagine someone snapping you with a rubber band. It is a sudden shock and does hurt. Bel has been using the riding crop more and more to encourage me to move faster when she has ordered me to do something.

"Please, Isabel, don't make me go out there. Not with Diane."

Isabel took the crop from the table and snapped it against my ass. I yelped and jumped and went out of the room, down the hall and into the living room where the women were gathered.

As usual, I had an erection, my cock was standing straight out in a hard salute.

"Stand over here, Marc, so we can all get a look at you," Isabel pointed to a place in the center of the room where I would be encircled by the girls. I walked over and stood, embarrassed to be paraded like this. At first I tried to cover myself, but Isabel slapped my ass with her crop and told me to put my hands down.

The girls laughed. They laughed at my cock, my nakedness, my humiliation. I think really they were laughing at the fact I was obeying Isabel, that I was completely and totally pussy whipped. The fact I was standing there, letting them do this to me, was amusing them.

"He's erect," said Charlotte, pointing at my cock.

"He's always hard," Isabel commented, taking hold of my cock and moving it around so all could see.

"His ballsack is hanging low," another girl I didn't recognize commented.

"I like his ass," said Val, who was sitting in the back. She's my ex-girlfriend, turned sometime-lover of my new girlfriend, who was now humiliating me in front of my ex-girlfriend.

"If he's hard all the time, does he spit out semen all the time too?" Said another of the girls, Sarah I think.

"Well, let's find out, shall we?" Said Isabel. "Want to take bets? I will jerk him, and you all can bet on how long it takes him."

"Five minutes!" Shouted Val. She had an edge, she had fucked me and given me hand jobs before, and had some idea of what it takes.

"Nah. 10 minutes. He was slow in school." That was Diane... my sister. My sister was there, betting how long it would take for me to reach orgasm while my girlfriend jacked me off. My cock almost shriveled in embarrassment. Almost.

"You can't bet," Val warned Isabel. "You are the one with your hand on the throttle."

Everyone laughed at that. I think I was flushing bright red.

Most of the girls placed bets, and then Isabel checked her watch and started stroking me.

The humiliation of being masturbated publicly, in front of all these girls, slowed me down a lot. If I had been laying on the bed alone with Bel, lubed, with her working on me, it might have taken just 3 minutes or less. As it was, I was standing in her living room, with cheering girls shouting and yelling at me, trying to get me to cum faster, or slow down, or whatever.

Isabel spent time on my shaft, then moved to my head that was incredibly sensitive. I gasped at the sensation, keenly aware that my sister was watching me but unable to control the sensations. Isabel's thumb went just below the head of my cock, to that sensitive area I love so much and started gently sliding up and down on it. I closed my eyes, hoping to shut out the audience that was watching my involuntary reactions.

It didn't work. I opened my eyes and they were there, watching, especially my sister Diane. She sat quietly, a look of disgust on her face but I couldn't help it. Isabel was making me cum, she was using her fingers expertly to stimulate me in the most amazing ways.

Cindy stood up and dropped her top, exposing her boobs for me to see, in an effort to get me to cum faster. The other girls yelled at her to stop cheating. Isabel was continuing to stroke and even sucked me a little, pushing me to cum. My hips were rocking and she matched her strokes to my own motion and eventually I moaned and let fly with a giant wad of semen that squirted across the room several feet.

Some of it landed on Diane, the rest was on the floor and all over Isabel's hand.

The crowd of girls cheered as I grunted, feeling the amazing climax all through my body, pushing and trying to get every bit of cum out of my body, urged on by Isabel. When I had finally expended myself completely I hung my head in shame, and Isabel patted my ass before holding her hand up to my face.

"Clean up the mess you made," she said.

And with that, I licked her fingers clean of my cum, licking the slimy liquid from her skin. I then got on the floor, hands and knees, and licked the cum up from there. I don't like the taste of my own cum, but that wasn't the first time I had eaten it.

"Clean up Diane, too, Marc." Isabel commanded.

My cock was hard again already, dangling between my legs as I crawled over to my sister and started licking her leg, taking the semen off with my tongue. I wasn't sure whether I felt like a dog or an incestuous pig.

I thought I was going to die. I had no idea how Diane was going to take it, that I was doing this, submitting to Isabel like this, even in front of her. I was actually licking my sister, cleaning up my semen from her leg where it had splattered.

"You are dead to me, Marc." She said as I licked. "You aren't the brother I grew up with. You are some disgusting little worm that has allowed himself to be mentally castrated by a woman stronger than yourself."

It was the truth that hurt the most. I finished cleaning her up, and then crawled out of the living room, back to my cage. I didn't even have to be told. I didn't even think about it. I just did it. My cage was where I was supposed to be, and it felt comfortable.

Isabel came in later and locked the padlock. I slept in the cage that night. Sunday morning Isabel let me out, made me clean my cage, and then had me take her out to brunch at a very nice hotel on the beach. I paid, which was painful because I don't have a job any more, but haven't told Isabel that.

Thinking back on that weekend, what amazes me is how easily, how automatically I simply went along with it all.

I just accepted who I was. A mentally castrated weakling worm.

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