Friday, May 6, 2016


Mistress Isabel
Mistress took a vacation.

Of course, I was not invited. I think she took it with her girlfriend Christina. I heard them talking about the Bahamas, or the Caribbean someplace. She told me though, before she left. For that I am grateful.

She left me in my cage, for four days. I had food and water enough for two days, and ran out. My genitals were in chastity, as they often are, so I could not masturbate to amuse myself. The days were so, so long, I just lay in my cage doing nothing. There was nothing to do.

After the first two days I had no food or water. I worried what would happen if her airplane had crashed. I might die in my cage.

I was so hungry and thirsty when she came home, but when she did come home four days later she had to unpack first, before caring for me.

I sat silently in my cage while she unpacked. It stunk. I can't clean my own cage out, so the urine and feces had gathered. Mostly though I was sooo thirsty.

Finally she gave me a bowl of water and I drank it quickly.

Mistress let me out of the cage and had me clean it.

I worshiped her. She had me on my leash and I followed her around, hands and knees, and begged for something to do to service her. She let me kiss her feet, and lick her shoes. Not too much, she doesn't actually like me to do that, but allows me to pay respect for her that way. Sometimes she will allow me to worship Christina, as well.

It felt so good to be out and moving around after four whole days in the cage. My muscles were so cramped and sore.

When she went to bed that night she allowed me to service her. She sat on my face and ground her pussy into it. Mistress had me wear my face dildo to service her; it straps onto my head with a small gag portion, and a large flesh-like dildo extends out from my face. I can lay on my back and she lowers herself over my face, and inserts the dildo into her pussy. I can see very plainly, but my role is just to hold the dildo steady with my mouth and let her fuck it.

It was extremely gratifying when she had an orgasm. I do wish I could touch myself and ejaculate, but that is strictly prohibited.

There was a time, a long time ago, that mistress actually allowed me to place my cock inside her. I remember it, and sometimes dream of it. It was so wonderful, so special, and I wish that some day she would allow me to do that again. I would give anything to be inside her.

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