Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Public Humiliation

I've had it. I've decided. I am breaking up with Isabel.

I mean, I can take the kink, and the fetish, and weird sex and even the punishment and abuse she doles out. She's worth it. I do love her, and really want to please her. I've never had a girlfriend like her before. She's the most beautiful, intelligent, confident woman I have ever met and I am lucky to be with her.

But this was just too much. This was public. Beyond the pale.

I've met Isabel's brother, and she briefly met my sister Diane, just once. Diane thought she was really impressive, and actually teased me that I was in over my head. That Isabel was too classy, too good looking. I think that sort of made me insecure, but also really proud. I mean, Isabel is a pretty classy girl to be seen with, and it is one of the things I like best; being seen with her when we go out. I can tell people look at her all the time in awe.

I haven't written about this so far because it actually is a little humiliating to me and I try not to think about it. Whenever we go out, Isabel always likes to know I am wearing something special underneath my clothes. It can be exciting for me, and she really gets off on it. It started actually on our first real date, when she made me buy and wear a tight leather jock strap.

Then for a long time it was the chastity device. After that, she did a variety of things. A couple of times she made me wear nipple clamps, small ones; when we would go out to a show or something and I was wearing a jacket so they wouldn't show. Those things hurt going on; once they are on they just ache some, not bad, but then when they come off it is like, really painful. She really likes taking them off.

Well, a couple of weeks ago Isabel got some really nice lace panties for me. Women's panties. Close to my size, they are a little tight but not too bad. It feels really weird wearing them, but she's made me put them on the last few times we've been out. Once to a party with some Hollywood types (oh my god, I actually met a couple of movie stars...) and to a couple of clubs, and then once just out to dinner.

Well, we went over to visit my sister again. It felt good, because having Isabel get to know my family is like... well, she is becoming more of a real girlfriend. Getting to know each other's families, you know?

Isabel drove her BMW, the incredibly hot one, that would cost me three years salary. Sometimes she lets me drive it, but this time it was her. My sister lives out in Riverside, and we drove out there on Saturday around 5:00.

We get off the freeway, and she's been teasing me about my panties, and reaching her hand into my pants to feel me under the lace. Of course, my cock is rock hard, I'm unzipped and her hand is sliding over the panties and rubbing my cock, which has no place to go because the panties are not designed for a guy's package, you know? She's laughing, and we are at a stop light, and some trucker pulls up next to us and is looking down at me, and see her hand stroking my cock through the panties.

He honks his horn and sort of laughs out the window. I think he saw Isabel and was really impressed, and then drove on. It was soooo embarrassing, this trucker looking down at my girl's panties and Isabel's hand stroking me there, and I tried to cover up but Isabel wouldn't let me.

Just as we pull into my sister's neighborhood, Isabel's stroking my cock gets to me, and I come. I mean, I had not fucked Kim for several days, and Isabel hadn't allowed me to have an orgasm in a few either, so I had a lot of cum built up and I just spurted it all out, right there inside my panties.

I was shaking and grunting, clutching the door and the center console of the car as she stroked and kept the come spurting out of my cock, laughing all the way through my sister's neighborhood.

I was done cumming by the time we got to my sister's apartment and Bel takes her hand off my panties. She was clean, her hand had been on the outside of the panties, but underneath I was a fucking mess. Slime all through, covering my cock and balls and oozing from the sides.

"Bel, I have to change or something before we go in."

"Well, Marc, you don't really have anything to change into, do you?"

She was right. Worst case, I would have to go commando.

"Well, I can't go in this way. God, this is embarrassing. Did you see that trucker?"

"Yeah, he got an eye full, didn't he?" Isabel was grinning as we got out of the car. I was zipping back up, I had to.

"Look," said Isabel, "we go in, you go into Diane's bathroom, clean up, it will be fine."

It was probably the best I could hope for. So went go in.

Isabel and Diane greeted each other, giving each other one of those polite hugs and semi-cheek kisses girls do sometimes.

"Hey sis, can I use your restroom?" I said, as soon as we were done with the whole greeting thing. I was feeling sticky and oozy and miserable. I had to clean up.

"Yes, Marc had a bit of an accident on the way over." Isabel said.

What? Oh my god, why is she saying that? I thought.

Diane looked a bit worried. "Are you OK Marc? Can I help?"

Isabel laughed, "Oh, I think he's already been helped. He just needs to clean up. Show her, Marc."

Did I hear right? I stared at Isabel for a moment. What did she want me to show Diane?

"Go ahead Marc, show Diane the mess you made."

"Isabel, I...  don't think... I need to just go clean up." I was totally taken aback, and my face was flushed; it must have been beet red, I could feel it.

Diane was looking at me with this weird sort of look, like, what the hell is going on, Marc?

Isabel took that tone she uses when she isn't about to take no for an answer. A simple, calm, demand.

"Unzip, and show Diane your mess, Marc."

Slowly I reached to my pants and unbuckled my belt. I unzipped. Diane was looking at me with surprise and a sort of disgust. I wanted to melt through the floor.

I pulled my pants down and there were my finest lace panties, exposed in front of my sister.  They were wet, clearly shiny wet from my semen.

"Pull your panties down, Marc. Show Diane exactly what happened."

I was ready to cry. I hadn't cried in front of my sister since I was 8 years old, but there I was, ready to cry like a baby.

I lowered my panties, showing my limp cock, cum smeared all over it and my balls.

"Yep, that's what Marc did on the way over, in the car. In fact, it was just at the corner of Central near the mall. A trucker was watching him at the time."

Isabel told the story rather matter of factly.

Diane was smirking at me. Partly smirk, partly pity I think.

"Go clean yourself, Marc." Isabel said, and I almost ran to the bathroom.

I cleaned up, washing all the cum off. The panties came off and I washed them out as well. They were soaking wet so I put them in my pocket.

Heading back out, Diane and Isabel were drinking wine out in the living room. We were planning to go out to dinner and maybe some dancing at a club (Riverside has rotten clubs and I didn't really want to). Isabel was acting like nothing was wrong, but Diane was clearly embarrassed for me, and showing some pity.

I just couldn't act normally. The whole experience had been so humiliating. I didn't talk at all, drank a glass of wine in 5 seconds flat and got another.

Just as we went out, Isabel asked, "Did you put your panties back on, Marc?"

"I had to wash them out, Bel, and they are wet."

"Where are they?" Isabel asked.

Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out the nice lace panties, wadded into a wet ball.

"Oh, Marc. That is no way to treat a nice pair of panties. Go put them back on."

"They are wet, Isabel, and... I..." I really didn't want to be wearing panties around my sister, not if she knew I was wearing them.

Diane was looking the other way, sort of pretending nothing is happening.

"Go put them on, Marc."

I did. Wet panties. They felt terrible. The whole evening was awful. I tried to pretend everything was OK, but I think Diane was just embarrassed for me. I could just see the thoughts going through her head. Marc is such a wimp. Marc has been totally pussy whipped. Marc has turned into a girlie slut. How embarrassed to be related to this guy.

Late that night, when we got back to Isabel's place, I told her that I really didn't like what she did, humiliating me in front of my family like that. She told me straight out that she had not humiliated me, that I had humiliated myself.

She then took the panties (I was in her house, so naked again, of course), and shoved them in my mouth. "Hold those there. Let's fuck."

I never turn down a chance to fuck Isabel, rare as they are. She was enjoying having me submit to her by keeping the dirty panties in my mouth while she fucked me. I came like a freight train inside her cunt. She is sooo... incredible in bed.

She let me take the panties out when it was over. I left, and actually slammed the door behind me.

I decided on the way home. That's the last time I let her abuse me, and if that means I am done with her, then I am done with her.

I'm gonna call Kim tomorrow.  She doesn't make me wear girl's panties, cum in them, show my sister, then stuff the panties in my mouth.

Isabel is such a bitch.

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