Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mother's Day

Yesterday Diane came over to Mistress's house.

Diane is my sister, or she was my sister. She has renounced me, told me I am dead to her and am no longer her brother. She says this because I have degenerated into a pathetic submissive blob of male flesh, disgusting and degraded.

She's right of course, I don't blame her. She originally said this when I had ejaculated in front of Diane at Mistress's order, and gotten some of my cum on her leg. I then cleaned the cum off with my tongue.

"Isabel, mom's been asking after Marc, insisting she see him. Wanting to see him. I've explained to her that he has made choices that denigrate him, that he is disgusting and no longer part of our family, but she still insists. I need to show her that Marc really is a disgusting, degraded pervert so she will let his memory go."

This hurt terribly. I had accepted that I would probably never see my mom again, but had always believed she would have a good memory of me. For her to see me ... like I am now... it would be heart breaking to her.

Mistress had the perfect idea.

"Come here, Marc," she demanded. I crawled over to where she was sitting.

"Let's make him cum on himself."

Diane looked puzzled, as did I. I was in chastity at the time, and couldn't cum anyway. Mistress took me in hand, unlocked my chastity device, and my cock immediately sprang to attention. This is always humiliating in front of my sister.

"Lay on your back, there," she demanded, pointing to a spot next to a chair. I lay down as ordered.

"Get your hips up on the side of this chair," she ordered. I didn't know what she meant, but... well, she showed me. Pushing my ass up against the chair, my legs all pointing up in the air, my shoulders against the floor. My hard cock hung down in front of my face.

"Oh.... I see...." Diane suddenly understood, and so did I. Diane got the camera, ready to video the session.

Mistress began stroking my hard cock with her hand. Having her touch me at any time is a very special treat, and now was no different, even if my sister was watching. She used a bit of lube which made her stroking even better. After a few strokes, Mistress stopped and put on a strapon. She has moved me to larger and larger strapons and now my ass takes very large ones that stretch me several inches wide, and pushed deep into my lower intestines. Mistress started fucking my ass while also stroking my cock.

I moaned and grunted as she stimulated me until I was ready to cum. My cock contracted, got super hard, and semen came spurting out of my cock-- right onto my face. Mistress pointed my cock at me, and the white sticky stuff shot out and all over my face.

I had ejaculated on my own face.

I was covered with semen, but Mistress was quite upset. I had not swallowed. I had failed to open my mouth.

Diane videoed all of this as Mistress pounded my balls, punching them and punishing me for having wasted good cum by not opening and taking it into my mouth. She hurt me so badly. I was crying, sobbing in no time, grimacing from the pain of her striking me.

I begged forgiveness and asked that I be allowed to try again. I begged Mistress for an opportunity to eat my own cum, all on camera for my mother to see. Mistress relented, and had me follow her to the dungeon where she tied my legs up above me, and placed my head in the right position once again.

This time, to make sure there were no mistakes, she placed a ring gag into my mouth. Diane zoomed in with the camera, showing my mom how I obediently opened and took the gag.

Mistress began stroking me again. Diane even joined it, videoing the whole thing for my mother. She helped stroke me, and the touch of these two beautiful women made me feel the orgasm approach again. I carefully positioned my mouth, and as the cum surged up and out of my cock, it spurted directly into my mouth.

I have tasted my cum before; Mistress has made me eat it, and clean it up a number of times. This was a little different because it was going straight into my mouth, more embarrassing, but the taste was really the same.

Mistress demanded that I swallow the cum, and Diane zoomed in with her phone camera, making me open my mouth afterward to show I had cleared my mouth of my own semen.

Mistress then told me to stand and show off my hardened cock. It was still hard, as it always is when I am not in chastity. Diane took photos of it, to show my mother what a sexual slut I had become. I knew I was no longer part of any family. I was an owned piece of meat, there only for Mistress's pleasure, cast out of any society.

After obtaining this video record, Diane, my sister, did something a little surprising. She kissed Mistress on the lips, a long, hard, sweet kiss. A lesbian kiss. Mistress kissed back, and I watched as my sister and my Mistress kissed, and then sank to the sofa and made out, their hands roaming each other's bodies, slipping under clothes, undoing buttons, unzipping zippers.

I continued to watch as my sister stripped to nothing with Mistress, and their legs scissored so their pussies pressed against each other and they started grinding. They panted, moaned, gasped, breasts pressing, lips locked, arms holding each other.

It was truly hard for me to take. My sister and my girlfriend... or... my ex-girlfriend now owner, having sex on the sofa right in front of me. Without permission to leave, I could not. I remained exactly where I was, as I had been trained, and simply watched the two women grind their way to an orgasm.

When it was over, they cuddled a little bit, completely ignoring me as if I was not there. Diane got dressed, they kissed and promised to stay in touch, and she left.

Mistress turned to me after Diane left, and said, "I know you have more in you, Mark. Suck yourself dry."

"Wha... I'm sorry, Mistress, I don't understand..."

"You heard me. Suck yourself. Get that cock into your mouth and suck yourself until you have nothing left."

I did my best. It was incredibly difficult to get curled tight enough, bent over to get my lips onto my own cock. Finally, resumed the position they had me in before, with my shoulders on the floor, hips on in the air. That helped force my back and hips around so I got my cock into my mouth, sucked it while Mistress watched, and came again, this time the semen going direct into my mouth.

It was much harder to cum that time, as I had cum three times in the last two hours. It was when she demanded I cum in my own mouth a fourth time that it began to get really hard. She helped some, but demanded that I do most of it myself.

I did it as well as I could, and eventually, after a painful session with my back cramping horribly from the unnaturally bent position I was in, I came. There wasn't much, just a few drops, but it was there.

It satisfied Mistress, who then led me to her bedroom and had me bend over the punishment bench. She uses this bench to position me for whipping, spanking and ball beatings. She beat my balls for about 10 minutes, just for the fun of hearing me suffer.

It can be very difficult to stay in one place while Mistress beats my balls, but I have learned to do my best. Sometimes I ask her to bind me, so that I don't misbehave and interfere with her activity; but most of the time I can stay in place and suffer for her without any type of restraints.

I don't think I will ever hear from my mother again. I am nothing, nothing but dirt. I am constantly reminded just how far I have sunk, and how useless and degraded I am. I am very fortunate that Mistress allows me to serve her.

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