Friday, May 27, 2016


I met my first female slave yesterday.

I've written how Mistress is lesbian, she really doesn't have an interest in men except as occasional amusement. I understand now that I am her toy, and never was actually her boyfriend. Even when we were dating, she had more relations with other women than with me.

Her friends are mostly all lesbians as well.

Her friend Christina came over the other day, and brought a submissive with her. I was very surprised, because this submissive was a girl. A young woman.

The doorbell range. I was chained but could answer it.

Christina came in, followed by another girl I had never seen before. She looked a little unhappy and was being led by a strap attached to a collar. The girl was dressed in jeans, like Christina, and had blonde hair. She was pretty, but seemed very quiet.

Christina greeted Mistress with a kiss, and then settled down for drinks and a talk. The girl stood behind Christina's chair and didn't sit. Mistress ignored her, as did Christina.

I continued my work around the house. Christina is used to my presence as a slave, so hardly notices a naked man doing chores in Mistresses home.

After a while I could tell they were talking about the girl. Apparently her name was Elisa, and she was a girlfriend of Christina's, but she was a submissive. She had taken on a submissive role to Christina, and was obedient to her.

While this made sense, I could also see that Elisa wasn't Christina's exclusive girlfriend. For one thing, I knew that Mistress and Christina frequently had sex. I had seen it from time to time, and in fact been forced to watch (a frustrating experience when I am restrained and in chastity).

Christina showed how Elisa had been trained, making her go through some rather humiliating exercises and then finally removing her clothes so she stood naked before the two women. I was in the other room, but could see what was happening.

"Has your slave had a good whipping recently?" Christina said.

"I whip him most evenings, at least when I am not tired. I have thought about developing a way to have him whip himself so I don't have to exert myself, but haven't come up with a practical method yet."

Christina clapped her hands. "Yes, yes! That is a delight. Well, I haven't given Elisa here a good thrashing in a while. Since she is naked perhaps... now?"

"Oh, yes!" said Mistress. "Actually, let's give them both a good ass thrashing. It will be fun to have the two slaves together!"

My cock hardened listening to this. It was a weird feeling though, to be put together with another slave, especially a female, while being whipped.

I was called in and put on my hands and knees.

"Over here, boy," Mistress directed. I was to crawl over to where Elisa stood.

Christina pushed Elisa down to her knees, right next to me. I tried hard not to think about the naked submissive girl next to me, for some reason it was humiliating. But... she was actually brushing up against me. I could feel her thigh against mine.

Both Christina and Mistress obtained riding crops and began on our asses. When Christina hit Elisa next to me, I felt her jerk and heard her grunt.

I glanced over. Her face was red and she wasn't looking at me. I realized she was probably lesbian, just like Christina and Mistress, and being next to a naked man and disciplined in front of him was humiliating and distasteful for her.

Mistress struck my ass, and I let out a grunt as well. The riding crop can hurt quite a bit, but especially when it strikes repeatedly in the same place. Mistress began whipping me with it over and over, and I could feel my ass burning.

Elisa was also moaning and grunting in pain as Christina struck her ass.

This went on for about 10 minutes, long enough to get my ass a nice fiery red and burning.

When the whipping stopped, Christina was telling Mistress a story of how Elisa hated men. At this, Mistress had an idea.

"Let's have Marc fuck her."

Christina was silent. I glanced over at Elisa. She wouldn't look at me, she was biting her lip and looking away.

"That would be humiliating, wouldn't it. Two slaves humping away at our direction?"

Mistress finally ordered me. "Marc. Kneel behind Elisa."

My cock was rock hard, as it usually is. I moved behind where Elisa knelt.

"Go up behind her as if you are going to mount this female slave."

I shuffled forward a couple of feet so my cock was within a half inch of touching Elisa's ass, but not quite, not yet.

"Good boy. Now, let your cock slide across her ass and pussy."

I leaned forward and my cock slid on Elisa's smooth, fine ass. It felt really good, but at that first touch I could feel Elisa wince and shy away. She obviously was not enjoying this.

"She doesn't like cock, does she?" Mistress said.

"Hates it," Christina said. "This will be an exercise in obedience for her. Marc, push your cock between her legs, slide it over her pussy, but don't go inside."

Elisa whimpered, and let out one word. "Please..."

I slid my cock over the soft flesh of her pussy from behind. It felt really, really good. My cock had not come in contact with any pussy for several months and was usually in chastity.

Christina ordered me. "Slide your cock between her ass cheeks. Masturbate it there."

My cock slid over her puckering anus, between her cheeks, and I rubbed up and down several times. I could have come that way if I had kept going, but Mistress stopped me.

"Now, mount her. Mount her like a dog on a bitch."

Elisa sobbed at this, crying. "No, please mistress!"  I could tell she really didn't want to do this.

"Do it, Marc!" I had hesitated when Elisa started crying, but at this barked order I leaned over Elisa's form and thrust my cock into her pussy. It was a struggle getting it in. She wasn't aroused and was dry.

"Push, Marc! Get in there. Mount the bitch!" Christina was barking at me.

I did. I pushed and mounted and got inside. and as I pushed harder and mounted Elisa from the back she slid down, unable to take the force of my body on her. She was on her hands and knees, but slowly went down to her elbows.

This position was actually a little easier for me, if I lowered myself and lay on top of her back.

I felt the sharp sting of the riding crop. I wasn't thrusting. The pain got my hips going and I started pushing in and out. Elisa grunted and moaned as she cried quietly at the humiliation. I didn't like being directed to fuck a woman like this, I felt used and humiliated as well.

Mistress continued whipping my ass as I thrust into Christina, and she continued to cry quietly, grunting with my thrusts.

"Do not cum!" Mistress ordered. "Do not cum unless you receive permission!"

I understood. This was a strict rule Mistress had. I was always to control my cums, and this was no different. I relaxed a bit, trying to make sure I didn't have an orgasm, but continued thrusting.

Finally, I was directed to stop. "Leave your cock in her."

I stayed in position with my cock inside Elisa, not moving. Mistress checked carefully to make sure I was still inside.  Elisa remained with her head down, accepting the violation of her body at her mistress's order.

Mistress ran her riding crop over my body as I knelt behind Elisa, not moving. My cock remained hard, but I did not move it. Not even when Mistress struck me again with the crop, on my chest, on my ass, on my balls, on my stomach. Suddenly and without warning.

Over and over, the crop moved over my body, then Elisa's body, and struck at random. When the crop slapped Elisa's back, she cried out in pain and jerked, and my cock slid inside of her, but only then was there any movement.

Finally Christina intervened.

"She needs to learn how to take cock in her mouth."

"No! Please mistress!" Elisa immediately blurted out.

"Well, that clinches it! You are never to tell me no!" Christina said vehemently. "Marc, on your back."

I rolled over onto my back. At Christina's direction, Elisa climbed over me, straddled my face with her legs.

"Take him in your mouth!" Said Christina, barking the order.

Slowly, reluctantly, Elisa took my cock in her hand. I felt her lips surround the tip of my cock, and then felt it slide inside. Her tongue worked, as did her throat as it grasped and squeezed my member.

"Oh, fuck!" I said involuntarily, if felt so good.

Mistress laughed. "You like that, do you Marc? Been a while since you've been inside a woman."

Christina was watching Elisa's performance carefully. "Take him, use your tongue. Slide him deep. Deeper! Feel your lips hit his ballsack! That's it, now out, all the way. Lips around the head. Deep inside again, faster!"

It was turned out to be a really good blow job and I moaned and enjoyed it, even though Elisa was probably sick to her stomach at that point.

"Permission to cum!" I grunted to Mistress. I would not be able to hold it much longer.

"Permission granted. Cum insider her throat."

Elisa made some noises of protest that I couldn't hear because her mouth was full.

Elisa's pussy was just above my face and was wet. I think she had involuntarily become aroused by being forced to fuck a guy. She was into humiliation.

I came then, grunting and thrusting up inside Elisa's mouth so that my load of warm, sticky sperm shot out into her throat. She swallowed convulsively as the liquid filled her throat.

When it was over, I lay with Elisa over me, and she released my cock but stayed in position. She had been obedient. I had been used as a tool of humiliation and debasement.

Christina asked Mistress, "Is he capable of more than one cum?"

Mistress sounded proud as she answered, "Oh yes, he actually can cum up to three times without loosing his erection. Not that I allow it, usually."

Christina barked a new order.

"Take her from behind. Mount her. Rape her! Cum inside her! Do it roughly, don't let her stop you!"

"Do it, Marc," Mistress said.

I had been ordered. I rolled over. Elisa looked frightened. She didn't fight, not really. She put up a bit of a struggle but she was submissive. She was accepting her fate.

With one arm held firmly behind her back I forced her over and down, and then guided my cock into her. She was crying, and begged just once. "Please, no mistress, don't do this to me!"

But I was inside and shoving as hard as I could. Elisa bounced, her boobs swaying back and forth, ripples going across her ass and lower back like sound waves from each slamming thrust of my body.

It was over quickly. Unrestrained like that, I came very quickly. I pumped a load of sperm into Elisa's cunt. When she felt it, she moaned and cried out.

Thing was, she was wet. I knew she was enjoying being taken at some level, being dominated, because she had obeyed, and she had become quite aroused during the scene.

After Christina had taken Elisa and her tear stained face home, Mistress explained that even though I had been instructed to do it, there were consequences for using my cock inside another woman. It didn't matter that Mistress had ordered it, I was still to be punished.

She tied me to the wall in the bedroom and gave me 20 lashes with the single tail whip. What with the pain from the riding crop on my ass, and the whip on my back, my entire body was on fire for the next day.

Mistress can be very cruel. As I sit here writing this now, my ass still hurts and my back is quite sore.

But my cock is hard.

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