Thursday, April 14, 2016

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Mistress discovered that I have been writing this journal. She took my laptop away a little while ago, and I have been using her home computer when she has been at work. At least, when I have not been caged or chained.

"Marc, I've found that you've been using my computer during the day."

I said nothing. I didn't have permission, plus there was nothing really to say.

"I understand you've been writing a journal concerning your experiences with me. While it is acceptable for you to write a journal, it is not acceptable for you to hide this or anything from me. Everything you have, think and do is mine. Do you understand?"

I hung my head. "Yes, Isabel."

"You will not call me Isabel. From now on, you may only call me Mistress."

"Yes, Mistress."

"You will be punished for writing and hiding this from me."

Mistress took me to the basement and strapped me into place so that in my struggles I could not hurt myself further. She's explained to me that she restrains me during these sessions primarily because she does not want me flailing about and damaging myself. This seems wise and I appreciate her care for me.

Mistress placed electrodes on my penis and scrotum and used varying, random levels of shock to cause pain. There was a ring that went around the base of my genitals, above my balls and cock. An electrode was connected to this.

Another strap was placed around the shaft of my cock, which is always erect. Always. The strap had a metal contact with a wire hanging from it. I lay on the table waiting as she adjusted everything; there was a gel to assure good contact, and setting up the small box that was to control the electric shocks.

The electricity was to run from the based of my genitals up through my penis and out the top electrode. I understood this technically, but it wasn't until Mistress began the punishment that I truly understood what it meant.

My cock exploded in pain, as if it was on fire. I screamed. She hadn't gagged me, so I was allowed to scream, and I did. I couldn't help it, the electrical charge felt like a hot branding iron.

At first she applied one long shock, perhaps about 10 seconds. I thought it would never end, and when it did my genitals tingled and vibrated, echoes of the pain that were still bouncing around inside my flesh.

She then set the device to deliver random shocks, from a half second to several seconds. I never knew when it would come, or how long it would be. While I waited between shocks I sobbed, cried, tried to un-tense my body, but couldn't.

This process of torture went on for some time. I didn't know how long, I couldn't keep track of time. I just knew I was in constant pain.

After a while Mistress added a metal ass plug. This plug was also wired, as a ground. The electricity entered near the base of my balls, and traveled to both the end of my cock and to my anus, where it exited. Adding this extra contact caused the horrible red hot burning sensation to cover a larger area, all the way from inside my rectum to the tip of my cock.

After a while I begged Mistress for a gag. I was afraid of biting my tongue. Mistress is kind and gave me a good ball gag that I could bite down on during the punishment. This helped me endure the punishment better, and I was no longer afraid of biting my tongue or cheek. I did bite down hard on the ball gag though, whenever I received a painful shock. When the punishment process was over, the gag was no longer intact; I had chewed through it.

Mistress caressed my body as she punished me. I loved the feeling of her soft hands on my flesh as my muscles convulsed under the electric shock. It was comforting, and made me feel that my suffering had a purpose.

After about an hour, Mistress unstrapped me and allowed me to enter my cage in her bedroom. There she hooked my cock and balls up to another electrical device, which was timed. It did not deliver the horrible pain the other device did, but was still very sudden and painful. It made me grunt and moan rather than scream. I was grateful for her mercy.

She had me sleep in my cage, my legs over a bar in the cage to hold them up. The device delivered shocks randomly, anywhere from a minute or two to an hour between shocks. This prevented me from sleeping all night. The next morning I was exhausted and begged to have the punishment end so I could get some sleep.

I've learned from my Mistress's punishment of me. I am never to hide anything from her. I have nothing that she does not own, not even my thoughts.

Knowing this makes my existence easier. I am nothing, and Mistress determines everything. I exist only to please her. Life is simpler. I appreciate Mistress helping me to understand this and accept it.

The next day Mistress told me she wants me to continue this journal, and record everything that happens. I am to keep this up and she will be checking it. I am to be honest and complete.

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