Monday, March 21, 2016


My cock is constantly hard. I don't understand it.

It's been three weeks since I moved in with Isabel.

I haven't worn clothes in two weeks. That's because I haven't gone out in two weeks.  Isabel won't allow me to wear clothes in the house, and she won't allow me to leave.

I have no car, and no money to pay for taxi; and frankly there isn't anyplace I would go anyway. I also have no job.

My life is now devoted to satisfying Isabel's every whim. I cook and clean. I do the laundry, make the bed.

She allows me to sleep with her sometimes. Like, in her bed. I've been inside her once since I moved in, she came home drunk and decided she wanted a fuck. My cock is always hard, so it was easy. She is so gorgeous, so perfect, a goddess.

We fucked, and I came inside her. It's been a long time since she had allowed that. She doesn't like semen inside her body. She is mostly lesbian, and views me as a sort of dildo, I think. Ejaculation reminds her that I am actually a human being, a real biological man, and she hates that.

So she put my balls into a ball press afterward, because I left semen in her.

Oh, that was after she made me clean it up. In other words she made me eat her out, sucking my own cum out of her pussy until she was satisfied it was clean.

The ball press was a new thing.

It's a sort of like a round cylinder that she clamped down on my scrotum. Actually, she grabbed my balls first, pulled them way out, and then clamped this thing around the flesh up above the balls.

So my balls were bulging out of the bottom of this cylinder thing. That sort of hurt, but then she put this flat press over my balls and started screwing it down, slowly.

Slowly, very slowly, it smashed my balls.

Just... damn that hurt. Not like getting kicked in the balls, a sudden painful wham that you can recover from. No... this was slow, with growing, spreading pain. At first I was quiet about it, just bearing the pain, but after a bit it just got worse and worse, and she kept slowly cranking it down, harder and harder, and I just had to scream. Or yell, I suppose.

So she gagged me. I mean, it isn't like anyone is going to hear me, her place in the canyon was far from other houses. But she just decided to gag me, since I was screaming.

I hate gags. She's used them before a few times, just because she likes to. She uses a ball gag, on a head harness that partially blocks my eyesight. It doesn't really stop me from screaming, it just muffles it a bit. And it makes me drool, like uncontrollably drool. That's the part I hate.

I still look for a job, but it is getting harder and harder. I can't send out written hard copy letters from Isabel's place, she won't allow it. Because she won't give me clothes and allow me out of the house I haven't been networking with friends, or going to meetings, just... doing things to find a job. It's almost as if she is interfering with my job search. Or, maybe I am just losing interest in it. My life is just Isabel's place, more and more, and serving her.

She has me service her sexually too. I never realized how sexually active she is until I moved in. There isn't hardly a day goes by that she doesn't have one of her girlfriends over and they go for a lesbian roll. A couple of times she had Jase over. Big Cock guy. Makes me watch that. I am not allowed to watch her with a girlfriend, but I am forced to watch her with a boyfriend.

The few times she has wanted some sex and no one was around, she either allows me into her bed or she has me service her.

Servicing her can be just eating her out, or doing her with a strapon dildo.

The strapon goes in my mouth, so I end up with my face in her cunt, and try to make sure she gets off. I can smell her, almost taste her; sometimes her juices will slop over the gag panel and I can actually taste her. It's heaven when that happens. Sometimes I can use my nose to rub her clit. I think she actually likes that, and so I've been doing it more when servicing her.

Eating her out is much worse, because she is so aggressive about it. She literally smashes my face into her pussy, and while I love her taste and feel, it gets so I literally can't breathe. I'm pretty sure it's on purpose, too. She likes to see me struggle for air, it gets her off.

One time I just about passed out when underneath her. My nose was literally up inside her vagina my by tongue was working her clit, and ... well, I saw black spots and started to get woozy. Fortunately she was shuddering with an orgasm right about then so she let up a bit and I gasped for air.

Wouldn't it be funny, if that's the way I died? Suffocated, servicing Isabel?

It's not funny, it's serious. It could happen.

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