Monday, June 13, 2016

The Test

Mistress had several of her friends over last night.

Val was there, my ex. She hates me now, and delights at seeing me degraded. She has hurt me twice with Mistress's permission.

I used to fuck Val, when we were together. She was maybe the sexiest girl I've ever dated, except for Mistress Isabel. I cheated on Isabel with Val, and was punished severely for the indiscretion. Val used to beg me to spend more time with her, and even to sleep with her.

Val was good in bed, very good. I loved to fuck her. In fact, I think I have fucked Val more than I ever fucked Mistress Isabel; Mistress does not like it when I fuck her and does not allow it any more.

Mistress seduced Val and they are sometimes lovers. Mistress enjoys having sex with Val in front of me, to remind me that Val is no longer mind, but has become Mistress's toy. Sometimes I see Mistress inserting her fingers into Val's pussy, and I remember what it felt like when my cock slipped inside the same place.

I think Mistress is also trying to tell me that I will never have sex again. She's taken that from me, along with everything else in my life.

Now Val sometimes asks permission to hurt me. Mistress always says yes, and Val will grab my balls and squeeze as hard as she can, until I think they are going to burst and scream out. She laughs then. I loved Val. Now she hurts me, physically, whenever she can.

There were several other girls over at Mistress's house last night, most of them lovers of Mistress. In addition to Val, Lucy, Amy and Jenn were there. Jenn is kind to me; she once warned me that Mistress would dominate me and take my life away from me. I didn't understand what she meant back then, now I do and it is too late. I am a slave.

After the party was well under way, Mistress Isabel brought me out to stand in front of all her girlfriends. I was put on display. Val asked to hurt me, and Mistress said all right.

I was in chastity, as I commonly am these days. Val had a particularly nasty idea to hurt me. She harbors some deep grudges about the way I treated her when we were dating, and Mistress Isabel has taught her how it is OK to hate and even hurt men.

Val got some Tabasco sauce from Mistress's kitchen, and poured some into my chastity cage. It is a plastic sheath that goes over my cock, enclosing it and preventing anything from touching or stimulating it. When she pour the hot sauce into my plastic sheath, it spread over my cock and began to burn.

The sauce had nowhere to go. The chastity device kept it in place, so my cock sort of marinated in the painful liquid. It quickly began to burn, and tears came to my eyes. I asked for permission to have my chastity removed so I could wash the hot sauce off, but Mistress Isabel denied the request.

I literally danced in front of the women, my cock burning as if it were on fire. Tears trickled down my cheeks, and Val was extremely happy with the pain I was experiencing. She enjoyed it so much. It was humiliating as well as painful.

Finally, Mistress took mercy on me. She said she would remove the chastity, but only after I demonstrated complete obedience to her.

 Mistress handed me a plastic bag. It was like a large food storage bag. I stood in front of the women and took the bag.

"Place the bag over your head," she said.

I pulled it over my head. I could see the women looking at me, though the image was distorted by the plastic. The air inside was sort of humid from my breath and the plastic fogged slightly.

Mistress handed me some tape.

"Wrap that around your neck. Seal off the bottom of the bag."

I took the tape and wrapped it around my neck. As I did so, the baggie was sealed off, and no new air could get in. Mistress was having me suffocate myself. I felt like panicking, but forced myself to do as I was told. My cock was rigid hard during this whole thing.

"Several times, then rip off the end and give me the rest of the tape roll."

I did as she said, wrapping the tape tightly around my neck, perhaps 5 or 6 times. It was sealed tightly and the plastic bag was expanding and contracting as I breathed. I handed the tape to Mistress.

"Kneel," Mistress said. I knelt. She came over and as I gasped, breathing air that was slowly losing its oxygen, she caressed my face and kissed my lips through the plastic.

"My love," she said. Those two words made me feel so amazingly good. She has never said anything like that before. Mistress Isabel, my girlfriend, my mistress, my owner, has never said she loved me. Until that moment, as I was gasping for air. I think she did love me then, or at least, loved that I was slowly dying for her.

She returned to the sofa to watch with the other girls. They were fingering each other, using mutual masturbation. My suffering was a delight to them. My cock was burning, the hot sauce leaking down onto my scrotum and setting it on fire as well.

Not all the girls were masturbating, but several of them were. My pain was sexually arousing them. Do you know how awful, how humiliating it is to have girls actively masturbating while watching you suffer? As if your pain was a dildo or vibrator that got them off?  This had happened to me before, but this was one of the worst examples of it. My genitals were burning, my breathing restricted and I began to see black dots as I gasped.

My pain and distress simply made the women more aroused.

I panted, my breath coming in and out quickly. I sucked the air in, but the plastic just collapsed over my mouth. There was air, but it did nothing. My whole body was screaming out for air, for oxygen.

My hands were free. I could have ripped the tape off at any time, started breathing again, though my cock would have continued to burn. But Mistress had not given me permission, so I simply struggled to stay conscious as long as I could.

Finally the black spots covered my vision and there was nothing.

I woke to the feeling of Mistress slapping my face painfully. I was laying on the ground, the baggie off and Mistress straddling my chest.

I could breathe again. She had taken the bag off when I had lost consciousness and gotten my breathing going again. Soon after she removed my chastity and told me to wash off the Tabasco sauce. It was difficult, I was still shaky from lack of air, but I managed.

Today she explained this was a test. She had wanted to see if I was truly obedient. I passed the test, I guess.

This made me very proud. I have shown Mistress that she can count on my obedience in any way, to do anything, even if it means my own death.

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