Thursday, July 21, 2016


I've been sold.

Mistress has no use for me any more.

I want to die. I do not want to go to this new woman. I want to stay with Mistress and serve her. But, I have no choice. There is no way I can kill myself, I am kept chained or caged or tied all the time.

New mistress might do nasty things to my body, that Mistress didn't. She might castrate me, or remove my penis. She might make me eat disgusting things, or hurt myself for her pleasure. I know I won't have any choice. I am steeling myself for whatever I may need to do.

When she told me, Mistress seemed bored with me. This hurt me. All I have ever wanted was to please Isabel.

I asked her a few things, frankly, and openly. She answered in very open terms, I think because my time with her has come to an end.

"Mistress, did you always know you were going to make me your slave? Was it your plan all along?"

"Of course, Marc. I hate men. I derive great enjoyment out of using them, promising them lust and pleasure and all the things they hope for, and then slowly demeaning them and destroying them, just as I have destroyed you."

"So... you never loved me?"

"No. I loved stretching and pulling and tearing your mind apart, and then rebuilding it as a disgusting submissive slave. But you? You are nothing by a toy."

I knew this by now, but it was hard to hear.

"How many men have you done this to?"

"Destroyed utterly? You are the sixth. Scott will be the seventh. He's coming along nicely. I kneed him in the balls the other night, and he never missed a beat. Came right back the next night."

I remembered the first time Isabel had kneed me in the groin, and how I had come back the next night.

"That was a test, wasn't it? Part of what you do?"

"Of course. Once I think a man is a serious candidate for destruction, I kick him in the balls for some reason or other. If I can get him to come back and c
ontinue the relationship... well, it's all over at that point. A foregone conclusion. If not, I need waste no more time on him."

"You kicked me in the balls on our first real date."

Isabel smiled at the memory. "Yes... you came along more quickly than most."

"Isabel, how long have you been doing this?"

"Oh, I think I started when I was about 12 or 13. I started small, of course. My first boyfriend was 16 and I was 12, He didn't know how young I was, I matured early and was very sexually developed for the age. When he discovered my age, he was terrified I would tell on him. I was able to get him to really do some great things for me. He paid for clothes, bought me jewelry, and eventually I got him to do humiliating things for me. It lasted about six months, after which I told his parents he had been fucking me. His life was destroyed after that."

"It really felt good to watch him slowly go down in flames, and I decided to try it with another guy. When I was 14, I started dating another guy, the captain of the high school football team. It took about two months before I had him under my thumb. At the end of my sophomore year of school I squashed him. I started seeing his sister, and I remember making him watch us make love. That was when I realized I really preferred women, and that the only use I had for men was to humiliate. He left high school, and committed suicide during his first year of college."

I listened to this, and realized just what an evil bitch Isabel is.

"How much are you selling me for?"

"We negotiated a price of $110,000. Not bad, don't you think? Though it is worth it for her. She uses her slaves hard, and it is worth it to have one that is totally broken, like you."

It doesn't matter that I write this now. My new Mistress, a woman named Chloe, will be picking me up tomorrow. My life with Mistress is over. It lasted just over a year. What is she going to do to me? Kill me? I would welcome that.

Time to go to my cage. My last night in this house. This cage that has been my home will soon be Scott's home and Isabel will achieve the destruction of another man's life.

Goodbye, Mistress Isabel. I love you.

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