Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hanging Around Waiting

My life is shit.

I didn't make my sales quota last month. I know why, too. I've been spending time with Isabel, when I should be out working leads and making calls. Normally I would spend time in the evenings and on weekends meeting with clients and maybe doing some networking, but with Isabel's demands it is really hard keeping up.

So my boss calls me in and chews me out. I've got to get back into the swing of things.
Then yesterday evening I am due to go over to Isabel's. Things have been going OK with her recently, she has been happy, which means she hasn't kicked me in the balls or choked me into unconsciousness recently. That changed last night.

I'm supposed to go over to Isabel's and be there at 6:00pm. It was Thursday, not a big party day and I didn't think we were going out or anything. Much of the time Isabel just likes me to be over there and help out around the house and be company. You know, sort of boyfriend stuff.

Though the time we spend at her house is usually unusual, like... I would say kinky but sometimes it isn't quite kinky. Sometimes it's just me trying to make her happy, which usually means taking her orders and stuff. I spend a lot of time naked over there but that doesn't mean there is sex.

I got there right at 6PM and there's a note on the door. It said to come in and have a glass of water (a strange instruction) and then undress and go into her spare room. Her spare room is not like a guest room, it is more like... a place where she keeps stuff. Stuff that she doesn't want just anyone to see. Like... well. Dildos. Strapons. Handcuffs. Rope. It's dark and if I didn't know better I would call it sort of a dungeon place. I don't like it much.

Anyway, the note tells me to go in there naked. Usually she likes me naked around the house when I am doing things for her. She likes my body, which makes me feel good. It feels really awkward because she is usually clothed, but... well... she's my girlfriend and I don't mind I guess.

I strip, fold my clothes neatly, then go into the dungeon. I mean, spare room. There's a couple of blocks of wood on the floor, and another note. More instructions.

"Put on the ball gag. Buckle it behind your head securely. Don't worry, it is new and clean, I charged it to your credit card."

Place the cuffs on your wrists. Close them well enough they are secure, but not uncomfortable. You will be wearing them for a while.

Place your feet on the blocks of wood below you. Lift your arms and slide the cuffs over the hook descending from the ceiling below you. Stay there and wait.

I will be home about 6:30. I expect to see you waiting here for me.

Don't disappoint me, love."

The gag and handcuffs (padded kind) were set on the table to the side. I saw there was a hook dangling from a pulley drilled into the ceiling. Strange... I hadn't noticed that before.

Even as Isabel goes, this whole thing was strange, though I was getting used to new and different things with her. I'm learning to do stuff for her without questioning, because questioning or not doing what she wants always results in bad stuff. She's into bondage and I can sort of get into it, too, and this seemed rather... exciting in a different way.

So, I put on the ball gag. That was a new experience. It wasn't uncomfortable, but a weird sensation having my mouth filled and jaws stretched wide. I could bite down on it at least.

The cuffs were easy to put on, though taking them off would be a bit awkward because once on, my fingers had troubles reaching the clasps. I could do it though, I made sure. It took a lot of wriggling and pulling, but I could get them undone if I had to.

The blocks of wood stood on the floor beneath the hook, and when I got up on them were high enough to allow me to get my raised arms near the hook. With a little extra effort I raised my wrists and slipped the cuffs over the hook. Isabel must have measured everything pretty closely because I had just enough height to get over the hook when on my toes. Laying my feet flat on the blocks of wood produced pull on my arms, stretching them tight, but with a boost to my toes they were loose again, and I could slide back off the hook.

OK. I was ready. A clock on the table to the side showed me it was 6:10. Twenty minutes left for Isabel to get home. I hoped she was on time.

You can guess what happened. I started to get tired in that position, and my muscles ached from being on my toes and I shifted around a bit and blammo.... my foot slipped and both blocks of wood went over. There I was, hanging from my arms in Isabel's dungeon.

My body swayed a bit as I breathed.

Hanging by your arms hurts. I had no idea. I had seen it as part of torture scenes in movies all the time, and sort of assumed it was just what they did in order to get your body available for the torture. I had no idea it was a torture in itself. Shit, I mean, the muscles in my arms stretched, my shoulders ached, and in general it was damned uncomfortable. And it got worse as I dangled there.

Once hanging like that there was absolutely no way I was going to get my wrists off the hook. I had to have something to lift myself up in order to get off the hook, and dangling without support there was no way. I was stuck.

I started working my hands to see if I could undo the cuffs, but nope. Stretched up like that, I could no longer work around into position to get the cuffs off. I was really stuck.

I remember hanging there, saying "Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck." Though not much came out because I had the damn gag in my mouth. Fuck.

There was nothing I could do. I waited. She was supposed to be there at 6:30; I could take this for 20 minutes, and at some level this was turning me on because my cock was rock hard and sticking out.

The clock moved sooooooo slowly. I just hung there, watching the second hand go around. the minutes going by sooo slowly. There was absolutely nothing to do while I was hanging there, except endure it.

Finally. 6:30. My cock was bouncing around in anticipation of her coming home and letting me free. When the clock hit 6:35 I started to panic. She was late.

Then I heard the front door opening. Thank god, she was home.

Voices. She had someone with her. One of her girlfriends. Christina, or Jen. Or maybe Lisa... Shit, I realized they were going to come in. This was going to be as bad or worse than the episode with me naked in the living room, vacuuming.

It wasn't Christina, it wasn't Jen. It wasn't even Lisa. Do you know who Isabel had with her?


Yes. My ex-girlfriend, Valerie. The one I broke up with to be with Isabel. The one that I loved and wanted almost as much as Isabel but just couldn't do it, especially as Isabel put me into chastity and I was too embarrassed to admit it to Valerie.

As they walked in my eyes were huge, as was my cock. I had fucked both these women, and now they were looking at me hanging at their mercy. What the hell was Val doing with Isabel?

They walked in, Isabel smiling and Valerie apparently not surprised to see me hanging naked. The were kissing when they came in. I couldn't say anything because I was gagged, but I was making noises like "What the hell" and "Let me down".

Isabel joined Val on the sofa, where the two of them just sat in a relaxed way, enjoying the view of me swaying gently back and forth in front of them.

"So how long has he been up there?" Val was saying.

"If he was on time, which he usually is, about a half hour," Isabel purred.

"I have to say he is pretty good looking like that. I like the way his body is stretched, like... you can see all his muscles really tight and straining, and he looks thinner. Like he has a better body."

Valerie and Isabel were holding hands, and sort of touching each other.

My cock was still rock hard, and Valerie noticed. "I think his cock is a decent size, I don't care what you say. He always seemed big enough for me."

Isabel scoffed at that. "Sure, I know. It is OK. Average. But I am not content with average. I mean, it's fully hard now, and look at it. Not big enough, I say."

Valerie turned to Isabel and kissed her. "Well, I don't give a shit any more. Since I met you I have felt a sudden loss of interest in cock."

It sunk in at that moment. Valerie had not been dating some guy, she had been dating Isabel! Isabel knew exactly what she was doing. She had locked my cock up and taken my girlfriend for her own!

God, I was angry, humiliated, sad, devastated, and just in general degraded. And still, I hung there with my cock up and pointing at the two women as they started making out on the couch.

They sat next to each other, playing, fondling, laughing at me, obviously enjoying humiliating me and getting off on it. They had me in plain view, and watched me and my struggles. Sitting next to each other, their hands slid inside each other's panties, rubbing and masturbating with increasing arousal and passion. This all the while they watched me and my hardon swinging back and forth helpless in front of them.

My helpless exposure was their mutual delight, and they made love right in front of me.

They came, too. I could tell, they both orgasmed. And didn't stop. They kept going, fondling and rubbing and cumming again. Do you know, that this was possibly the hottest thing I had ever witnessed in my life? Isabel and Val sitting there, legs spread, going at it, moaning and rubbing, making each other cum, while I hung helplessly and watch?

Finally Val said she had to get home, and that Isabel had better let me down soon or she might damage me. Yeah, Valerie!

When Isabel let me down and undid my cuffs I immediately undid my gag and lit into her.

"Isabel, what the fuck is this? You and Valerie? You been seeing Val all this time, and hiding it from me? How could you? And then you come in here with me helpless like this, and flaunt you and her in front of me?"

Isabel grabbed my balls in her hand and squeezed hard. I doubled over as she continued squeezing.

"How dare you talk to me like that? You know I have relationships with girls and who it is is of no concern or business of yours. You broke up with her. Do you want to be with me or not? You want me to cut you loose? Is that what you want?"

Panic struck me. No, I didn't want to break up with Isabel. She was right, I knew she was bi and had relationships with girls, and I wasn't supposed to question that. I had accepted it for some time now, I just had never actually seen it before. It had just been such a shock.

"No, Bel. I am sorry. It was a shock, was all. Please... I don't want to break up."

"Then I think it is time for you to beg. Beg forgiveness, beg me to keep you. I need to know you are serious about us." Isabel was on fire, red faced and pissed off.

Somewhere down deep inside me I realized I was crossing some sort of threshold. "I'm sorry Bel. Please, please. I don't want to break up. Please keep me."

"On your knees, on your hands and knees and beg!"

My mind was numb. All I could think of was not losing Isabel. I needed her. Whatever she did to me was worth it, if I could stay hers. Yes, I knew that I was stepping across a threshold at that point, giving her power over me and letting her have a level of control far beyond what had gone before. I made the decision. I got down on my hands and knees, naked before her and begged.

"Please Isabel. Please keep me. I won't ever question your relationships with others again. I beg you!"

It felt terrible, I didn't want to be there, on my hands and knees but I knew it was necessary. Necessary for her, and for me. I had to do it.

"Get dressed and get out. Come back tomorrow at 6:00. Be prepared to take me out to dinner, with dancing afterward. Wear your collar. We will discuss this incident more later."

I got dressed and left. Isabel didn't kiss me on the way out, and it felt like I had lost a part of my body, or was dead. I should never have lost my temper like that.

It wasn't until I got home that I realized I had not been angry or complained about being strung up like a dead pig and made fun of. My complaints had been that Isabel had stolen my ex-girlfriend for herself. Was I being petty and self centered? Or were my values and self worth all fucked up?

My cock is still hard thinking about the whole episode. I can hardly wait until tonight so I can see Isabel again and try to make things right.

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