Monday, November 23, 2015

First Humiliation

Isabel is stepping over the line, and I am not sure what to do about it.

We've been together for three months now, maybe a bit longer. She's the hottest girl in Hollywood or West LA, and I have her, and that feels incredible. I've also accepted that part of being with her is submitting to her rather kinky way of approaching life and our relationship. OK, I get that and I am dealing with it, even enjoying it at times.

Isabel has opened me up to a lot of feelings and desires inside me that I didn't know I had.

She's just stepping over a line here, and I don't know what to do.

So, remember that one time when she had me in chastity because I had been fucking around on her with Valerie. Yeah. I get it, I think it was a little much but I accepted it because I knew I had been a bastard and was cheating and I really wanted to be with her. That was the way to do it. So OK, I did it.

When she had a ceremony to remove my chastity in front of her friend Jen, it was just... embarrassing. But I think I was so happy to get that thing off after 5 weeks, that I was willing to do it.

But this. This is different.

Here's what happened last weekend.

I go over to Isabel's most weekends. We usually go out to a show, a party, or a club, but I get there early and do guy stuff around the house to help her out. Like, repair things or help to clean up. (She has this amazing house that must be worth several million up in the hills).

Recently, she has been telling me to do my work naked. That's OK, because it's part of her kink and it sort of compliments me, you know? She likes to see me around the house naked, and I pretty much always have a total hardon when I am over there because, well... it's around Isabel and she makes me horny just by being there.

So I've been doing that. Working around the house, and doing it naked. If I am lucky and do a good job and she is in the right mood, sometimes we actually sleep together. It isn't like I am doing work or being obedient to her in order to get her to sleep with me, but it does help to have her in a good mood. Any girl is that way, you know?

OK, to be honest with myself we've only fucked like, twice in the last three weeks, and one of those times she choked me so hard I lost consciousness.

The other time she tied me up spread eagle, rode me until she came and then got off me and let me lay there with my cock sticking straight up like the Washington Monument. I still needed to come but she wouldn't let me and just sort of teased me, touching my cock until I almost came, and then stopping. It was frustrating as hell, especially since I was tied to the bed.

Though I also have to admit that her edging me like that was incredible. Isabel is really, really good. She knows men and how to make me react exactly the way she wants.

After an hour of this teasing she had me almost ready to cum for the 100th time, then had mercy and straddled me and rocked back and forth and I spurted my seed out almost immediately. It felt incredible. Except then she left me tied to the bed for another hour while she took a shower, cleaned up and got dressed and had a glass of wine. She said she liked the way I looked spread out like that.

Anyway the point is we don't actually have sex that often and when we do it isn't always, like, traditional sex. She pretty much controls it and it can be wild, but also a little scary.

Last Sunday I was over at Isabel's house, and was cleaning up, doing the floors. I was naked, as I always am these days when helping her around the house. She was out on the patio, reading and having a glass of wine when the doorbell rings. I'm in the kitchen polishing the floor and figure I will just stay there where whomever it is can't see me.

It's Isabel's friends Jen and Lisa. Jen was there during my unlocking ceremony and has seen me naked before, but not Lisa. Isabel lets them in and they go into the living room. I'm trapped naked in the kitchen with no way out.

"Hey, Marc, Lisa and Jen are here, come say hi!" Isabel calls out to me.

I'm standing stark naked in the kitchen, wondering what is going on.

"Isabel, can I talk to you?"

"No, Marc, come out and see our friends. Don't be rude." Isabel has that tone when she doesn't like being disobeyed. Does she not remember that I am naked?

"Uh... Isabel... I am sorta... not decent, you know?"

Isabel laughs, and I hear the other girls sort of chuckle too.

"Well, your decency or indecency is not being called into question here, babe. Come out and be polite. Besides I want you to finish vacuuming out here." Isabel's tone was one I knew not to disobey.

I was flushing with embarrassment when I walked out to the living room. Not only was I naked, but my cock was sticking out, rock hard, as usual.

The girls were lounging around, having a good time being girls together when I walked in stark naked. All eyes turned to me, and Jen and Lisa smiled. Jen's seen me naked before, but Lisa hasn't. I don't think I've ever felt as naked and exposed as I did right at that moment.

All three pairs of eyes scanned my body. I have a good body, I am proud of it and work to keep it looking good. Even so, being forced to stand in the middle of the room while these girls, fully clothed, gawked at me nude was just humiliating to me.

"Hey Marc, still got that hardon I see," said Jen. Lisa giggled and Isabel even smiled at that one.

"Hi Jen. Lisa. I was just doing some work... um, in the kitchen." Why did that sound even more demeaning?

"We can see that," Lisa said. Her grin was getting bigger. "What kind of work?"

"I was polishing the floors," I said. I was hanging my head a little, and saw my cock sticking straight out which shamed me even more and I jerked my head up to look at them directly.

"He's turning out to be a rather good houseboy, isn't he?" Lisa asked Isabel.

"Yeah, I think he is working out. So far. I wouldn't be keeping him around otherwise."

Being called a houseboy made me a bit angry, and I didn't know whether to bark back at her or not. Isabel was there and I needed to show respect to her friends. Still.

"Hey, I just help around the house. That doesn't make me a houseboy, you know." I said, in as respectful a tone as I could.

"We know, Marc, we understand." Jen's tone was slightly condescending. She likes me and I like her, but she is more Isabel's friend than mine.

"Show us that erection, Marc," Isabel said, motioning me to come closer. This was taking a weird turn. I wasn't just saying hi to her friends. I was now being put on display.

"Come on, Isabel. I should be getting back--"

"Come over, Marc." Isabel's tone was stern.

I walked over, right in front of the three of them. My cock continued to stick straight out. Isabel reached out and took it in her hand, moving it from side to side.

"He's OK, but not as large as I like."

"He seems like a good 8 inches," Lisa said.

"God, no. six at most. Trust me, he's been inside me and he isn't that long." Isabel stated with assurance.

"There's only one way to tell for sure. Let's measure him." Jen stood up and went into Isabel's garage through the connecting door.

I couldn't believe what was happening. They were going to measure me, to see the size of my cock. I mean, I have a pretty good sized cock. I know this for a fact. I am confident in it. No girl has ever been anything but satisfied. Still, the way the girls were evaluating me made me extremely nervous and I wasn't confident at all.

Jen returned with a couple of tools. The first was a metal ruler. The second looked like a caliper of some sort. She sat before me.

"May I?" she asked Isabel.

"Of course," Isabel replied. Jen took my cock in her hand and slid the rule up next to it.

"HAA! Hehehe! I told you, see? Five and a half inches!" Isabel was laughing, and Lisa and Jen certainly had smirks on their faces.

I couldn't believe it. I was longer than that. I knew it. I had measured myself in high school, and I sneaked looks in the gym. I knew I had a good sized cock.

The look on my face must have shown, because Jen said, "I think maybe I didn't do this quite right. I cheated a bit. Let me check again."

This time the rule went up and actually pressed into the flesh at the base of my cock. I could tell it the first measurement was off, it hadn't actually been from the base.

"Hmmm.... well, ok. Six and a half. If I press the ruler in a bit."

"I am telling you, I've had that cock inside me several times, and it isn't anything to be excited about. I guess six inches is OK, and maybe that's right. It just doesn't feel like say, Axel's cock."

Lisa laughed loudly, "Oh, my god, of course not. Axel has a jackhammer! That guy was born endowed!"

"Let's take a look at the width. He seems skinny, too," Lisa was curious.

"Isabel, is this... necessary?" I ventured tentatively. I wasn't liking being examined by her friends at all. I had been proud of my cock, and now I was really becoming ashamed of it.

"Yes, Marc. It is necessary." Isabel stated dismissively.

Jen took the caliper and handled my penis once again. Having Jen touch my penis had a pleasurable side, she's a gorgeous woman, but... for this? It was also extremely awkward.

The caliper slid against the flesh about halfway down. I held my breath.

"One and a half. Hmmm... inch and a half."

I actually had no idea if that was good or bad. It felt bad, but it could have been fantastic for all I knew. But the way the girls were judging me wasn't good. That I knew.

"I just know it doesn't feel like much when he tries to fuck me," Isabel declared.

Jen had mercy on me. "Well, I think he is pretty average, actually."

Average. I had thought I was large, but I was now feeling happy I was average. Relieved even, that I wasn't going to be considered puny by Isabel and her friends. The day was turning rotten, fast.

"Turn around, show us your ass," Lisa said.

I turned.

"He has a nice tight ass," she said. "I like that."

"Yeah, I like that part of him," Isabel admitted. "I haven't had a chance to really lay into it yet, but sometime soon."

I wondered what the hell she meant by that.

Jen smacked my bare ass.  "I think we should send him back to work."

Isabel agreed. "Head on back to work, Marc. You need to be done by 5:30 so we can get dressed and head out to the Cirque show."

She turned to her girlfriends, and continued talking. "We are going to go see Kurios. I hear it isn't bad, but not as good as some of the others."

The girl's attention left me. I was dismissed. The humiliation was over. I went back and finished working on Isabel's floor.

That was three days ago. I thought the humiliation was over, but it stuck with me. I am sitting at home right now, and the memory of that scene washes over me like a heat wave. I have never been so humiliated or ashamed in my life.

Isabel went too far. She and I have a kinky, weird relationship and I am adapting to that, but to bring it out in front of her friends and parade it like that, was just... too much.

Still. I let her do it. Just like I let her put me in chastity. Just like I came back after she kneed me in the groin after our first real date.

And thinking about that scene, the whole embarrassment of it, my cock has grown rock hard. I need to masturbate. What does that say? I need to go jack, and I will be thinking about those girls examining my naked body while I do it.

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  1. I am really enjoying reading about your ongoing journey with Isabel. I like your tumblr site too, It seems apparent to me that the chastity cage will return soon. Good luck!