Monday, January 4, 2016

Getting Some Relief

Kim is amazing. I want her for my girlfriend.

Not really, of course. Isabel is my girlfriend. But Isabel hurts, and Kim feels good.

It was a couple of days after Isabel had caned my ass. I had seen Val around the office and she was nice to me, but I could tell she felt sorry for me. It was a weird feeling; Val had always been the one that I thought had gotten hurt by our relationship and I felt sorry for her. Having her feel sorry for me was unexpected.

Maybe she knew about the caning. Maybe she just felt bad making out with Isabel in front of me. Val is a sweet girl, really. I sort of regret that it didn't work between us.

Kim isn't sweet. She's hot. Not as good looking as either Val or Bel, but cute enough, and she has a body that is near perfect, and knows how to use it to have sex.

So yeah, I called her after our last "date", which turned out to be a rather nice afternoon of sex at her place. I made sure we were doing OK, and let her know I wanted to see her again.

Turns out "Again" was yesterday. Yesterday evening, in fact. Isabel had not commanded my presence and I had a night off, so I called Kim at work and asked if she wanted to go down to the beach, maybe have a walk, catch a bite... you know...

We did. She was so nice to be with, just walking and talking and rubbing bodies. Yeah, she was wearing a hot outfit; not revealing really, but just one that emphasized her ... positive qualities. And we took every opportunity to touch each other.

After dinner we went to my place. Something of a risk but her place is further away and I figured what the heck. We weren't past the entryway when she grabbed me, and we tore each other's clothes off. I mean, I can't remember a time or a person where we went at it that suddenly, or that hard. We were on the floor, we didn't even make it to the living room. That girl is fucking wild.

We did it on the floor until I dumped a load inside her, and then the hardness of the floor kind of got to us and we moved to the bed. We actually cuddled a little, which was really nice; turns out Kim is a good cuddler, too. I actually wanted to just be with her, feeling her soft body close to mine, touching each other sort of casually, gently, playing and being close.

But cuddling gave way to arousal, which gave way to me becoming hard again. So after a little cuddling she took me in her mouth and made she I was rock hard, and then rode me, controlling all the motion herself. This time she shook with a climax first, and then kept undulating her hips until I spurt another load into her.

She stayed over this time, in my bed. It felt good to have a woman in bed with me in the morning. Though she did mention my ass, which was bruised and still had welts from the caning. She wondered what had happened, and looked worried. I told her I had slipped on some stairs and landed on my ass really hard. She accepted that.

I can tell Kim likes me, and I like her. Not like I was into Val, and certainly not how I need Isabel, but I really like being around Kim and the way she makes me feel.  I feel like a man around her. Desirable; sexual; in control.

Just as long as Isabel doesn't find out. I can't go back into chastity. I'm not even sure it would stop there, she might do something even worse.

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