Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Yesterday, Friday, my boss called me in and fired me.

I guess things have not been real great for a while. I've been distracted, haven't been working as many hours as I used to, and keep leaving early or coming in late. A lot of it is because of Isabel. She is pretty demanding, and I have to face it, being with her takes a toll. Physically and mentally.

So there is no more job. I'm afraid to tell Isabel, I don't know why. Why shouldn't I tell her? Maybe she could help me get another one, she has tons of contacts all over. But I can't. I can't admit it, I think I am just too embarrassed.

Last night I went over to Kim's and she was so nice about it. We went out, got drunk, came back to her place and she gave me a fantastic bj. She is really good. I mean, she is cute, and she has these pert little boobs, and tight body, tight ass... when I see her I just want to be inside her, however I can.

We fucked later last night, too. I love cumming inside of women. The whole idea of penetrating them, penetrating a cute young thing like Kim and then pumping them full of my body fluid and leaving it inside their most private part, that just makes me so horny.

We fucked, I came, and then collapsed on top of her. I think I sort of almost fell asleep still inside her. I was mentally exhausted, and a little drunk. She eventually rolled me off and spooned me all last night.

Kim likes me, and while we've had this really casual relationship and all, just sort of friends with benefits, I think she has been falling for me. Maybe I have been falling for her a bit, too. She's so different from Isabel, you know? Not just blonde vs. brunette, but her whole personality.

So when she heard I had been laid off, she took me out, got me drunk, fucked me, then told me that if I ever needed to move out of my apartment I could come stay with her.

Like, she basically offered to let me move in with her.

I won't do that, I have to get another job and stay independent, but it is a tempting and rather nice offer. It would be cool living with Kim. But it would be impossible to keep things going with Isabel, and she has gotten more and more demanding recently. It's getting harder to actually see Kim at all, much less move in with her.

And I love Isabel. I could never do anything to damage that relationship, I want to please her. I fuck Kim mostly because I like the outlet, I want the feeling of actually fucking a girl, rather than being fucked by a girl. But I need Isabel.

Tonight I am scheduled to take Isabel out, we are driving over to Palos Verdes for a party, one of those big fancy parties she goes to. I can't tell her what has happened. I have no idea what she would do. Maybe break up with me. Maybe crush my balls. Maybe nothing.

She's having me wear an ass plug to the party tonight. I've never done that before. I mean, I have worn an ass plug before, when I was around the house cooking or cleaning or just in my cage. I don't know what it will be like out in public; it might get really painful and difficult.

I'm already getting an erection just thinking about it.

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