Monday, April 25, 2016

The Maid

Mistress has hired a maid to come in and clean the house.

I am allowed to clean the house, but not without supervision, so her maid will sometimes do work, but much of the time the maid will supervise my work and tell me how to clean and straighten.

Maid is one of Mistress's friends, she is lesbian like Mistress. Her first day she introduced us.

"Emily, this is Marc, but frankly I am getting away from using his name. If you want, just call him slave. Slave is here to help you, and you may tell him to do anything you wish when I am not here."

Maid asked if I was to clean. "Should I have Slave clean and straighten the house? What if I do not approve of the job it does?"

Mistress was clear. "Slave must do as you say. You may use him in any way you wish as long as you don't damage him. If you don't approve of his work, you may punish him. I prefer you use a whip or riding crop to perform the punishment."

She provided Maid with the whip and riding crop she wanted used.

"Also," said Mistress, "Slave is to be restrained at all times. He can be chained, or cuffed, but he must always be restrained in some way."

Before she left the first day, she told Maid, "Have fun!"

Maid is actually quite cruel. She is very demanding of me, and never likes the job I do so she is constantly whipping me. When Mistress comes home my skin is usually red from being whipped.

I don't think it is fair for Mistress to be making me work for Maid. I belong to Mistress, not to Maid. One day I refused to clean a toilet with my tongue; this was not for Maid to make me do. Only Mistress can make me do work like that, to humiliate me so badly. Maid punished me hard for that, slapping my balls with the riding crop until I howled in pain.

That night my behavior was reported.

"Isabel, slave refused to do some work today, and I had to punish it especially severely."

Mistress looked at me with anger. I felt such fear, because I knew she would punish me severely.

"Is this true, slave?"

I nodded. "But Mistress, she was making me clean the toilet with my tongue, something I would gladly do for you but I don't think it is for Maid to make me do!"

Mistress slapped me, made me get down on my stomach.

"You are below all females, do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Any female can command you and you are to obey without question."

"Yes Mistress."

"If you think a command is unwise or unjust, you obey anyway, and then can tell me later. But you are never to question any female's commands. You simply are not that important."

"Yes, Mistress."

It was loud and clear.

For my punishment that night, I was laid on the table in the basement, and my scrotum was tied up to a weight hanging from a hook in the ceiling, so that it stretched out and pulled on my balls painfully. Mistress then took a set of needles and inserted them into my testicles, one by one.

She encourages me to cry out and scream when I am in pain; she calls it slave song. If she doesn't want the noise she gags me securely, but usually she encourages me to express my pain and torment. She enjoys it, and sometimes it even causes her to have a climax.

The process of inserting the needles slowly, one by one, took several hours. The criss crossed, each testicle having 5 or 6 needles, and then two larger needles inserted all the way across from one testicle and through the other. Inserting those hurt the worst, and I sobbed when the needle was shoved out of one, across and into the next testicle.

The entire lower half of my body was throbbing with pain when she was done and began removing the small metal rods. There was very little blood when the needles went in, but after they came out I was covered with it, and she told me to go clean myself.

The next day Mistress came home early while Maid was still there. I was scrubbing the floors. My sister Diane was with Mistress.

It was humiliating to be on the floor, naked, my cock in a cage, scrubbing the floor while Maid watched me, when Diane came in and saw me. I didn't dare stop though.

"Diane, you remember your brother, don't you?" Mistress was talking with Diane.

"HA! That disgusting piece of filth? I see you have put him in his place, the little pervert. He isn't my brother any more, you know that," Diane had previously rejected me when she saw how totally I had let Mistress dominate me.

"Well, he has rather come down in life, hasn't he?" Mistress said. "I've informed him in no uncertain terms that he is now a lower life form to all females, and that he is to obey all females immediately. Would you like to try it out?"

Oh god... I thought. My own sister is going to dominate me. I was flushing bright red.

Diane thought about it, and said, "Yes, I think I would like to see just how far he has fallen."

She turned to me as I scrubbed the floor. "Urinate on the floor. Don't stop working, just urinate on it as you work."

It was difficult, but I managed to do it. I peed on the floor as I continued washing it.

"Oh, how disgusting, he actually did it!" Diane turned away from me.

"Clean up the mess you made," Mistress said, pointing to the pee.

I continued cleaning the floor including my own pee. My sister and Mistress left the room.

I've never felt so terrible as that.

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